Johnny Manziel Shows Off Athletic Ability By Dunking

By Andrew Fisher
Johnny Manziel
USA Today Sports

Johnny Manziel is preparing to enter the NFL in May. There’s no doubt he’ll be a top pick, it’s now just a matter of how high he’ll go. Some have him pegged as the No. 1 overall prospect on the board, but I view that as a publicity stunt. However, it’s unlikely that Manziel will fall out of the top 10. Not only is he a pretty good QB, he’s also the most marketable player in the draft.

But one of the knocks on Johnny Football is his size. He’s not exactly the prototypical size for an NFL signal-caller at 6-1 and approximately 200 pounds. However, there’s no doubt that he’s extremely athletic.

Need proof? Check out this dunk from Manziel:

Clearly, Mike Evans stole the show in this video, but you have to give John Football credit. Throwing down a two-hander at just 6-1 is no easy task.

I can’t help but think that the hoop looks low in the video, but maybe it’s just the way that it’s shot. I highly doubt Manziel would lower the hoop to nine feet, just to create the illusion that he can dunk. While there are no guarantees that a 6-1 person can dunk, there’s no question that Manziel has the ability to throw one down.

Who knows what other viral videos we’ll get from the popular QB in the coming months? He’s going to have a lot of time on his hands before the draft in May. Stay tuned.


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