Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White Bring Hollywood Magic To Sochi For Lead In Short Dance

By Jessica Bradley
Meryl Davis Charlie White
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Many girls dream of growing up to be Audrey. From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Sabrina, Hepburn left behind a Hollywood legacy of pure class and timeless beauty. Sunday night in Sochi, American ice dancer Meryl Davis came closer to the Audrey dream than possibly any lady before her. Simply put: she could have danced all night.

Davis, clad in rose petal pink, and partner Charlie White, in coat tails, stole the show as they skated to a My Fair Lady inspired short dance complete with the quickstep, fox trot and, of course, a few twizzles; taking the lead with a record setting 78.89 points. Davis and White now stand two and a half points ahead of chief rivals and defending gold medal champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada.

Both couples skated irresistible programs, and at some moments Virtue and Moir were so on point they looked like a flip image of the same person.

But what lifted Davis and White above their training partners was that little extra that was perhaps the same quality that lifted Hepburn above her competitors years ago. Some called it class, some called it pure talent and some just called it Hepburn magic.

Whatever it actually might have been, on Sunday at Iceberg Skating Palace Davis and White had it; and, after 17 years together they are more irresistible than ever. When he smiled, she smiled. When he turned, she turned. When he lifted her, she fell perfectly into place. As their coach Marina Zoueva noted after the program the pair made it look like it was completely without any force at all. No luck needed for this version of the classic film in the moment Davis and White have trained their whole lives for. Until tomorrow, that is.

Tomorrow night White and Davis will skate for a chance to win the United States’ first gold medal in ice dancing history; Davis’ self confessed childhood fear of looking into White’s eyes is now entirely gone.

An American tale ready for its Hollywood ending. And oh wouldn’t it be lovely indeed.

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