Lolo Jones Grateful For Support From Teammates, Something She's Not Used To

By Andrew Fisher
Lolo Jones
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to Lolo Jones and athletic competition, it seems like she has an equal amount of supporters and haters. No matter where she’s competing or what event she’s in, controversy seems to find her. This year, it’s because she made the women’s bobsled team over teammates with a lot more experience than her. A story even emerged accusing NBC of lobbying for her to make the team because of her star power. But we all knew a story of that nature was coming.

Maybe Lolo’s fame did play a part in her making the 2014 Sochi Olympics? But regardless of the truth on that subject, we’re just days away from Jones competing in her first winter games. So how does she feel about the whole thing? Grateful.

“From the first week, they accepted me, they embraced me, they lifted me up, and I think it was what I needed to not only be a bobsled athlete but return back to track with my head held high and proud of the things I have achieved in that sport. So I really am grateful for them. I’m almost about to cry because they really gave me a fresh start, for sure,” said Jones at a recent pre-Olympic press conference.

That’s right, Jones nearly teared up while talking about the support she’s received from her teammates. You can question whether she deserved to make the team, but from all accounts, you can’t knock her work ethic. I’m guessing that’s why she’s received the support she has from her bobsled teammates (the ones still on the team).

When it comes to the sport she’s most known for, track, she didn’t get any support from fellow teammates. As you may remember, her teammates basically shunned her for stealing their spotlight with her fame.

If Jones fails yet again to accomplish her goal of winning an Olympic medal in Sochi, then the haters will continue to hate and some new ones will join the converstaion. But if she can win a medal after switching gears to a completely different sport, then she’ll no doubt earn the respect of many.


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