Top 25 Most Ridiculous Athlete Meltdowns of All Time

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Ridiculous Player Meltdowns

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Have you ever watched a sporting event and saw a player overreact over a referee's call, fellow player interaction or fan interference? Have you ever wondered what the most ridiculous athlete meltdowns of all time are? Well, this is definitely the list for you.

Yes, it's time to delve deep into the meltdowns of athletes over time. Everyone has seen a ridiculous and unnecessary athlete meltdown, but have you seen the most ridiculous and unnecessary athlete meltdown of all time? Probably not. Heck, this list might not even have it based on the crazy reactions of athletes far before sports on television were a thing.

Watching an athlete melting down is almost always awkward, but it's so bad that you can't look away -- like a train wreck. You can't turn the TV off during an awesome postgame rant, pregame trash talking or in the midst of some dumb action during the actual game.

In case you don't remember one of the most famous meltdowns of all time -- one that will surely be on this list -- Allen Iverson took to the media after a practice and stated over and over how he didn't need practice. It is probably the most famous NBA rant of all time and it was so good that you probably had a tough time turning away.

While that was one of the more famous player meltdowns, I won't give away any more that are on this list. Heck, you may not have even seen some of the meltdowns on this list.

Let's take a look at the top 25 athlete meltdowns of all time. Let me if I have missed your favorite meltdown.

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25. Mikhail Youzhny's Overreaction

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This may have been a bit of an overreaction. The man in the stands, presumably his father, does not seem pleased with his actions.

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24. Elbow Room

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Andrew Bynum was not happy about the Lakers' deficit. So what'd he do? How about pulling one of the dirtiest moves ever.

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23. Knock it Off

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Ryan Leaf's playing career can pretty much be summed up in this video.

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22. Delmon Young's Bat Flip

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That escalated quickly.

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21. Marcus Smart vs. Jeff Orr

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You knew this one was coming. Smart did not take too kindly to whatever Jeff Orr was saying to him -- racist or not. Maybe we will never know.

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20. Don't You Ever Talk About Richard Sherman

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Michael Crabtree talked about Richard Sherman. Well, that was a mistake.

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19. Serena to Line Judge: "I Will Kill You"

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Serena Williams made a pretty legit threat to a line judge about a poor call. The line judge was not happy. Serena disqualified.

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18. Goalies Gone Wild

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Apparently the Tuukka Rask wasn't happy with the questionable goals.

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17. Troicki is Trolling

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It's not often a tennis player goes this far to make a point, but Viktor Troicki is that guy.

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16. You Cannot be Serious

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John McEnroe just being himself. What's new?

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15. Jose Offerman Loses It

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Jose Offerman just loses it. I mean he really, really loses it. Here's the closest thing to a video you'll find.

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14. Take That, Ump

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Roberto Alomar spits in the face of an umpire over a call. Fast forward to the 1:17 mark to see the Alomar act.

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13. The Headbutt Heard 'Round the World

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Zinedine Zidane didn't like whatever his competitor said -- I guess.

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12. Suh Stomp

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Ndamukong Suh doesn't like quarterbacks -- and offensive linemen, apparently.

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11. Is This Real Life?

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Rod Allen is the current broadcaster of the Detroit Tigers -- one of two. However, he used to play baseball for the team and even overseas in Japan. He didn't take too kindly to an inside pitch and the rest is history.

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10. That's My Quarterback

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Terrell Owens really likes his quarterback. It almost brings a tear to my eye how much he loves Tony Romo.

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9. Practice?

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This might be the most infamous rant of all time.

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8. Too Much Pine Tar?

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Too much pine tar? Well, George Brett isn't going to be happy that his home run doesn't count.

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7. Lesser-Known Malice at the Garden

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Not many people know about the Malice at the Garden when Boston Bruins players stormed the stands after a fan stuck a player in the face in 1979.

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6. Dennis Rodman Headbutts a Referee

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Not Rodman's finest moment.

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5. Come at Me, Old Man

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Pedro Martinez made quick work of Don Zimmer.

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4. Referee Knockout

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This is just ugly. Really, really ugly.

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3. Dennis Rodman's at it Again

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I think Rodman just had to be bored. So much so that he found ways to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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2. Malice at the Palace

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Remember when I said that another video escalated quickly? Yeah, almost forgot about this one.

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1. I'll Bite Your Ear Off

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Mike Tyson is just simply not human. He's threatening to eat children, eat your heart out and now he's chomping off people's ears.