20 Pro Athletes Who Could Own You at Call of Duty

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Because Athletes Love Video Games Too...

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Arguably the most popular video game franchise of all time, Call of Duty has swept the nation over the last few years with its intense violence and addictive multiplayer mode. Its reach has gone beyond the typical gamer, though – even professional athletes have fallen under its spell.

From Call of Duty tournaments to ridiculous amounts of time spent playing at home, these professional athletes seemed to be hooked like so many other folks are all around the world. At least for the following 20 athletes, though, they’re pretty much way better than you will ever be at putting opponents in their place out on the virtual battlefield.

It could be because they simply have too much time to practice their craft. Or maybe since they’re such awesome athletes, they can’t help but be good at just about everything they try. It could even be that they’re just natural gamers who just get Call of Duty. Either way, you pale in comparison to their elite talents. Thinking you’re in the same category would just be immature and ill-advised.

Don’t feel bad, though. We can’t all be great at everything – unless of course you’re a world-class athlete who loves to own noobs and quick-scope us regular people so many times that we throw our controllers across the room in a fit of rage.

With that in mind, here’s a look at 20 professional athletes who are better than you at Call of Duty. It’ll be hard to find their gamertags, but if you can, good luck to you.

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Clay Matthews

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Matthews took part in a grudge match with Jamaal Charles after the release of the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts map pack. Although he lost, there’s no denying the Green Bay Packers’ pass rusher can play.

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Von Miller

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In terms of competitiveness, there aren’t many better than Miller. Even when he’s off the field, he loves to keep that competitiveness going by testing his teammates in Call of Duty.

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Andrew Bynum

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Well he obviously isn’t getting any better at basketball, so there’s got to be something taking up his time when he isn’t sitting on the sideline making millions.

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Kevin Garnett

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In an interview with ESPN, Garnett was once quoted as saying, “Gaming is life.” Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d like to think an NBA player would see basketball as their life. Call of Duty can consume you, though.

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David Price

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While not necessarily one of the most well-known athlete gamers, Price has made it known that Call of Duty can consume his life from time to time. And he apparently thinks he’s the best gamer among his teammates.

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Jamaal Charles

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As mentioned earlier, Charles took on Matthews in a celebrity match. The Chiefs’ explosive back took the crown with three games to two, and now has some bragging rights away from the football field.

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Andrew McCutchen

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When the day is over and workouts are complete, McCutcheon is at home playing Call of Duty. According to the Pirates’ star outfielder, putting a few virtual holes in opponents is also his pre-game ritual.

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Dez Bryant

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A Dallas Cowboys receiver who routinely dominates on the field, Bryant also enjoys being top dog in the virtual world. Based on his social media activity, his love for Call of Duty runs deep.

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Ray Rice

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One of the more well-known athlete gamers out there, Rice enjoys an occasional game of Call of Duty. Although he lost to teammate Torrey Smith back in early 2013, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

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Maurice Jones-Drew

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Not only will the Jacksonville Jaguars lose their starting running back this offseason, but they’ll also lose their best Call of Duty player. MJD has taken part in numerous tournaments and isn’t shy about his video game addiction.

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Evan Longoria

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When he isn’t hitting homeruns for the Tampa Bay Rays, Longoria is getting his fix of Call of Duty. He plays with teammates on a regular basis, and admits to having a slight addiction to the game.

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Dwight Howard

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Known well for his gaming chops, Howard has competed in numerous gaming tournaments. Last year, he even played Call of Duty against some of MLG’s top talents and held his own.

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Kobe Bryant

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Did you see him in that Call of Duty commercial a while back? Basketball isn’t the only thing Bryant is good at. Plus, he has to do something to occupy his time during all of this rehab.

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Michael Phelps

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One of the most famous swimmers in the world doesn’t spend all of his time in the pool. Phelps has admitted to being obsessed with Call of Duty, often playing the game over 30 hours per week.

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Chris Kluwe

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One of the most famous gamers in the sports world, Kluwe prides himself on being an elite gamer. While Call of Duty isn’t his specialty, I’m sure he could still own you.

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Chris Bosh

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While people are busy making fun of him online for his latest antics, Bosh is tearing up unsuspecting victims on Call of Duty. The Heat forward has entered numerous tournaments and is in no way shy about his dedication to the first-person shooter.

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Roy Hibbert

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Wherever he goes, Hibbert has his Call of Duty games ready to go. On the road, he brings his travel pack to play – his dedication to the game has even earned him a custom gun gifted to him from the developers.

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Champ Bailey

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In an interview that Miller did back in 2012, he admitted that he was “pretty average” compared to Bailey. The veteran cornerback is apparently, “always on a roll.” Translation: don’t mess with Champ.

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Patrick Willis

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Willis might not look like the video game type, but he takes his Call of Duty very seriously. So seriously that he interned for Infinity Ward, the developer of the franchise’s latest installment.

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Jason Terry

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The self-proclaimed “best in the business,” Terry prides himself on his Call of Duty skills. Whether he’s being a team player or a “silent assassin,” he’s a firm believer that he can’t be stopped. Ever.