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15 Reasons Why You Know You’re a Sports Fan of the Florida State Seminoles

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15 Reasons Why You Know You're a Sports Fan of the Florida State Seminoles

15 Reasons Why You Know You're a Sports Fan of the Florida State Seminoles
Mellna Vastola- USA Today Sports

Being a fan of the Florida State Seminoles hasn’t always been easy. Just like most other major college sports programs around the country, Florida State has had their fair share of struggles and successes. There have been spans of continued struggles, such as the depressing final years of Bobby Bowden’s tenure, when the Florida State Seminoles Football program went a combined 29-19 from 2005-2008. Those days of god-awful quarterbacks like Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford are long gone. There have also been periods of great success at Florida State, such as the 2008-2009 seasons when the Seminoles Basketball team grabbed the fifth seed in the NCAA Tournament. As a true Seminoles fan, you have experienced every high and low, from winning Championships in 1993, 1999 and 2013 to watching one of the greatest college coaches (Bobby Bowden of course) ever walk way from the game.

As a true fan and alumni of Florida State, nothing compares to walking into Doak L. Campbell Stadium as the marching band is playing loudly and thousands upon thousands of fellow Seminoles fans are screaming the war chant at the top of their lungs. Tallahassee is one of the best cities in Florida, and is home to one of the best universities in the country. The Florida State Seminoles have some of the best sports programs in the country as well, and this, in large part, is why there are so many dedicated fans around the country. Here are fifteen reasons why you know you are a sports fan of the Florida State Seminoles.

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15. Seeing the Unconquered Statue Makes You Swell with Pride

Mellna Vastola- USA Today Sports

Seeing this bronze beauty in front of Doak Campbell Stadium gives you chills everytime. Nothing says domination like a giant statue titled “Unconquered”.

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14. Those Seven Months Without Seminoles Football Are the Longest of Your Life

David Mercer- USA Today Sports

The end of January until August is the longest stretch of time imaginable if you are a Seminoles Football fan. Especially after winning the 2013 Championship, Noles fans are chomping at the bit for next season to start.

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13. Mike Martin is the Best Baseball Coach Florida State Has Ever Seen

Mellna Vastola- USA Today Sports

The Seminoles Baseball program since its inception in 1948 has been fairly strong. It wasn’t until Mike Martin took over the program that the FSU Baseball program became dominant. Out of the 1,800 games FSU Baseball has played under Martin, they have only lost 611 of those games. That is a ridiculous winning percentage. True Seminole Baseball fans know, Mike Martin is the best baseball coach FSU has ever seen.

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12. You Know What Sod Cemetery Is

David Mercer- USA Today Sports

Only true Seminole fans know what this beautiful piece of hollowed ground is. After ever crucial victory being the underdog on an opponents soil, the FSU Captain takes a piece of the opponents soil from their stadium and brings it home to rest with all the other pieces of torn sod. One of my favorite places to visit at FSU by far.

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11. You Have Been To Countless Games at the Donald L. Tucker Center

Phil Sears- USA Today Sports

Even during the large spans of mediocrity this ball club has faced over the years, getting the chance to root for your Seminoles basketball club in Donald L. Tucker Center or for the true locals the Leon County Civic Center is one of the coolest experiences you will ever get. It gets mighty loud in there.

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10. You Can Trust In Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher
Gary A. Vasquez- USA Today Sports

The collective FSU masses were extremely worried when Bobby Bowden stepped down as Head Coach of the Noles, simply for the sheer fact that Jimbo Fisher was an unknown in terms of coaching caliber. All that has changed over his last three season as head coach. The Florida State Seminoles Football program is now one of the most dominanting programs in the country, all thanks to Jimbo Fisher continuing the legacy of excellence Bowden instilled. We can all trust in Jimbo Fisher.

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9. You Can Name All Three of the Florida State Seminoles Heisman Winners

Adam Hunger- USA Today Sports

Charlie Ward (93’), Chris Weinke (00’) and of course my man Jameis Winston (13’). Next?

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8. You Know Sam Cassell Is the Best Player FSU Basketball Has Ever Had

Sam Cassell
Joe Camporeale- USA Today Sports

After Sam Cassell joined FSU for his junior and senior seasons, he took a mediocre ball club and turned them into an ACC Powerhouse. Cassell led the team averaging 18.3 point, 4.9 assists and 4.3 rebounds during the 92-93 season. That year the Noles went 25-10 and advanced to the elite eight. FSU Basketball hasn’t sustained that type of dominance since. FSU Basketball misses you Cassell.

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7. Doing the Chop With Thousands Of Your Fellow Seminoles Fans Gives You Chills

Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA Today Sports

Nothing beats catching an afternoon game at Doak Campbell Stadium with thousands of your fellow Seminoles fans doing one motion collectively, the CHOP! When the entire stadium does this motion collectively, it can be one of the most intimidating acts any opposing team has to deal with.

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6. Tailgating Is Just As Important As The Game

Sean Murphy- Getty Images

12’O Clock Game? No problem. I will be up at 6 AM tailgating with the rest of the die-hard Seminoles fans. Welcome to Tallahassee.

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5. Even Though Bobby Bowden Is A God, You Knew It Was His Time To Go

Bobby Bowden
Mellna Vastola- USA Today Sports

People were in an uproar when Bobby Bowden left the program in 2010, stating the greatest NCAAF coach to ever do it shouldn’t be forced out by the program he made relevant. The true Noles fans knew it was time. The football program was stuck in true mediocrity, barely making quality bowl games in the twilight years of Bowden’s career. Jimbo Fisher stepping in was arguably one of the best moves the program has made. I mean, it did lead to a National Championship three years later.

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4. You Cannot Stand the University of Florida or the University of Miami…Plus All Their Fans

Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

The color combination of either orange and blue or orange and green makes you cringe. Plus seeing the Gator chomp makes you want to punch someone. There is no love loss between all three of these programs and for good reason. The fans and the teams truly dislike each other. This is what true rivalries are made of.

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3. You Have Lost Your Voice Screaming the Warchant at Doak Campbell

Doak Campbell
Mellna Vastola- USA Today Sports

After every home game at Doak Campbell Stadium, you walk away sounding like a 40 year old smoker, plus your voice will be gone for a couple days. Oh well, all worth it if FSU pulled out the win. Screaming at the top of your lungs with thousands upon thousands of other Noles fans is the ultimate experience. Just not for your vocal cords.

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2. Watching Osceola Spear the Field Is the Greatest Thing You'll Ever See

Matthew Emmons- USA Today Sports

Arguably one of the coolest events to witness with you own eyes in college football is Osceola racing down the field on top of his horse Renegade and thrust the FLAMING spear into the ground, symbolizing the dominance that takes place on that field. Literally sets the entire stadium into a frenzy. Gives me goose bumps every time.

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1. You Shed A Tear Watching the Florida State Seminoles Win the 2013-2014 National BCS Championship

Mellna Vastola- USA Today Sports

The Seminoles first two national championships were extremely important, as they put FSU on the map in terms of being a competitive, and outright dominant football program. When FSU claimed it’s third title this season, it felt different, alas, even more historic. That’s because it was. This year’s Seminoles Football team was one of the most dominant in recent history, plus played in arguably one of the most compelling BSC National Championship games ever. This was arguably the best season of FSU Football in the programs history, and watching the Noles bring home their third straight championship brought a tear to my eye. This probably happened to most die-hard Seminole fans out there. The championship belongs to the Seminole nation once again.