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15 Athletes Who Should Avoid Lie Detector Tests

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15 Athletes Who Should Avoid Lie Detector Tests

Athletes that have lied
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In sports, athletes lie all the time. While it’s certainly not right, the fact of the matter is that lying is a big part of the sports world today. Sometimes players lie simply because it’s the only option for them. More times than not, when a player is lying, it's for a reason. In order to avoid being toasted by the media and fans alike, the players lie to avoid damaging their reputations.

Oftentimes, a player lies most when they are in trouble. Guys like Alex Rodriguez and Lance Armstrong are two of the most recent examples of this. Both Rodriguez and Armstrong were found guilty of using some sort of performance-enhancing drug over their careers, both players lied about it.

While not every single player lies all the time, it’s often the ones that do lie that we end up remembering the most. More often than not, a player’s lies will end up catching up to them, and when they do, that player lies even more, hurting the integrity of not only themselves, but their respective sport as well.

It’s one of the ugliest parts in all of sports, but unfortunately, lying in sports is something that is here to stay. Sure, it’s morally wrong, but who cares? Some athletes will do whatever it takes just to save some face. Despite its appalling nature, it’s not like we can stop a player from lying. It’s become normal for an athlete to lie, and it’s atrocious.

The athletes found on this list are all athletes who have lied in their careers and were caught. Ladies and gentlemen, here are 15 athletes who should avoid lie detector tests.

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15. Ryan Braun

ryan braun
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As if lying about PED use wasn't bad enough, Braun took the extra step of dishing out a dose of borderline character assassination to sample handler Dino Laurenzi, Jr. And to think -- he almost got away with it too.

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14. Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong
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In 2013, in an interview with television personality Oprah Winfrey, Armstrong admitted to the entire world that there were several instances of him doping over his career. Armstrong lied to the media, his fans and his family for years in what would be one of the biggest sports scandals in recent memory.

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13. Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez
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Much like Armstrong, Rodriguez denied any use of PEDs for a number of years. Also like Armstrong, Rodriguez was found out and his reputation is totally tarnished. He should stay far far away from any lie detector test.

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12. Manti Te'o

Manti Te'o
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In what was one of the strangest hoaxes in history, Manti Te'o, a former star linebacker at Notre Dame, was at the center of a months-long catfishing saga. Nobody really knows what he was thinking, and chances are we will never find out.

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11. Shabazz Muhammad

Shabazz Muhammad
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Shabazz Muhammad, a forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves, also has an intriguing story of his own. In early 2013, it was revealed that Muhammad was actually a year older than previously thought. While that doesn't seem like a huge issue, it does make you question what else Muhammad has lied about.

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10. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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Although Floyd “Money” Mayweather doesn't have any big scandals to look at, the man does have quite the extensive criminal record. For me, it’s always hard to trust a criminal.

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9. Royce White

Royce White
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Royce White, a former NBA first-rounder, suffers from severe anxiety. And while he has a serious mental illness, White has still had a chain of off-court incidents, and it would probably be best if he wasn't near a lie detector.

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8. Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens
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There was actually a point in history where former major league pitcher Roger Clemens was a role model of sorts. However, following his retirement in 2007, Clemens has been accused by just about everyone of taking steroids over his long career in the majors. He tried to lie about it, but we all know Clemens is a cheater.

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7. J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith
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Like Mayweather, we can't point to one instance in which J.R. Smith was telling a surefire lie. However, Smith’s criminal record speaks for itself, as well as his usual childish actions. It’s hard to believe that Smith tells the truth too often.

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6. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
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Up until 2009, the entire sports world all thought the same thing of Tiger Woods: likeable, intelligent, trustworthy. However, that year, it was found out the Woods actually isn't really any of those things. In an infidelity scandal that rocked the sports universe, we all found out firsthand that Tiger Woods is a liar.

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5. Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding
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In 1994, preceding that year’s Winter Olympics, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan were two figure skaters at the top of their games, fighting for the title of best figure skater in the world. Then, in what is one of the most insane sports stories of all time, it is believed Harding actually hired to men to take out Kerrigan so she could go on to become the best in the sport. And while she won't admit it, we all know Harding is lying.

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4. Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds
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Once thought to be one of the best baseball players that ever lived, Barry Bonds’ reputation has been absolutely wrecked over the past few years due to several different scandals. The biggest one as it pertains to sports is the fact that Bonds used PEDs throughout his time in MLB. Now, we all see Bonds as one thing: a major league liar.

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3. Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson
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During the Olympics of 1988, Ben Johnson was setting sprinting records. He was the fastest man in the world, and it wasn't really even close. However, Johnson had himself a dirty little secret as it was found out after the Olympics that he had actually been taking steroids, betraying the trust of all of his admirers.

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2. Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush
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With Reggie Bush, it isn't about steroids or PEDs. Rather, the fact that while in college, Bush received tons of illegal benefits while playing for USC. The fact he continued to lie about it, even while everyone knew it was true, really shows how much we can trust Bush.

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1. Vince Young

Vince Young
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Once upon a time, Vince Young was a young quarterback with a very bright NFL future. However, when you take a look at Young’s history of poor judgement, you begin to question just how honest the guy is. Young is somebody should definitely stay away from a lie detector test.