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2014 Winter Olympics Results: February 17

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2014 Winter Olympics Results: February 17

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The 2014 Winter Olympics began their second full week of competition with all the excitement of the previous week – and some of the weirdness.

Dense fog in Sochi forced a postponement of the Biathlon until later in the day. The seeding for Men's snowboard cross has also been postponed until Tuesday.

The curling nightmare for the United States finally came to a head with both the men and women losing their final matches of the round robin – erasing any hopes of a medal. With such a disastrous showing, many are questioning the very organization of the American curling team. Sweden and Canada continued their dominance of both tournaments, with China continuing to surprise.

With bobsleigh having begun, the US snagged a bronze in the Two-man event. Steven Holcomb and Steven Langton hung tough with Switzerland and Russia to medal in this hotly contested event.

Another massive American medal came when Charlie White and Meryl Davis took a decisive gold medal in the ice dancing free dance. White and Davis have been a pair since they were both 10 years old and showed why. With a 195.52, it would be hard to argue their intimidation factor moving forward.

The US women's hockey team took one more step towards gold after handing Sweden a demoralizing 6-1 defeat. In what could be one of the biggest contests in the games so far, the US will meet Canada in the gold medal game on Thursday. This will be a rematch of the 2010 games in Vancouver, where Canada defeated the American women 2-0.

All results are final unless otherwise noted.

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Women's 12.5km Mass Start

Gold - (BLR) Darya DOMRACHEVA 35:25.6

Silver - (CZE) Gabriela SOUKALOVA 35:45.8

Bronze - (NOR) Tiril ECKHOFF 35:52.9

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cool runnings
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Gold - (RUS) Alexey VOEVODA / Alexander ZUBKOV 3:45.39

Silver - (SUI) Alex BAUMANN / Beat HEFTI 3:46.05

Bronze - (USA) Steven HOLCOMB / Steven LANGTON 3:46.27

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still no anna
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Women's Round Robin Session 11

JPN def CHN 8-5

KOR def USA 11-2

GBR def RUS 9-6

Men's Round Robin Session 12

SUI def USA 6-3

RUS def GER 8-7

CHN def GBR 6-5

DEN def NOR 5-3

Women's Round Robin Session 12

SUI def CHN 10-6

DEN def GBR 8-7

SWE def JPN 8-4

CAN def KOR 9-4

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Figure Skating

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Ice Dance Free Dance

Gold - (USA) Meryl DAVIS / Charlie WHITE Points: 195.52

Silver - (CAN) Scott MOIR / Tessa VIRTUE Points: 190.99

Bronze - (RUS) Elena ILINYKH / Nikita KATSALAPOV Points: 183.48

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Freestyle Skiing

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Men's Aerials

Gold - (BLR) Anton KUSHNIR 134.50

Silver - (AUS) David MORRIS 110.41

Bronze - (CHN) Zongyang JIA 95.06

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Women's Play-offs Semifinals

USA def SWE 6-1

CAN def SUI 3-1

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Ski Jumping

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Men's Team

Gold - Germany Points: 1041.1

Silver - Austria Points: 1038.4

Bronze - Japan Points: 1024.9