20 Athletes Who We Are All Sick of Hearing About

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Athletes Who We Are Sick of Hearing About

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Everyone has that one athlete that makes us cringe when we hear their name. It might be just because he has given your favorite team a tough time or maybe he gets way too much love and respect and he doesn't deserve the endless amounts of attention.

Athletes are over-exposed these days and that irks some people. We know that these guys and girls are some of the most exciting and athletic people in the world -- as well as some of the most overpaid -- but why should they get far more exposure than people who also deserve it like firefighters, police, etc.?

It doesn't make much sense, but that is what the world has come to these days. Even the media has become somewhat starstruck and sensationalizing. We make athletes out to be some of the biggest heroes out there -- while some very much are heroes, others aren't quite as deserving of the superhero distinction.

Sometimes players and athletes get way too much attention off the court as well as too much on the court. Some athletes are so impressive that they deserve the attention, but for the most part, too much over-exposure of an athlete will just annoy the consumer to no end.

If you are someone who can't watch ESPN and Sportscenter two or three days in a row without feeling nauseous and over-exposed to the same stories every day, this list is for you.

It seems as if ESPN has a tendency to sensationalize more than anyone else and recycle material like it will help global warming if they present the same info over and over. However, that is not the case and it just annoys consumers and viewers more than they even know.

Let's take a look at the ESPN-inspired list of 20 athletes who we are sick of hearing about. If you are sick of hearing about anyone who I left off the list, let me know.

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20. Rajon Rondo

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All of the trade talks of Rondo are somewhat making me nauseous, what about you?

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19. Andrew Wiggins

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Best freshman in the past decade -- blah blah blah -- it means nothing until he proves it at the next level of play.

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18. Michael Vick

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Oh, Michael Vick still wants to be a starting quarterback in the NFL? We act like that's news -- I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say: stop "breaking" obvious news.

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17. Steve Nash

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Will Steve Nash retire? Is he too old? First off, he will retire when he's good and ready -- and second, of course he is, but he loves the game. Let him be.

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16. Derek Jeter

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What? Derek Jeter is retiring at season's end? By show of hands, who is surprised? No one? Didn't think so.

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15. Derrick Rose

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The build-up for Rose's comeback this season was amusing and headache-worthy. Just imagine how it's going to be next season.

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14. Robert Griffin III

griffin III
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Questions like "Is Griffin III still going to be the starter for the Redskins next year?" almost make me want to vomit. He was phenomenal his rookie year and had an off-year after a devastating injury. Not everyone can be like Adrian Peterson.

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13. Kevin Durant

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People are acting like Durant has never been this good before. Sure, he's averaging the most points of any season in his career, but he's been elite for years. Stop acting like this is something new. I'm looking at you, ESPN.

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12. Kobe Bryant

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Should Kobe hang it up? Quick and easy answer: no.

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11. Shaun White

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All this talk of him getting shut out in Sochi was just too much. He is one of America's greatest Winter Olympians, he is coming off injury and everyone is calling him washed up. Come on, man.

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10. Colin Kaepernick

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Dubbing Kaepernick as the best young player in the NFL nearly killed his 2013 season. People hyped him up way too much and the pressure got to him. Now we are wondering why he cares about what people think of him. Because everyone's comments made him care -- that's why.

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9. Aaron Hernandez

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Just go to prison already.

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8. Carmelo Anthony

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Carmelo may or may not re-sign with the Knicks following the season. Apparently everything becomes speculation when Anthony even mentions free agency.

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7. Peyton Manning

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I love Peyton, but even I was annoyed when everyone called his legacy into question after the loss and put his legacy on the line before the Super Bowl loss.

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6. Jadeveon Clowney

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The kid made a few mistakes and only cares about money. Sounds like every NFL player to ever play the game. Okay, not every NFL player, but pretty close.

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5. Michael Sam

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It's great that Sam came out in front of the world and everyone should support what he did. However, ESPN jammed it down our throats and made everything for a week about the first openly gay NFL prospect. However, America will be considered "ready" for a gay athlete when this is no longer news. Come on, America, this is the 21st century -- start acting like it.

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4. Tim Tebow

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Tebow has to be the most over-analyzed NFL player of all time. No one has received the type of exposure that the former Heisman winner and NFL hopeful has gotten. I almost feel bad for how much pressure is put on him and how much criticism he gets for trying.

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3. Alex Rodriguez

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Need I say anything about this guy. Classless act and talked about way too much.

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2. Johnny Manziel

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Talking about Johnny Manziel as the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft almost hurts my feelings. I thought the most talented player is supposed to get drafted first?

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1. LeBron James

lebron james
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LeBron putting himself on the Mount Rushmore of basketball players is just silly. He has to pass Kobe before he can even be considered for Mount Rushmore.