Olympian Jackie Chamoun Being Penalized for Unknown Topless Video is Absurd

By RanterX
Jackie Chamoung lebanon topless video, photos

The examples of how Americans have far more freedom than any other nation of people in the world just continue to pour in from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as Jackie Chamoun, one of only two Olympians from Lebanon, is now under fire. Like many other attractive female Olympians, she posed for a photo shoot that would be called risque by the older generation, but is common now among athletes like Chamoun. She posed without much clothing for a calendar three years ago that featured many other skiers in similar attire (or lacke thereof) and it was featured this year with the photos she took while topless, although no nudity was shown. However, a behind-the-scenes video and other NSFW photos of the shoot has now surfaced on the Internet and Chamoun is being criticized and could potentially be investigated by the Lebanese Olympic Committee.

Yes, you read that right. She could get into trouble with her home country because someone else posted pictures and a video of her that were never supposed to be revealed to the public. The pictures she took for the calendar were acceptable and common — just like all the other athletes who did the same — yet because of some pervert’s idiocy, Chamoun will now face consequences for a “crime” she didn’t commit.

Can you imagine if the USA “investigated” every athlete who posed for such a publication and were penalized for pictures of “nip slips” and other wardrobe malfunctions that hit the Web without their doing, knowing or discretion? Chamoun is an attractive woman who is doing the exact same thing that countless other male and female athletes before her have done without consequence. It’s time Lebanon got with the program.

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