2014 Winter Olympics Results: Feb. 15

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2014 Winter Olympics Results: February 15

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There was plenty to talk about on the seventh day of competition in the 2014 Winter Olympics. You had the tension building in the curling tournament, the ladies cross country relay that came down to only a second and of course – the men's hockey tournament.

Curling has begun wrapping up the round robin portion of their tournament. China continued their surprisingly solid performance, going nearly undefeated in both men's and women's tournaments. Their only loss came in the women's session, as Denmark took a 9-6 win.

Men's skeleton wrapped up with a gold medal for Russia, as Alexander Tretiakov took the gold after an epic 56.02 final heat. American slider Matthew Antoine held on for a bronze medal, as the U.S. continued to assert their new-found legitimacy in skeleton.

Of course, no story was bigger than the United States' defeat of Russia in the men's hockey preliminary rounds. Longtime rivals since the 1980 Lake Placid games, both teams were favorites to advance to the medal round. Regulation wasn't enough to decide the contest, nor was the overtime period. With shootouts turning into extra shootouts, it was goaltender Jonathan Quick and now big-time forward T.J. Oshie who made the game. Oshie went 3-for-4 in the shootout, securing the win with a massively clutch performance. As prelims begin wrapping up, the bye for the elimination round is almost secured for the Americans.

Still yet to start is the much anticipated bobsleigh featuring American Lolo Jones. While teams have been taking training runs in the sliding center, competition does not begin until Sunday.

All results are final unless otherwise noted.

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Alpine Skiing

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Women's Super-G

Gold - (AUT) Anna FENNINGER 1:25.52

Silver - (GER) Maria HOEFL-RIESCH 1:26.07

Bronze - (AUT) Nicole HOSP 1:26.18

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Cross Country Skiing

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Ladies' Relay 4x5km

Gold - Sweden 53:02.73

Silver - Finland 53:03.26

Bronze - Germany 53:03.62

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wheres anna
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Women's Round Robin Session 8

CAN def JPN 8-6

CHN def SWE 7-6

GBR def KOR 10-8

Men's Round Robin Session 9

SWE def GER 8-4

CAN def GBR 7-5

SUI def DEN 9-3

CHN def RUS 9-6

Women's Round Robin Session 9

CAN def RUS 5-3

SWE def USA 7-6

SUI def GBR 8-6

DEN def CHN 9-6

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Men's Prelim Group A

SLO def SVK 3-1

USA def RUS 3-2

Men's Prelim Group C

SWE def LAT 5-3

SUI def CZE 1-0

Women's Playoffs Quarterfinals

SWE def FIN 4-2

SUI def RUS 2-0

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Short Track

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Ladies' 1500m

Gold - (CHN) Yang ZHOU 2:19.140

Silver - (KOR) Suk Hee SHIM 2:19.239

Bronze - (ITA) Arianna FONTANA 2:19.416

Men's 1000m

Gold - (RUS) Victor AN 1:25.325

Silver - (RUS) Vladimir GRIGOREV 1:25.399

Bronze - (NED) Sjinkie KNEGT 1:25.611

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Men's Individual

Gold - (RUS) Alexander TRETIAKOV 3:44.29

Silver - (LAT) Martins DUKURS 3:45.10

Bronze - (USA) Matthew ANTOINE 3:47.26

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Ski Jumping

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Men's Large Hill Individual

Gold - (POL) Kamil STOCH

Silver - (JPN) Noriaki KASAI

Bronze - (SLO) Peter PREVC

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Speed Skating

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Men's 1500m

Gold - (POL) Zbigniew BRODKA 1:45.006

Silver - (NED) Koen VERWEIJ 1:45.009

Bronze - (CAN) Denny MORRISON 1:45.22