Michael Sam and Tim Tebow Prove What is Wrong With America

By Ryan Heckman
Michael Sam Gay
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Sunday night, the world learned that NFL Draft prospect and former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam was in fact gay. With all of the opinion and controversy that comes with such a topic, it will go to show just how low Americans can stoop.

But, before you jump to conclusions, the point I am trying to make just might get you to delve a little deeper into your true beliefs, opinions and values. You see, Sam’s sexuality is only one more piece to a puzzle that has been fitting together for quite some time.

That puzzle, folks, is what we call the complete and utter hypocrisy that is ruining our nation. As the pieces continue to fall into place, our country will look more and more spoiled, foolish and quite simply, full of hate.

Sam’s situation brings up another widely-talked about NFL player – current free agent quarterback Tim Tebow. How on earth does a gay NFL prospect relate to a devout Christian quarterback?

Actually, the two can relate pretty easily.

Sam will represent one end of the spectrum that will typically include two types of people in this context – the “Christian” community and the pro-gay community.

Here is my issue with all of it, and what this piece ultimately boils down to: Tebow is hated for praising his God and giving credit to everyone but himself. Yet, the “Christian” community is in love with him for everything he represents.

When it is all said and done, whether or not you agree with his religious affiliation, the man is a true representation of everything good, kind and selfless.

On the other hand, Sam is going to be loved and praised for who he is. Meanwhile, much of the “Christian” community will be sparked to lash out with hatred, profanity-filled slurs and bible-thumping tirades.

Do you see the problem here? It goes both ways, folks.

The hatred never stops here in America. There are very few “Christians” who know how to practice the beliefs they hold so dearly and will hate Sam for who he is, while plenty of non-Christians loathe Tebow for – surprise, surprise – being who he is.

Here is the solution to all of this, everyone. Many of the so-called Christians need to understand that the religion they hold so close represents much of what they are not. If you look at the life of Jesus, he spent time with everyone but the Christian and Jewish community.

Jesus was seen hanging out with the people “Christians” now hate – adulterers, murderers, liars, cheaters, etc. The fact of the matter is, if today’s Christians want to represent their faith in a manner pleasing to their God, they need to take a lesson from the man himself – love everyone, period.

The same goes for the other end of the spectrum. Those who hate Tebow, because they can’t stand his constant chatter regarding his Lord and Savior, need to tone down the criticism and hate.

What is the moral of the story, here? I believe Jesus said it best when he told us all to love our neighbor as ourselves – am I right?

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