The 15 Most Insane Athlete Purchases Of All Time

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15 Most Insane Athlete Purchases of All Time

Most Insane Athlete Purchases of all time
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Professional athletes are very wealthy people; that's just how it is. If you're a professional athlete, chances are, you're doing pretty well for yourself.

Sometimes, however, despite the fact an athlete has made millions upon millions of dollars, they still find a way to blow their cash on things that aren't needed. Luxurious mansion? Check. Expensive cars? Check. Exotic Animals? Check. The truth is, the list goes on and on. Professional athletes spend crazy amounts of money on all sorts of different things, and more often than not it comes back to bite them.

Being an athlete in the pros comes with a lot of responsibility, and some people just can't handle that, especially in regards to money. For whatever reason, athletes have become infamous for the repetitive stupid purchases. It seems like sometimes they are just spending money because they have it to spend.

Money is an ugly object as far as sports are concerned. While the entertainment value is still amazing in pro sports, the fact is, sports run on money. Players play for the money, coaches coach for the money, and since the athletes are taking home such a sizable chunk of cash every time they perform, of course they want to spend it.

Sure, certain athletes shouldn't be looked at as money role models. But the fact is, some of the things athletes buy with their cash are actually pretty cool. With that said, ladies and gentlemen, the 15 most insane purchases by athletes of all time.

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15. Evander Holyfield's Mansion

Evander Holyfield
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Once a legendary boxer, after retirement, Evander Holyfield has lived the luxurious lifestyle. I mean, the man has an absolutely insane mansion to live in.

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14. Anything Warren Sapp Has Ever Bought

Warren Sapp
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Warren Sapp is absolutely terrible with anything money related. He might be a Hall of Famer, but that doesn't matter too much when you're filing for bankruptcy.

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13. Chad Johnson's Semi-Truck

Chad Johnson
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Chad Johnson is another guy that isn't well known for his money management skills. This rings especially true when you realize he blew $100,000 on a semi-truck that he probably doesn't even use.

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12. Chris Johnson's Gold Teeth

Chris Johnson
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Let's keep this nice and simple. What exactly is the point of spending crazy amounts of money on gold teeth that make it look like you don't even know what a toothbrush is?

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11. Scottie Pippen's Private Jet

Scottie Pippen
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If it wasn't Scottie Pippen we were talking about, I'd be a little more confused by this. With that said, is a private jet really necessary?

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10. Nelson Cruz's Firetruck

Nelson Cruz
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Dear Nelson Cruz,

You are not a firefighter, please stop pretending to be one.



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9. Floyd Mayweather's $16 Million Necklace

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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There's a reason the man's nickname is Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Although $16 million is a little much for my tastes, for Mayweather, that is simply pocket change.

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8. Anything Vince Young Buys

Vince Young
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Much like Warren Sapp, once Vince Young gets his hands on some money, it's like he just can't stop spending it. I just don't get it.

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7. Arian Foster's Segways

Arian Foster
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While the purchase itself was unnecessary, Arian Foster makes it okay simply because on top of buying one for himself, he bought one for every member of the offensive line as well.

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6. Mike Tyson's Tigers

Mike Tyson
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For some reason, Mike Tyson buying two white tigers for the price of $140,000 makes perfect sense to me.

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5. Joe Johnson's Shoe Collection

Joe Johnson Shoes
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There's a difference between being a collector and being a hoarder, and for me, Joe Johnson falls more on the hoarder side due to the fact he has a 500 square foot closet dedicated to his shoes.

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4. Alfonso Soriano's Blue Hummer

Alfonso Soriano
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Every athlete, even the guys that are 38, should have a vehicle that proudly states, "I paid way too much for this."

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3. Cristiano Ronaldo's Car Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo
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As I said in the previous slide, every athlete needs a car that proudly states, "I paid way too much for this." In Cristiano Ronaldo's case, he has an entire collection of these sorts of vehicles.

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2. Gilbert Arenas' Sharks

Gilbert Arenas
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I don't care what anybody says, there is no reason Gilbert Arenas should own several sharks, let alone pay over $6,000 a month just to take care of them.

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1. Darnell Dockett's Pet Alligator

Darnell Dockett
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I'll admit it, I really don't like alligators all that much. Therefore, I fail to see the logic behind Darnell Dockett's decision to buy one as a pet. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.