Shaun White Leans On Strengths By Pulling Out Of Slopestyle

By Phil Naegely
Shaun White
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First, snowboarder Shaun White pulled out of the Winter X Games at the last minute. Earlier on Wednesday, the redheaded snowboarder decided to withdraw from the snowboard slopestyle events at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

During practice runs this week, White injured his wrist on the course and it has some people worried that the course is too dangerous. For White, however, he is playing it safe by smartly focusing on the halfpipe event and a gold medal three-peat. The slopestyle event is new at the Olympics and has been done at past X Games, but it isn’t White’s strong suit. Instead of having to prepare many tricks, White is better at landing the one or two big tricks down the halfpipe.

Furthermore, the halfpipe seems to be safer than the slopestyle event at this editing of the Winter Olympics as well, so it was wise of White to drop the event.

If White continues to wow both the judges and the viewers, he should easily become a three-time halfpipe gold medalist and blow away his competition. His skills and tricks will be worth watching. The anticipation has many wondering what crazy trick White is planning this time around and if he can land it. White doesn’t plan tricks without practicing them first, so landing them shouldn’t be a big deal.

As the Olympics kick off on Thursday with team figure skating and slopestyle, Olympic fever is running high. White pulling out of the slopestyle event to focus on halfpipe event is a win-win. It allows White to focus on his best event without risking injury in another.

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