Sochi Olympics: Kjetil Jansrud Takes Risk to Win Gold

By Kevin Davidson
Kjetil Jansrud
Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

In the Men’s Super G Olympic finals, Norway’s Kjetil Jansrud took home the gold. In an event that makes little to no sense to a regular guy like me, here is what I was able to gather form the event.

Men literally hit a straight line and go down a mountain as fast as they can, probably skiing on pure ice and hit a huge jump that has a curve that would easily kill a man. To say that it is nuts is an understatement. A hair of wrong movement clearly spells certain death and a hair of right movement spells gold medal. It is a game of inches and seconds and only psychopaths take part in it. I think it is brilliant.

Even though these events are usually extremely close when it comes to times, Jansrud destroyed the field, taking the gold with the silver coming in thirty seconds later. It seemed that the route that Jansrud took was the best one possible. He handled his turns completely on the inside and minimized his flight time off the jumps to maximize his speed.

He also hit the straightaways with a devil may care attitude that made me nervous. Jansrud was clearly willing to take chances and I think that was the biggest factor in him taking gold. He strayed from the route that other skiers took and decided to stick to the inside of almost every turn, something not many other athletes did. It was these simple changes that won him the gold.

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