25 Hot Photos of Fitness Enthusiast Jen Selter

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25 Sizzling Photos of Jen Selter

Jen Selter

It doesn’t take much in this world to make something of yourself as long as you put your mind or, in the case of fitness enthusiast Jen Selter, your body to it. Selter was just someone who loved to work out at the gym and show off her incredible body with her 2 million Instagram followers. Now, she’s one of Ask Men’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2014 and she recently inked a deal with The Legacy Agency.

The 20-year-old isn’t a physical trainer or fitness expert by any means. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t learn the ways of the profession. At least, that’s what her agent is counting on.

“We believe she can be the next Jillian Michaels,” agent Andrew Witlieb said, according to news.com.au. “Jillian didn’t get to where she is until her mid-30s. Jen’s going to grow as a person, as a fitness expert, in these next years. She’s here for the long term.”

Michaels has become a household name due to her fame as a personal trainer on the television show The Biggest Loser. So, what exactly makes Witlieb believe Selter can become as famous as and even more successful than Michaels? I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Selter just so happens to be the proud owner of the finest rear end the Internet has ever seen. Of course it does.

I don’t doubt Selter’s dedication to her craft. It is well known that she has worked incredibly hard since signing with her new agency. However, there’s no doubt in my mind the only reason she was put in the position she’s in right now is because of her gorgeous body. With that being said, if she wants to become a professional trainer or host of her own workout videos, she has to have a killer body to make people believe she can help them improve their physique. That means in the case of Selter, putting the time to sculpt her scorching body is exactly what was necessary to land a new career.

Don’t just take my word on how hot Selter truly is. Check out the ensuing slideshow to see 25 sizzling social media photos of Selter working out and being her beautiful self.

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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 1
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 1
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 2
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 2
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 3
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 3
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 4
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 4
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 6
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 6
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 7
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 7
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 10
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 10
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 14
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 14
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 15
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 15
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 16
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 16
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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 18
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 18
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 19
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 19
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 21
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 21
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 22
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 22
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 23
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 23
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter 24
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Jen Selter

Jen Selter Hot 24
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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter

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Jen Selter


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  • Bojangles

    That butt would have little trouble balancing on a fence rail.

  • redheaded_stepchild

    Interesting … almost to the point of deformity.

    • Carson Rhodes


    • inquisitor2

      Redheaded jealously is unbecoming… almost to the point of inadequacy.

      • Guest

        Redheads don’t get jealous, they turn heads

        • Robert177

          Plenty of ugly redheads in the world, I assure you.

    • Meg Hinley

      Jenny got back!

  • Bandit Keena

    She’s not really that hot except for her rump

    • ralphmarkley

      the only way she can be hotter is if she swallows. no tits and a not so pretty face- her face would be prettier with the tiniest drop of my semen at the corner of her mouth.

      • Robert177

        Yep. And a few gobs in the corner of her eyes as well.

  • William Locke

    Yeah, she’s not that hot and the pics are low res.

  • tds18

    Sweet, good for her, her ass looks ugly and deformed because of her malnourished scronny little body and her face is bunk…PASS

    • DONTE


    • The JerseyTrainer

      if you hate your OWN body so damn bad, please do something about it..otherwise keep you hater comments to yourself. I’m a fitness guru, and I can tell you she has the body that is perfect

    • Robert177

      Ugly? Ha ha. I bet 90% of men wouldn’t last 30 seconds pounding that ass.

  • Pete Repeat

    kinda gross. deformed

  • rand nels

    Her ass looks nasty big..YUK!

  • chris

    Her butt looks odd.

  • douglas rose

    Are you kidding me, that ass is so FINE that even gay guys want to get behind her.UMMMMm

    • TerminatahX

      thx for the confession.

      • bobmullay


    • Carson Rhodes

      Her figure is not special… and it’s not from hard work… It’s genetics… she’s showing off her rear because her front is disproportionately smaller and it doesn’t match up. I’m a stallion horn dog with a corn dog. I am the pickiest critic you will ever meet and I won’t just jump on anything that happens to be walking by. Have so filter and some taste will you? She is “alright” at best… if you like a version of Sandra Bullock who has thick facial skin… she’s a flash in the pan and not worth the name in my house… as most celebrity media aren’t.

      • et3rn47

        lol, troll on the internet
        no chance face to face

        • Carson Rhodes

          And so what? You seem to be inferring either a confrontation between you and I, or for me to tell it to Jen myself… As the first one should be unlikely, unless you have issues, it wouldn’t bother me to tell her this myself… and I could care less about trolling, lol…

        • Josh Duncan

          He doesn’t seem to be trolling to me. Seems he’s just expressing his opinion.

          • Alderson Smith

            He’s a dipshit.

      • Fly Guy in SD

        Au contraire. She looks _great_ from the front but her butt is so disproportionate as to look like it belongs on Jessica Rabbit or something. If you could combine her front with my wife’s back, now _that_ would be a body to die for :-)

        • richnative

          What an insult to your wife’s looks. She must have an ass like Serena and a face like Dennis Rodman

          • rick cutrone

            HA LOL

          • Guy With-camera

            Thats what paper bags are for.

  • Bill Tremail

    Its just ass overgrowth.

  • disqus_PmNVLw2faN

    She has a perfect body, I don’t know what the haters are talking about. Either they are jealous that they don’t have that body OR frustrated because they can never get a woman that beautiful. In either case, its their problem. Jen looks great.

    • Carson Rhodes

      My pregnant fiance is way hotter than this woman, lol… Her figure is not special… and it’s not from hard work… It’s genetics… she’s showing off her rear because her front is disproportionately small and it doesn’t match up. I’m a stallion horn dog with a corn dog. I am the pickiest critic you will ever meet and I won’t just jump on anything that happens to be walking by. Have so filter and some taste will you? She is “alright” at best… if you like a version of Sandra Bullock who has thick facial skin… she’s a flash in the pan and not worth the name in my house… as most celebrity media aren’t.

  • Marcus Landon

    Any male who isn’t mesmerized by her derriere, is playing for the wrong team. She has a museum quality behind; an absolute MASTERPIECE the inherent beauty of which far surpasses any creations of Michelangelo, Van Gogh or Monet!

    • Carson Rhodes

      You jerk off too much…

      • Fred_Evil

        Or not enough.
        I mean, it’s nice and all…but museum quality? I’d have to have a more detailed inspection to be sure.

        • Billy

          Use your imagination if you have no memories to recall…

        • M Donohue

          I concur , inspection is needed !

      • Billy

        You sound like an expert…

        • Ken Temporaneous

          There are obviously two sides to this issue.

          • jackel

            One fat cheek vs the other !

        • Carson Rhodes

          I can find the most beautiful women in the world, if I was given a job to do so…

          Perfection is Perception. There is no such thing. But I can find the next best thing to it. I am picky and I have a defined palate for beauty and taste…

          For example, this girl has disproportionate body type. It’s off balance. Rear end almost too big while the chest area is not of comparable size… and likely a little saggy, as some parts of the photography suggest… she doesn’t even make it past the “First Glance” test…. let alone any further critique…

          I am a very handsome gentleman and for this, I have some very high standards…

          • carson rode the pig

            “I can find the most beautiful women in the world, if I was given a job to do so…”

            But alas, you’ve been relegated to chasing men. Swish swash, run along little boy.

      • James Cranford

        whoosh, right over the top. what he is saying, is that any man that does not appreciate such a find work of nature is either gay or a eunuch.

        • Carson Rhodes

          I can find the most beautiful women in the world, if I was given a job to do so…

          Perfection is Perception. There is no such thing. But I can find the next best thing to it. I am picky and I have a defined palate for beauty and taste…

          For example, this girl has disproportionate body type. It’s off balance. Rear end almost too big while the chest area is not of comparable size… and likely a little saggy, as some parts of the photography suggest… she doesn’t even make it past the “First Glance” test…. let alone any further critique…

          I am a very handsome gentleman and for this, I have some very high standards. Anyone who just jumps on this girl as being hot, is just lacking standards and discerning taste…

    • Jamie_Smart

      Yeah, you need to go to porn addict meetings, loser.

      • Logic and Reason

        The irony is hysterical. Also your an ass.

      • Quantez Williams

        what’s wrong with being addicted to porn?

        • quinn


    • Terry Whitaker

      lol ya any one who doesnt wanna just grab that ass up is crazy

      • Festus Hagen

        plenty of it to go around

    • Kevin Snyder

      It’s silicone, dude.

      • anonymous

        totally agree, she went to a plastic surgeon at 15 to do a nose job, c’mon.. please. she is way too skinny to have been able to produce that much junk, in her trunk.

        • alicia a

          Thank you,, but you know those white people believe its her butt becaus ehtye dont want to face the fact that black women have God given booties tand they dont! You can tell its fake , shes allways walking around with it stuck out and if it was so real she would be use to it by now.. always the fake bootys that feel they have to show a silicone booty all the time.. real women know what they got and dont have to go around broad casting it.. sure sign!

          • The SHIZZLE

            Black “women” have fat sloppy stretch marked asses. This girl works out every day. She also had an xray and ultrasound that proves you wrong. If black asses are so great then why is it that every black man on the planet dreams of having a white girl? In a recent worldwide survey, black women were voted the least desirable group of men and women of all ethnicities. They were even voted last by black men and black lesbian women. It’s a fact.

          • ljk76

            Every black man on the planet? You are an ignoramus.

          • The SHIZZLE

            There are as many black women with fat stretch marked asses as there are white men that can’t jump.

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            Blacks are the most ugliest looking species in America and all over the world.None can understand their English.Nor are clean themselves.

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          • The SHIZZLE

            Get those chitlins, watermelons, and kool aid ready nigger! Lol

          • Beautyintheeyes

            Hey Ignorance,
            1. Your uneducated brain cells couldn’t process that xray and ultra sounds cannot detect fat injections, because they are “fat”. So if she had fat injections in her butt, it cannot be detected.
            2. Stop saying “worldwide” survey. The survey was done by a self acclaimed Asian psycho. Your stupidity is above bounds and I will show you a more beautiful black girl anyday above whatever other girl you think is beautiful.

          • http://www.rt1959.com/ Robert Thompson

            Jen Selter is just another attention seeking person. Posting pictures of her butt on instagram. She is nothing new. They are a dime a dozen now days.

          • http://www.facebook.com/ali.ghias.967 Ali Ghias

            Just show who are dime a dozen ? Give evidence. ? Don’t get jealous.

          • http://www.rt1959.com/ Robert Thompson

            Jealous? Nope. You on the other hand clearly are a racist judging by your comments about black people. Do yourself a favor and stfu. Jen Selter is average at best. She’s nothing new. Have fun subscribing to her instagram you clown. Get a life idiot.

          • OU812

            I think Vida Guerra has one of the most prefect butts I have ever seen.Yea she’s been around a while but who cares. Her ass still looks like a chew toy to me. People want to say that she isn’t even pretty? I think the woman is sexy from head to toe. I’d say if there was a master race of butts it would have to be in Cuba or Brazil. Maybe down there they are a dime a dozen…lol

          • hasone

            heres a dime, gijmme my dozen.

          • http://www.rt1959.com/ Robert Thompson

            How about a penny instead?

          • Daniel

            Wow you really are intellectually deprived.

            Hey ignorance, her glut muscles are very developed, and her body fat is relatively low, ass injections wouldn’t work. It would have to be silicone, which would have shown up on an xray, or ultra sound.

            In your ignorance, delusion, and gullibility you think that Japanese Professor of anthropology, was the only research to document the unattractiveness of blacks whether in facial proportions, IQ, or technological innovation. I suppose you must live in denial to stand yourself.

            Oh and if the “black girl” you want to show us is anything like the “black women” that are on the cover of the majority of your magazines, then the jokes on you.

          • Smoke

            As long as none of the Black Women you disparage look like your sister who favors your mother, I’ll take em.

          • OU812

            The only thing you will show is your opinion that everyman is entitled to.

          • Beautyintheeyes

            What is this one replying to me? Please park well, everyone is entitled to their opinion but yours don’t count because you don’t even have an opinion. And fat injections not being detected by Xray is not an opinion it’s a fact, ok.

          • Pickles Sweet

            Crawl back into you hole, dookie roll.

          • Deno Lorenzo

            And, if I may add, many of those black asses are bigger than Dallas!

          • The SHIZZLE

            Hey douchebag, my post was clearly a response to the issue of silicone implants. Regarding adipose injections, they do not give an even appearance and will blur definition. She has an even appearance and is clearly defined. Obviously she has not used adipose injections. Her results were achieved through the balance of 3 factors: genetics, diet, and targeted exercise. Moron. Lol

          • Pickles Sweet

            You mam, are at your core a racist pure and simple. After reading you prior comments you go right for the ” its whities fault” every time. Learn to debate intelligently, or crawl back into your cave.

          • Niece1964

            I agree that the previous man is wrong but I don’t agree with the person that said her butt is fake and only black women have butts! Not all men want a big butt either. Flat butts are not attractive to most people but I met a few people that said they liked them, I don’t know how but to each his own! Not all white girls with butts and lips are fake just like not all black women have fake hair. There is beauty in all races and not so pretty in all races too! That is not what is most important but I guess this article was all about her butt so that is the topic.

          • Quantez Williams

            black women have great asses, but so do some white women. black womens’ tend to sit up higher.

          • http://www.facebook.com/ali.ghias.967 Ali Ghias

            Blacks have best asses no doubt.But most ugly looking faces.

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          • Selena Buckner

            Hm, interesting. I’ve never been called ugly before lol Change is always good, I suppose? XD

          • American Patriot

            If the picture you have as an avatar is proof, I vote for you as well.
            Very hot!

          • Daniel

            Since that’s been addressed, I’ll tell you that you have an ugly mind.

          • OU812

            Only if they don’t set on the couch with a bag of Cheetos in one hand and 4 babies in the other.

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          • American Patriot

            Selena, you are arguing with retards, please don’t lower yourself for such trash.

          • Guest

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          • Daniel

            Black women are the number 1 ass injection recipients, even though they are only 6-7% of the US population. Black women are the least desirable on planet earth, and you are confirming this by your ability to only offer butt fat, as your highest redeemable quality. You don’t even wear your own race’s hair on your head. “But white women wear weeves too!” That’s your only justification, yet you’re wearing their race’s hair on your head. You don’t even comprehend the self hatred. White women can’t wear caucasoid hair on their heads? But black women can? You idiot… please continue to embarrass yourself. Thank you for posting.

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            Lol! Wow, your racist ^_^ And sorry, this is my hair :)

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            Any property you buy, is yours, even that unnatural looking hairhat.

            “Lol! Wow, your(sic) racist.” Wow, you’re obtuse.

          • Joshua Ward

            What “alternate lifestyle”? I’m hetero and don’t cross-dress, so…
            Oh, that’s right! Blacks can’t grow long hair! Not unless they happen to take care of it and relax it ;) That’s probably new to you.
            Maybe I should have said natural instead of giving you leeway to sound intelligent with a comeback. You’re the one with a cow-lick going on.

            If I am to be obtuse, then you are irrelevant to the point of minute, with personal views suitable to a secluded narcissist, ironically blind to human differentiation and characteristic.Usually those prejudice or racist have some inadequacy within themselves that they must reflect on others, either in person on on the internet.

          • Daniel

            “Blacks can’t grow long hair! Not unless they happen to take care of it and relax it ;)” That typically burns right through their thin hair, leading to substantial hair loss, thus following hairhats.

            Anything else you want me to refute?

          • Joshua Ward

            If you do it often, yes. That’s how most end up bald like you said. It’s how you go about it, like most things. I don’t think that counts as refuting since I already knew about that and common knowledge >_>
            Why are you liking your own comments?

          • Daniel

            Why are you hating Jen Selter?

          • Joshua Ward

            Hm? I’m not. I think she is an attractive woman, though I would also surmise that she is likely conceited to some degree. I don’t know her so I can’t hate on her.

            I was mainly replying to your prejudice or racism, I’m not sure which. I can understand if you are not attractive to women of colour, but downing them by saying they are disgusting and whatever else? Really? Everyone is a human being and that is what should matter, not skin colour.

            There are ugly black people like there are ugly white people and any other race. There are beautiful in both as well. If you just accepted people are physically different, there wouldn’t be a bias on the edge of hate coming from you; just say it is not for you. Not all black women are nasty, fat or stereotypical; you are only regurgitating what society and the media feed you and that is not a sign of intelligence, that is controlled thinking.

          • Charlena Leesah Smith

            Looks like every other average white woman to me.

          • Daniel

            Yes, white women have a higher average beauty standard.

          • Joshua Ward

            All women have a beauty standard which is usually based on income, actually. All in all, it is still shallow and vain, which is not anything to boast about.

          • Charlena Leesah Smith

            Yeah once they are done trying to look like us, Tanning, full lips, hips, and ASS! now if you like your White Pasty Skin so much whyTAN! keep your slits that you call a mouth, I dont need to lay in the sun to get this color that you want so bad. lol I could go on and on.

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          • Daniel

            You speak of a buttocks, as if it were an idol. I know ass fat, is all you have to offer as a human being, much the rest of your women, but to keep highlighting that point is a lack of self esteem.

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            “brown is way more attrative(sic) then white yall(sic) know it to other wise you wouldnt(sic) TAN!” That’s why you said you were black, then changed to brown? Did you bleach yourself in between sentences?

            All of these psychotic black episodes in the comments started from one white chicks ass. LMFAO! How insecure are black women? I’d say they are the most insecure women on planet earth.

            I must say a thank you to these “black is loud” women for displaying their damaged psyches, as a warning to all men. Your seeing it with your very own eyes.

          • Joshua Ward

            First of all, both you and Charlene S. are wrong. You speak as if you have been everywhere in the world to know what everyone else is like and base your observations or biases on this. It is not even comical, it is ignorant. Black people/women should be proud of who they are and so should white people/women. Pigment and culture separate them, but they share the same plight in being put down and exploited by men.

            I agree an ass should not define a person or be their trademark but because they have been conditioned to only see value in their body, in and outside of the culture, that is what they focus on. There are those smart enough to move past that and go to college and make something of themselves and that should be more important. You’re both not showing any exemplary qualities for white men or black women so maybe you should look in the mirror instead of judging anyone.

            When stereotypes become the basis of any argument, it should be ended there since neither party truly understands what they are talking about. I have met plenty of loud, obnoxious black women and related to a few, but that is not all of them; those types are pushed into the limelight to make up for the entire group instead of relegated to those individuals. I have met just as many loud and unruly white women but they do not represent all white women, so you can already see the factors at play.

            We supposedly live in a society that embraces all, but underneath the banner of the melting pot, we classify, cast and shun anything we do not agree with or appeal to our aesthetic and conceited tastes. No, certain behavior, dress and anything else inappropriate shouldn’t be brandished and accepted just because, but that is the society we live in. One thing is fine but another is not; we are hypocritical on a massive scale.

            The first thing that should be done away with is how brainwashed people have become, though certain thinking has been so integrated in us it seems impossible or at least a massive struggle to overcome. When we stop basing our opinions on what is on TV, what is supposed to apply to one group of people and not another, stop listening to garbage telling you how to speak, dress or behave and start using or own best discernment of character we will no longer be puppets mimicking the song and dance presented to us.

            I love all women no matter what colour they are, it is character that shapes my opinion, although physical attractiveness does come into play of course. I have no bias against black women but I can’t identify with the culture or environment many come from so I avoid those types or they avoid me, lol! If I met a decent black female I would date her just as easily as any other. White women have their own problems; some are prejudice while others are stuck in their own mold that society gives them (which borders on shallow, thoughtless stupidity) that makes the most beautiful women ugly very fast.

            A woman’s butt is part of her body and is not who she is. Jen Shelter might be a conceited narcissist that only sees value in her body or maybe not smart enough to know when she is being exploited; maybe she does not care and only wants fame? Not my type no matter how attractive she is. The body grows old while you still have to live with the person.

            I believe the only real purpose in these articles is to incite just how closet ignorant many of us are but claim not to be. It is not about fitness, it is not about her ass or goals in life. Nor do our opinions on what is beautiful or ugly, who has the best this and that; our deepest insecurities in both races or as human beings are being brought out so that overall, we see we are no more than what we were 50 or 100 years ago.

          • Charlena Leesah Smith

            No I didnt speak as if my ass was all I have to offer I was just stating a fact of the subject at hand, Im very Educated and never needed any hand outs from anyone. YOU Ignorant Idiot!

          • Joshua Ward

            I understand where you are coming from on some of those points and do see that myself. However, you are still missing the broader aspect that shallow is shallow, and vanity is vanity. I’m sure your ass is perfect or that you are proud of who you are but I’m sure you want to be seen more than for just your appearance.
            The only real or root reason women care about these things is to get attention from men; I think women should look and do what they want whether or not any man approves.

            There are white women who don’t care about altering themselves just like black women that don’t care about presenting them self to suit the image black men expect. The issue with black men is surrounded by insecurity when faced with a driven female of any kind, but it goes further than that into how society keeps any ethnic group relegated to certain place or economic group.

            That just means we are missing the big picture a lot of times. Just ignore Daniel; he is stuck in his own stereotypes because he can’t think for himself or too weak to form an opinion outside of what he thinks will make him fit in. He does not know you nor can judge you, but you shouldn’t lower yourself to his level just to make your point.

            Yes, you are right that aspects that black people naturally have are being taken by whites and being viewed as beautiful only then, but that is only what is being presented for us to see. There are other women that don’t think that way and see anyone as beautiful and might even understand or sympathize with the huge misconceptions that black women are branded with because of a few ignorant individuals.

            It would be better to counter his argument by seeing him for being a male pig and picking and choosing what is beautiful in any woman and not seeing value beyond his own ignorant perceptions. Women are exploited by men all the time and don’t even know it most times because it is being presented as “empowerment” and doesn’t help when famous women wave the image as tools. You are a woman first before any one should look at your colour or body and that is what makes you unique, not your weakness.

          • Charlena Leesah Smith

            No you are right and I dont want to be looked at as just a woman with a nice body or big ass.that actually turns me off when a man looks at me as a Sex Symbol, and I do let it be known that its not right. I dont things for a man or to get a man’s attention everthing I do I do for my self I dont want or need validations for a man.

          • pitzer

            The tan thing…most ignorant thing I’ve ever read… But, I would still tug on that weave and tap that big mass, then write my name in Chinese, all over that trunk. Free of charge.

          • Charlena Leesah Smith

            grow up IDIOT! and the only way that would happen is it would be rape. and it not even close to being the most ignorant thing. thats cause you know its true you get tanned thats why you talking shit. lol OH SO TRUE! truth hurts.

          • Charlena Leesah Smith

            PS< I dont have a weave everything about me is all natural sorry not all of us has to wear weaves, dumb ass even white women wear weaves. now write about that.

          • pitzer

            Keep telling yourself that. Those white women, with weaves, most likely ruined their hair, trying to be blond. Truth sucks don’t it sista twisted.

          • pitzer

            When we tan, it looks nothing like black, or I’m sorry, Brown. I would say we look more golden, or copper for some… Our noses look nothing like yours… I prefer our facial features… But let me get this strait… You want to say, that you think, we want to look the color of a bowl movement?

          • pitzer

            Spoken just like the hooker that claimed rape, on the Duke lacrosse team… and so many other white on black rape cases. However I would love to see the statistics on that, compared to the black on white rape cases… I guess we are done now. I rest my good people’s case. Lmao, thank you good night Eric Holder.

          • OU812

            True but if you have a very nice ass it’s pretty hard to hide unless you go with the MC Hammer Parachute Pants. Come on haters…lol
            And as far as black women go, yea there are a lot of them with nice butts. I love watching the tennis players with their tiny little skirts and kick panties on. Very sexy. BUT – I have seen plenty of soul sisters with some pancake asses as well. I don’t think any one race is blessed with booty. But some people can only get publicity with their butts and I’ll leave that open to opinions.

          • Pickles Sweet

            Learn how to use the English language, ignorant

          • Selena Buckner

            Learn how to distinguish emotion from logic, Sir Ignorance. Lol after that, understand the meaning of “ignorant”.

          • Kodiak Brown

            Learn to use the English language properly Orangutan…

        • http://www.facebook.com/ali.ghias.967 Ali Ghias

          Only skinny look beautiful.Not fat looking ugly obese asses.!

        • OU812

          Obviously you have not encountered a lot of fit and shapely women. I love a tiny frame up top with thick thighs and bountiful booty. This lady’s build is nothing alien, she’s just blessed. God Bless Women With Precious Curves. So Sexy!!

          • pitzer

            I prefer my woman to be able to reach around and clean all the poo poo off her ass, in case of the emergency penetration. It also helps when they are of a skin color that shows the difference in case of lazy wipe. Anyone feel me?

        • Selena Buckner

          Umm….ouch… O.o lol

          • pitzer


      • OU812

        You must be a hater stuck dating 6 o’clock women. And there is nothing wrong with women like that. It’s just not my preference and it doesn’t sound like its yours either.

        • Kevin Snyder

          Do you have any idea what “hate” means? Are you a psychic or something? ‘Cause my post was 3 words. I don’t know how you got THAT out of it.

    • rick cutrone

      Id eat her ass for a couple decades at least.

    • http://bat-shit-crazy.com thebottomline

      Any “man” who prefers asses…

    • AnimalSupportProject

      It;s fake.

      • quinn

        who gives two shits if its fake or not its still nice

        • AnimalSupportProject

          It’s nice???? a hard plastic implant is nice???? Wow! Okay, you can have it, or maybe just run your hand over a plastic ball. I quess weird things get certain people off, huh?

    • Frank T. Lofaro Jr.

      I think Stephanie Mills is prettier! Now THAT is the world’s most beautiful woman!

      • TruthTalk

        You have horrible taste. I nearly puked

    • Gordon Gordinsky

      There is more to any woman than her physique, and certainly more to her physique, than her derrière. Like with J.Lo, Jen does seem to have a “perfect” derrière. But that, in an of itself, is at most, a temporary attraction.

      Yes, it may be “divine,” but no intelligent man can get “stuck” on that for too long.

      There is such a concept as the “utility curve,” in economics. Look into that, and you will understand yourself even better.

      • OU812

        There are more to any woman than their physique I agree. But that is not what first attracts any man to a woman. Maybe I’m shallow but I’m not the one that’s going to walk up to Big Mama and strike up a conversation. Sorry….All haters jump in….LMOA

    • OU812

      I agree. There is no better work of art than a finely tuned ass. I am sure Jen knows that heads turn where ever she goes and that’s a good thing. My wife’s looks even better plus she has the rest to go with it. I take it as a compliment when others look as long as they respectfully look :)

    • Deno Lorenzo

      I’ll start the bidding with $1,000,000!

    • user z

      And yet there is something freakishly unnatural about a “bubble butt”. Its like a EEE bra size. There is a diminishing point of returns when it comes to increasing aspects of beauty imo. Less is more.

    • Jeffrey Gee

      So what she works out? Sure she has a nice butt. They make her out to be God’s gift to the world or something. All the hype is a bit melodramatic!

    • houx

      Looks like a big diaper.

    • Jordan Meade


  • TerminatahX

    Clawd Hammersy!

  • John Gary

    I don’t know what all you Trolls are talking about she’s beautiful. It’s easy to hide behind a computer and fake ass name and judge someone you don’t even know or call them names maybe your just jealous of her good looks or maybe not people like trolls need to be wiped away from this world.

    • Carson Rhodes

      dude, have some taste and self respect… she is showing off her rear as her front is disproportionately smaller and thus unbalanced… Not too high of standards you have no?

      • M_J_S

        Nope…remember everyone today is “beautiful”, obese people should be “encourage to embrace their different shape” and keep eating what they want. All kids participating in sports are “equals” and thus all “win” a trophy. There are no “labels” to “judge” people by expressing an “opinion”. Every “performing artist” gets a standing ovation no matter how horrid they are.

        What was the Twilight Zone episode? “No. 12 Looks Just Like You”?

        • Carson Rhodes

          Sure, how novel of you… I agree with you more than you can know. Perfection is perception, ie, there is no such thing. I’ll give you that she is kind of cute, but what makes her less attractive is that she is evidently self obsessed with her looks. And as we all should know, there is nothing uglier than than some one who “knows they are beautiful”. True beauty and grace come from those who either don’t know or don’t care. Who is gonna love you when your looks are gone?

    • dgalek@aol.com

      nobody is perfect but this women is very fine i would wipe her ass just to say that i touched it and anyone like this moron carson rhodes doesnt know what he is talking about is ugly as sin

      • Carson Rhodes

        Perfection is perception, ie, there is no such thing. I’ll give you that she is kind of cute, but I”m not sure sure about that wiping her ass thing. What makes her less attractive is that she is evidently self obsessed with her looks. And as we all should know, there is nothing uglier than than some one who “knows they are beautiful”. True beauty and grace come from those who either don’t know or don’t care. I myself am a connoisseur of the female physique and am not terribly ugly myself, but then who cares? Could never seriously bother with someone in passing like this, but if I were audited on my contentions, you’d have a run for your money…

  • TL

    Sick ass! Which somewhat distracts from her awful nose job, low cheek bones and thin lips.

  • Flash Reiker

    Ya, she’s pretty but either her butt is too big or she’s pushing it out for these photos but she’s definitely doable.

  • Carson Rhodes

    This woman is disgustingly self obsessed… who’s gonna love her when her looks are gone? Certainly not anyone here…

  • BassFreak

    Butt Implants.

    • iPheral


    • VelikaBuna

      That is what I thought too, due to lack of proportionality, something seems wrong. Also the camera angle is deceptive in these pictures. I guess it is all about superficiality these days. People don’t like the real thing any more, they like plastic.

      • OU812

        Cars are all plastic now too and there is a reason for that. Sleeker lines leading to a perfect flow of curves. Who cares if women want fake boobs and butts (even though I think the butts don’t look right unless they are naturally bumped) if it makes them more confident in themselves more power to the hotties!!!

  • ralphmarkley

    too bad she doesn’t have as ample of a chest ass the ass..

  • Truth_Quest30

    The captions are absurd. She’s moderately attractive, hardly a 9 or a 10. There are tens of thousands of great beauties trying to make it in entertainment.

    • Oni

      she whored herself on instagram with pics of her ass. i’ve seen ass 100 times better than hers and those girls aren’t even fitness models.

  • Robert177

    What must it be like to be Jen Selter, and know that every guy who sees your rear end just wants to instantly have a****l sex with you and pound the living daylights out of that thing?

  • Jamie_Smart

    She is a whore, and all you people are pathetic sheep.

  • Deno Lorenzo

    None of these pictures of Jen do her any justice! However, for whatever it’s worth, I do believe she has one of the most beautiful Buttocks I have ever laid these eyes upon!

  • Krehator

    Is it just me or is nearly every pose the same? All AZZ.

  • Davis

    3/10….at BEST

  • Teddy Louch

    This is Brazils answer to her. https://www.facebook.com/EvaAndressaOficial

    • skrewdisqus

      Tupperware boobs & a man’s midsection how sexy….NOT!

  • Teddy Louch

    Check out Eva Andressa

  • Josh Duncan

    Ego much? Being proud of your physique is one thing but to take a myriad of butt photos is silly. Especially when your but is most likely an implant or a muscle imbalance (I say this because of how unproportionate it is).

    • twisted

      Jealous are we hmmm? Let her be, u ass, pun intended.

    • Gordon Gordinsky

      Sadly for this young woman, she is being exploited by a greedy agent who is attaching his gravy train, literally to her caboose.

      Even if she does become a recognized fitness expert, or “fitness authority,” she is going to be best known for her butt. Most people are identified by their faces, and their ideas, and achievements, not their butts.

      I would not wish that for a daughter.

      • OU812

        If she doesn’t mind then why should you?

        • Dylan82

          because her ads (how I got here, a picture of her ass in the form of an internet ad through outbrain.com ad clicks, I do web marketing couhgcough)…… her agent is spending money on ads all boasting her ass. It’s a pathetic attempt to gain fame through a spotted trend in fitness “models” who dont know jack about fitness, just pose and act like they do….

      • Deno Lorenzo

        I have other things I’d like to attach to her caboose!

      • Ed Longshanks

        SHE started her instagram not her agent. She “exploited” herself.

    • tom cook

      un? you might mean dis. She looks totally stunning to me. Just saying.

    • Alec Sevins

      Fake? Get context! There must be millions of women on the planet with a natural wasp-like structure, overlaid with shapely muscles. You can see them randomly in any major town. She’s just one who chose to work on it more and wanted to be famous. I hope she doesn’t get breast implants to unbalance the natural effect.

      • Ed Longshanks

        I agree with everything except the “millions” part lol. This is just good genes… I’ve been all over the world. This shape exits in the thousands for sure. If there were millions there would be happier men all over the world lol. cheers

    • Michael Fassbender


    • michael

      Jillian Michaels is a Bee-atch, so if that’s who her role model is, then yeah, she’s all about ego. But then American women eat this me-me-me crap up.

    • Deno Lorenzo

      That is, by far, the best looking, most perfect, voluptuous buttocks these eyes have ever seen! No comparison! To all you other jealous ladies, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! This one is a phenom!!

      • Amy

        I guess you haven’t seen much. You need to get out more.

        • Deno Lorenzo

          Amy,you looking at it from the female point of view, I can understand your feeling? However, you saying that around 3 a.m., I’ll just write it off on you possibly being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol!

          • Amy

            Sorry but I am 22 5’9 124lbs. FIT. NO FAKE BUTT on my body. Drugs and alcohol I leave to people like you. It’s quite obvious you were under the influence when you wrote your comment. Like I said previously, move from the computer and get out more. Your brain is lacking the necessary oxygen it needs.

          • Charlena Leesah Smith

            Looks like any other average white women to me.

    • Deno Lorenzo

      Implant? Muscle imbalance? Total reconstruction? Who cares? The end result is all that matters! The fact is that rear end is about as fine, voluptuous, and just down-right perfect as it can get!

    • Selena Buckner

      Maybe it’s *disproportionate* because she concentrates muscle building in that area. Just sayin’. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know her. Just spewing out a few possibilities lol

  • Asmodeus Belial

    Butter face. In fact, more like man face.

  • adfa

    This is the problem with the world.

  • Alderson Smith

    She could sleep with that against me. I wouldn’t object.

  • Yeah I Said It

    Wow…people are Harsh! I think she’s cute. I’d rather not EVERY pic be of her showing her ass…tad bit tasteless if you ask me. But as an ass lover hers is BEAUTIFUL! I think she’s cute in the face too. But everybody knows….Haters going to Hate! So continue to do your job.

  • Jeff Williams

    That has to be one of the world’s finest bootys!

  • Fly Guy in SD

    A smaller butt would be good…

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  • carltonwest

    Nice tight buttocks.

  • Holy Moley

    Her butt is too big.

  • Andaz

    She is a dog which attracts the fleas!

  • Husn

    butter face

  • BBC10X8

    we could spoon anytime she wants to.

  • JT

    Really, would you really want to be know as the “ass” of the internet?

  • JT

    I would rather get my nutrition information from a registered dietitian (4 year degree) than a nutritionist (no formal education required). I will get my physical guidance from a physical therapist rather than physical trainer. Folks, a pretty face or body can get you seriously hurt if you put all your faith in their advice.

    How is an RD different than a nutritionist?

    The “RD” credential is a legally protected title that can only be used by practitioners who are authorized by the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

    Some RDs may call themselves “nutritionists,” but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians. The definition and requirements for the term “nutritionist” vary. Some states have licensure laws that define the range of practice for someone using the designation “nutritionist,” but in other states, virtually anyone can call him- or herself a “nutritionist” regardless of education or training.

    Individuals with the RD credential have fulfilled specific requirements, including having earned at least a bachelor’s degree (about half of RDs hold advanced degrees), completed a supervised practice program and passed a registration examination — in addition to maintaining continuing education requirements for recertification.

  • Olmono

    I was going to leave a comment, but all I can do is go, “Ugh ugh ugh!”

  • Final_Word

    Butter Face Alert!

  • Alan Stubage

    Bummer she has that Long Island face

    • rick cutrone

      you mean she looks like your mother? she’s german, so?

    • Billy

      What face? I can’t get past the Pippa part to see the noggin…

    • houx

      It is because she is Jewish.

    • djs1138

      I’m less picky I guess, I think she’s hot… and after all two fives are a ten…

  • AMD Guru

    This Jen Selter is ugly. Don’t like her body at all. Ass is too big.

  • Anthony Henderson

    Bet she takes it up the coast.

  • dmm1047

    Now that’s a bike rack.

  • VelikaBuna

    Proportionality is the problem here. For me not very attractive, also the photos seem edited to accentuate certain parts.

  • Chris

    Her last name should be sitter. Jen Sitter.

  • Chafu

    Stick a hot dog between those buns, little mustard, sauerkraut. Delicious.

  • jerryboy

    She has an extremely slim midsection, and her spine apparently curves to the rear more than most people, which helps make her butt look big. She does have nice legs, though.

    • skrewdisqus

      its because she’s standing with her azz pooched out like a female baboon in heat. If she didn’t do that and wear tights, nobody would pay her any attention. She 7 on a scale of 10 and she must’ve boffed the lamer who wrote this article to get the raves that she did.

  • skrewdisqus

    Talk about “much ado about nothing”, this is it. She’s got nothing that 30 million other young women don’t have. Ho-hum…..

    And she wants to be taken seriously…uh…yeah…..I’ll get right on it

  • Jeffrey Gee

    Who cares, and she’s not that hot…

  • Tom Tucker

    Too much butt to be attractive.

    • iPollute

      No, it’s perfect size.

    • Eric Wrecher

      You kidding? That is her best part hands down.

  • Fletcher Cocquyt

    Michael Terrill next time spare us the Pulitzer
    material: “Right now Selter is just a fitness enthusiast, she has to
    put in the hard work to prove she can become a fitness expert” – each
    banal comment we had to click through was worth it though – yoga tights

  • Ray Stone

    if she wants to be the next Jillian Michaels dont she need to grow a dick?

  • Mike


  • John Edwards

    Her but is ridiculously big. sorry, a hundred thousand women walk past me every day with backsides I would follow anywhere This one I would follow just to watch it get stuck in he average door opening.

    Say what you will, and I am sure you will :-) but it is seriously out of proportion with the rest of an average body. Usually, the boobs go first so a bra will keep making her money for a while, but when that derriere gives in to gravity, she is finished. a big butt normally shows up with an equal chest, right Jennifer L Hewitt?

    Speaking of boobs, she ain’t not none, yet somehow a men’s magazine voted a flat chested woman as mos desirable. Must be nothing buy gay men at the helm of that rag. Since when does a nice rack not get votes?
    Is all genetics and not any result of some super exercise regimen. Half the college coeds in most big universities would put her to shame, except to the men who seem hot for a silicon bubble butt. Look around guys, this woman is surely pretty, but if you can’t go to the mall and find a better looking one, you live in the wrong place

  • http://www.facebook.com/scotsdoc Alastair James Berry

    Hell’s bells she is young and has a rather large derriere and could be in the BBW category too, two factors that make her attractive to sexually active men …… but I can see her in her 70′s and she’s just like anybody else in Walmart’s …

  • Corey

    No offense to her but if Jillian Michaels is your inspiration in the fitness world you probably will go no further. Jillian has a 5 minute online certificate, no fitness education, no nutrition knowledge/ She is just a pretty face an an actress. She brings the right type of persona to the show but she is by no means a fitness expert.

  • Charley C

    she made her but big on purpose?

  • Common Sense

    Her buttocks is waaaay too big for me! If she fell on her rear, she’d bounce up for a week.

  • Amigi

    It isnt real….

  • Dan Crabtree

    Butt butt but..itt i,,,iah,,,iiah butt you ahhh she is all butt..I give her ten thumbs up…

  • James Day

    I’ve seen better slideshows …. I’ve seen worse slideshows. – I don’t quite get the “earth-shattering” part or the drool dripping, tongue lapping, fantasy inducing portion of it all. – Sure, she’s pretty, but so are most of the other bunnies in Hef’s mansion! … The best money can buy!

  • nabainhos

    It’s about that cute little butt, that’s all. You can keep the rest of it.

  • MoleMD

    Well, she looks great and her butt is perfectly shaped. But it is a bit too big for the rest of her. I agree with those who say it is out of proportion.

  • Michael

    It is amazing, black guys think she is perfect with that butt but white guys can’t handle it and want a little butt….funny.

    • Zeus Almighty

      Don’t speak for all white guys. Her butt looks good to me. its not that big. she got a little budunkadunk going on but i wouldn’t kick her out of bed

  • JTravianDTeriusJacksonIII

    So now a person’s occupation can be “fitness enthusiast?” Can the stupid idiot kids of today be any more shallow? It’s all they live for: to work out and be fit. And talk about it all the time. Great. Happy for you. Now can you please turn your attention to something productive? Maybe something good for the country? A little less narcissism and a little more nationalism? Oh, and, stop voting for democrats before the government takes over your precious gym and limits your visits to days when the lights are on only. Idiots.

    • Zeus Almighty

      So someone that wants to better themselves is a democrat?

      • JTravianDTeriusJacksonIII

        No. An America-hating, irresponsible, lazy, non-productive simpleton with their hands out, looking for something for nothing, whose mommy and daddy is the government is a democrat. Any other stupid questions, loser?

        • Zeus Almighty

          You think every workout enthusiast is a democrat. You use fitness articles to bash democrats like all republicans are perfect. You think you’re so perfect that you have no faults and should tell people to live their lives the way you think. Your insulting and get worked up over nothing which makes you insecure. No I don’t have any further questions, you’re pretty easy to figure out.

  • Zeus Almighty

    Hey everybody look below my comment at this guy. He is complaining about democrats while everybody else is commenting on the the hot chick. You think he might be a closet homosexual? No, that would be the least logical conclusion. sorry never mind.

  • FancyPantsPDX

    She is lovely. BUT she is petite with a bubble butt. There is a lot of spandex and angels at work here.

  • Alex P

    I would say its the spandex, and not so much the woman. Anywho, her body is nice, but her face is 6/10 at best.

  • http://www.soon.srael.com Man deVoshkes

    just a big ass sticking out in all her photos, big ass, big deal!

  • MKultra

    can she cook? Food I mean and wash my clothes? She will probably be in the gym 24/7….naaaaaah not for me.

  • Luke Sykwalker

    wow, i’d eat that clean!

  • Joey Nicastro

    Ass too fat , get a grip !!

  • curby

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  • Livingston Frost

    Here’s one of her nose job: http://i.imgur.com/ofnLRwS.jpg

  • Steven Chavez

    not one normal photo.. is she flaunting it for the lust of men?

  • Maestro BK

    just looks like an AFRICAN’s arse u ask me. Next … #zzzzzzz

    • Time Traveler

      Nobody asked you. Probably gay anyway.

  • NoWay

    What a waste of an otherwise great body. What is the deal with huge asses anyway?

  • raffaro

    I’m not so sure it’s big she can’t weigh 105 max, it’s just all poofedout from doing those butt workouts!

  • John O’Riley

    say what you will gents, she can sit on my lap with that fine booty anytime…sweet.

  • BrendaUS

    “…she has to show that she is more than just a great body.”….WTF?!?!? What for?!?! Who cares about anything else! Trust me, no one, men or women, is interested in anything else!

  • Time Traveler

    Perfect a s s.

  • Charles Scruffy

    That …. Should be in a museum or at least the local strip club…

  • Pablo makes fun of mental midg

    I bet the brothers love her.

  • raffaro

    Fitness Enthusiast ? After a close and thorough Ass-essment of my own, I’d give Her two Thumbs Up!

  • Sick of Fake Ass Women

    I don’t believe for one minute that her butt is real. Sorry, but white girls don’t have back like that naturally. She either has injections or implants. She’s going to look like a damn fool when one of those sacks explodes and fluid escapes in her butt. She is so shallow. Standing around taking pictures of her fake butt from various angles. Have you ever noticed how women with fake butts or fake boobs go out of their way to show it off?! They always wear revealing or extremely tight clothes. It is like a kid in school during show and tell.

    • alicia a

      Thats what i said,, i agree with you,, you can tell a fake booty woman because they always have their butt to the camera like coco and kim , if it was real no sense to poke it, toot it and lie about it being real.. I saw a pic of her walking down the street in front of a bunch of black men..and they had coats on so it nust have been cold and this broad had on some tight yoga pants like those in the pic and her butt was all on front street.. thats the sure sign of a faker.. she was smiling and grinning.. so fake .. be proud of what God gave you not what you had to pay a DR to fake!

      • William Schroedter

        Yeah, like Kim Kardashion doesn’t have a fake butt, talk about being out of proportion.

      • Amy

        Exactly. I don’t see J.Lo throwing her butt in everyone’s face.Her butt is REAL!

    • Quantez Williams

      there are white sprinters and white guys with crazy vertical jumps. I assure you, there are a few white gulls out there wit some ass.

    • Justice0501

      I guess you don’t spend much time in the gym. Plenty of white women who squat/deadlift that have large asses. It’s only a muscle, not a racial characteristic. Black women just have more muscle (testosterone) naturally. White women (usually) have to develop it.

  • Sagesteve

    Again, big ass and no tits! Pretty much the general rule.

  • HR Pufnstuf

    That huge bubble butt is a big turn off, unless you’re trying to bounce her like a basketball.

  • Don’t Tase Me Bro

    Is her middlename Butterface?

  • Robert177

    I would eat an entire 5-course meal off of that a*s. Slowly.

  • whowhatme


  • Bobo

    So her claim to fame is that she is an ass with a dog’s face attached to it? That ass will be draped behind her knees in 10 or 15…at that time she can stop sitting on her face!

  • Patricia Perkins

    she paid for all that “behind fakeness”……no way without surgery, wow everyone wants a big one that wasn’t born with one….smh

  • jack thomson

    ass implants, y’all. been public for a minute.

  • sat1955

    So she has an abnormal gluteus minims, medius,and maximus, you guys need to get a life.

  • shirleyevans

    What a “BIG BUM!”

  • Cris Bird

    really??! THIS is what society calls beauty nowdays? pft. Jamie lee Curtis was hotter than weird Barbie/bratz looking deluded girl/woman. I don’t want MY 6 yr old to grow up emulating THIS crap. dear, implants don’t make you glamorous. gross.

    • http://death2Hitllary.org Take_Responsibility_4U

      JLC looks like a boy

  • JJ

    So all she has is a ghetto booty? Sounds like a black guy wrote all the excerpts. Every picture is of her ass, at least show us your abs, or your toned legs (without pants), or your back muscles. It’s all about where she wants to get slammed by a horse

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/2JOHNNYT Johnny T. Sollitto

    Too bad she can’t work out that face – Butter!

  • The Goblin King

    I couldn’t be within twelve miles of this Goddess without committing at least seventeen different crimes against nature.

  • Tom Tucker

    Delicious looking woman.

  • Tom Tucker

    After looking through the pictures I still believe the young lady looks delicious but think that her backside maybe just a bit much for the rest of her frame.

  • http://fitnesswithsense.wordpress.com Geoffrey Futch

    The article repeatedly claims that she’s going to have to “prove herself” before she can be famous and “taken seriously.” The very fact that clueless, uninformed hacks like Jillian Michaels are so famous to begin with stands as testament to how untrue that claim is.

    As a fitness professional, I have to say this makes me sick.

    • http://death2Hitllary.org Take_Responsibility_4U

      Oh Geoff don’t be so jealous and bitter

      • http://fitnesswithsense.wordpress.com Geoffrey Futch

        Jealous and bitter? I’m nothing of the sort. But Jillian Michaels and her kind are an insult to people who take the field of health and fitness seriously. She knows nothing about exercise, yet people want to listen to everything she says because she somehow got famous. The trend seems to be that most celebrity “trainers” are short on substance but flashy enough to entice people to buy whatever it is they’re selling. It’s all a marketing thing. They don’t care about their clients or fans beyond making sure they fork over their money. And as long as fools like her (and many others) are getting press and actually being treated as though they’re experts, I’ll be speaking out against them.

        It’s not a jealousy thing. It’s a professional responsibility thing. Most TV and internet fitness gurus aren’t dedicated to actually being good at their craft. Meanwhile, I’m studying for my PhD in exercise physiology and constantly working to better my knowledge and the way I teach people to exercise. But people don’t want substance and ACTUAL expertise. They want something flashy and sexy. Regardless of whether or not it’s appropriate. I’m sorry if you can’t understand that.

        • http://death2Hitllary.org Take_Responsibility_4U

          JM could cross fit you into the hospital without a sweat, cry baby loser, get over your lack of success, try cooking or sewing.

          • http://fitnesswithsense.wordpress.com Geoffrey Futch

            Wow… what kind of child says that crap to someone? You know nothing about me and what motivates me. And you also haven’t got the foggiest idea of how fit I may or may not be.

            JM is a moron, plain and simple. She’s a puppet who doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to exercise and human physiology. And apparently you are similarly ignorant when it comes to forming a coherent argument with someone. Go and be a troll somewhere else.

  • Al Gamow

    Overhype for an ordinary looking woman with an extraordinarily dumb looking butt. What about her chest? At least a dozen girls at the small community college here look better than this woman.

  • CentralBlueArmy

    I like shapely women but that butt is a little too …out there for my liking.

  • http://death2Hitllary.org Take_Responsibility_4U

    Very easy to masturbate to.

  • commentonthis

    Now thats one bas ass mf.

  • Steven

    She has some nice buttocks but it is not big, There are other women out there that has better buttocks.

  • Deno Lorenzo

    That my friend, is the grandest set of “Baby Cakes” I have EVER been fortunate enough to view!

  • Broder

    She is not disproportional, her rear is quite right. Problem is americans are used to women that have no “rear work” whatsoever, so any girl with a nice but seems weird to them, that’s just because regular american women are very “rearless”. That being said, she really isn’t all that much as a whole, I agree on that. I see hotter girls (both in face looks AND body looks) whenever I go out in a night club, or even in a normal day at my local gym. Her body is not really works from training, it`s just genetics, skinny young girls that happen to have nice buts, that’s really not something special. This one just happened to, for some reason, get popular on Instagram. Go figure.

  • porkpiehat

    It’s freaky looking.

  • Dave

    I see her ass and start thinking A-NAL! A-NAL! A-NAL!

  • FYI102

    There are easier methods to getting your glutes the way you want them to look without doing a bunch of painful exercises. Go to mybodyperfection. Com how we can help.

  • Funwithguns11

    She has narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration.

  • L O

    Im just not a fan of a butt so big i can rest my coffee cup on, let alone my dinner plate on…. her bumper is too big!!

  • AnimalSupportProject

    The girl had a Brazilian butt implant. She has no quads or hams, so its all implant.

  • Euran

    She is pretty *HOT*!

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    Good for her. She worked for it she earned it.

  • Kiara Ashanti

    thats a thing of beauty………

  • Andre Bitenas

    Fitness Guru? All she does is work out her ass and there’s rumor that she doesn’t even do that. That it’s fake. Granted it’s a great ass and she does have a great mid section, but that alone doesn’t make her a fitness guru. You ever see her thighs, hamstrings, or calves…..or lack there of? It would seem to me that someone who does that much work to get that kind of ass would have thicker hamstrings and quads. Her legs are skinny compared to her ass and she has no calves. Now Caitlin Rice, that girl could be considered a fitness guru. You can see how her legs match her ass. Not to mention the rest of her body looks fit as well.

  • Gunther

    She’s OK. Her nose is weird & just the fact that her butt is chunky & over-sized doesn’t make her hot – That whole kardashian thing doesn’t work, only the bro’s who like fatties like big butts. I’ve got way hotter girls at work & at my gym, plus any girl who likes to pose showing her butt is kinda trashy anyway..

  • 93NYRFan

    god jen lemme eat that

  • bob

    too much junk in her trunk for me
    seen alot better

  • alicia a

    hat butt is faker than a 8 dollar bill and they got the nerve to give her credit.. PULEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Barber

    perfecto butto

  • Michael Barber

    Looks like a young Sandra Bulloch with a perfect bulloch

  • valsore

    Jen Selter just has a naturally deformed body. That’s all.

  • shamarone

    she’s cute, she’s dedicated, she’s got a nice body…
    but so do 10 million other hot chicks using the internet to whore themselves out.
    and she’s special because…?

  • the truth

    next jillian michaels, or… sasha grey?!?!?!?

    • the truth

      just do porn bitch

  • Richard

    ah, to be famous for having a big butt…what a world it is

  • Marco Jackson

    She hide her butt when she is wearing a bikini. I wonder why?

  • Gman

    She has a long Island face with a hollywood ass but the truth lies between the cheeks!

  • MrTToftheWest

    funny – black women or women of african descent always had the “butt”. Let a white woman pump their’s up and they become a sensation!

  • gotoafterburners

    I’m really sorry, but just like Kim K. this chick just has a big rear end, period. I’m getting so tired of these big reared girls who’s body is clearly out of proportion being touted as “curvy”…they’re fat (at least in this one area), plain and simple.

  • Thomas Dease

    she could be a great pornstar!!!

  • DangerMan

    These girls on here are Awesome!!!


  • DangerMan


  • Albert D’Alligator

    IIIII like big butts and I cannot lie…..

  • fredpiott

    She’s a fine looking girl . . . The operative word being girl! Personally, while I like her bootie, there’s a little too much of it to be considered anything close to perfect. And I really prefer a bit more on the top side, but what I like in a woman’s body is a moot point. In my mind, women using their bodies a tools of income are part of larger problem, but doesn’t anyone else see even the slightest bit of an issue with a 20 year-old girl objectifying herself to this degree at such a young age?

  • carl moore

    one baby and the shape will be gone -!–she loves her self too much –she has 15 minutes and has already spent 10 minutes

  • RC

    girls who post photos of their asses. Great careers to aspire to. Started by Kim K

  • petermarks

    She’s going to be sorry she has a large butt when she’s older as her body will change due to female hormones and the muscle will turn to fat and she will a sagging butt, which isn’t attractive to look at. She can’t prevent this from happening no matter how much she works out, but for now she looks fantastic. She would have been smarter to not have developed a large butt by working out to do so as there are other parts of her body that have the symmetry for a perfect 10 body.

  • Darrell Goya

    I would eat her krap!

  • Paul

    She is an “instagram sensation”. Well its no wonder. Post pics of your ass and become a “celebrity”. Give me a break.

  • vkidd

    no muscle definition in any portion of her body yet shes a fitness guru??? Lol please!!! Look at her thighs, if her ass was due to lifting she would have some type of quad development…..she doesnt …. this is a complete slap in the face to real women who workout for theirs … ie. Paige Hathaway LaBella Reina Lyzbeth Lopez … to name a few

  • tim thompson

    OK But do you have a brain?

  • Beautyintheeyes

    She needs to see some African girls in my college. She’ll crawl back to her shell. She isn’t even competition.

  • Gary Anderson

    What a body!!!!!!!!

  • twisted

    Simply a marvelous ASSet.

  • len7

    let’s play “what’s in her pants?”
    is it a bowling ball?
    is it a honeydew?
    is it a GOLDEN GLOBE?

  • Quantez Williams

    When everybody knows that black women typically have big butts, why is NO black woman famous for having one?

    • Alex Jones

      not everybody likes black women.

  • http://www.thevirtualcabin.com/ gdnctr

    Get a tarp, bimbo.

  • Gary Robert

    The hard work, the hard work…enough with the captions on this silly page. She’d look good either way. She’s 20, for God’s sake.

  • shumee

    She’s not all that. Her face isn’t that pretty. Did she have a schnoz? – looks like it. Her figure is unique – most people will never have that no matter how much they work out. How about just promoting healthy?

  • Pl Zee

    Every picture is her rear end. It’s a nice booty now. In five years, it will be the end of her career.

  • James Louis

    She has a little poke out booty! she a tiny little thing! Boy can the media blow stuff up. If she had 2 basketballs in her shorts then that would be ASS. She needs some breast also.

  • JMAC

    She’s definitely hot. Even so, she’s nothing more than a Glorified Stripper.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ali.ghias.967 Ali Ghias

    Nobody owns America.All are immigrants in reality.The original Americans were Red Indians,who were rendered homeless by the filthy jealous whites.

    • Alex Jones

      every country on earth was founded by immigrants genius.

  • Gordon Gordinsky

    Expoliting a young woman’s derrière to make a few bucks OFF it and her. How galant and how righteous.

    Who cares if this young woman develops a complex for being known, liked, and “admired” PRIMARILY because of her derrière, right? Who cares if she has true talent somewhere else, let it go undeveloped, right?

    Right now it’s all about her ASS‼ Wow‼

    Milk it while you can, talent agent!

  • Rob Thomas

    A “fitness guru” with an ass the size of a buffalo. Monkey’s acting like monkeys.

  • Delsmart

    Even as butt model, too extreme, but fitness expert? No way. I’m sure she knows jack about kinesiology.

  • NashuaDan

    If enough dudes jerk off to your instagram photos, you too can be famous!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ali.ghias.967 Ali Ghias

    Jen Selter can be good gymnast.The way she jumps up and down is amazing.Very rare to see as part of exercises.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ali.ghias.967 Ali Ghias

    Hope Jen Selter does not get involved with bad company and ruin her nice physique.Being young she has good future ahead.Good luck to her.

  • Dianne Adams

    The last thing I want in a trainer is a cow butt like the “Cowdashians”. Sad that her own focus is so directed on butt selfies, and that it is so out of proportion to the rest of her sleek body – no thanks!

  • nmharleyrider

    give her a few years of fame and that butt will turn to jelly and the rest of her will be cellulose challenged for sure.

  • birdboy

    I’d like to put johnson between those cheeks

    • Counselor39

      Heck, the entire Johnson & Johnson can fit between them

      • birdboy

        HAHAHA. Maybe I am a donkey!

  • Alec Sevins

    She (and others who flaunt their genetic luck) is a colossal tease, unfortunately. I wouldn’t want her as a girlfriend for any length of time. Her ilk is too much into seeking attention and chasing bank accounts, most likely. I suppose you can’t blame these “gifted” women but they are mostly just fantasies. There seems to be an inverse relationship between shape and substance, even if the girl is bright otherwise.

  • Lexus Nexus

    Beautiful body. Congratulations. It takes a lot of work and discipline.

  • Barry L. Rogers

    I’d rather show her my appreciation for her hard work………

  • Norma Desperate

    so one of her jobs was working in a plastic surgeon’s office?? LOL – ok, then I will definitely call FAKE on that ass! IMPLANTS or INJECTIONS.

  • Seashell

    I like big butts and I cannot lie, but that thing is ridiculous.

  • linda hanna

    Too her rear end is so large. Sometimes there is no amount of exercise that can fix that.

  • Michael Fassbender

    I bet with all that muscle work she has a nice tight little pussy. Then again, I suppose a lot of dudes have banged it so who knows, it might be big enough for a mack truck to drive into…

    • marcthepig

      My guess is you won’t be able to hit sides or bottom in that hole. Better strap a 2×4 to your ass so you don’t fall in.

  • http://www.spunkyseniorsclub.com Spunky Seniors Club

    They all should JOIN the http://www.spunkyseniorsclub.com as volunteer mentors.

  • historyspeaks10

    ho hum, another hottie with a nice butt.

  • Edgar

    ass pictures! thousands of years of human evolution to come to this. very sad!!!

  • houx

    Just another east coast Jewish chick with big butt. Can’t hid the face enough with that long hair. Trouble is focusing on her body so much when she get tired of it I guess she will always have a place to fall that is on the big butt. Really not that attractive. She will have to wear yoga pants forever.

  • jay

    No one is watching any of her videos for the “fitness training”.

  • Lizard

    No thanks miss big butt.

  • sludgemonkey

    Butt Favre wanted to hit that.

  • Ed Longshanks

    This is genetics, simple as that. You can’t train to have that shape, its already there and with small amount of work it can be the spectacle we all see now.

  • BigZim

    Are those what they rightly call them thar “Brazilian-Buns-of-Steel” thar like fer SURE I a reckons??? lol!!!! Oy Vey!!!!

  • missmoniker99

    What a delight to finally see a female fitness expert who is touting a healthy, curvy female look and not the “sticks and bones” anorexic look popularized by the media.

    • Counselor39

      Body – size 0
      Butt – Plus size

  • hasone

    long range plans for female beauty only last at best to age 24. at that age they lose their ping and are has beens. sell it while you have it.

  • philip

    hahaha too funny how each picture extenuates her ass like madness… no doubt her body is ridiculous, i would wreck her

  • JDS

    I hate big butts.

    • sanman99

      Who cares!!!

  • Counselor39

    Did she buy that butt from Kim Kardassian ?

  • Counselor39

    Jillian has a way better body.

  • P Roy

    Aln :>) was about to say why the long face. Dime a dozen these ones.

  • Walt Bratten

    Sure looks better than Kim K. Well, so does a hippo for that matter!!

  • Larry

    She has a fat plastic Kardasian ass…………………….I want to to see her at 50 it will be funny…………..

    • sanman99

      I bet you would!!!!!!

  • marcthepig

    I would ride that ass till there was no skin left on my Johnson.

  • beberoni

    She is pretty attractive. I prefer Jennifer Anistons behind better. And as for the big junk in the trunk statements, I do not see what people like about Kim Kardashians big fat giant ass. It is ugly as any ugly ass I have seen. Just plain nasty. Yeech!

  • http://www.ourstrongband.org neal h hurwitz


  • sanman99

    Umchuchachucka um chuckachucka ummmm!!!

  • Ken Temporaneous

    If Helen of Troy looked like that she would have been “the butt that launched a 1000 ships”.

  • standardwilly

    Yes I’m sure she had a bad butt before she got the gym job. Just confirms my belief that most personal trainers are people with good genetics making money off people with bad genetics who think they can become like them.

  • celtics2

    looking at her backside that’s nice.

  • jerryboy

    That enormous butt reminds me of a skit on “Saturday Night Live”, where these people with giant butts were sick, and when a nurse came to take their temperatures via rectal thermometer, the “thermometer” was about 6 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. :D

  • Kamau Thabiti

    so when a Black woman has a nice ass she (according to you chumps) is a slut, but a white girl, well she is just great. white supremacy rule in the world of media always.

    • Pasquinal

      Hardly Chumpmeister! A great ass is a great ass, but an ass the size of Manhattan is not. Great asses know no color barriers. Nice try to introduce the “race card” though!

    • Bob

      Nice try Reverend AL

  • Patrick John Harnish

    Big Butt? Kim K has made a life out of it!

  • IndyMike

    Her butt is her best asset. She should market it.

  • Joker5656

    She’s 20 years old for Christ sake….every 20 year old I ever knew had a hard body also…wait till she has her first kid, then second…wait till she’s 30-40…..

  • Diane Fisk

    She’s had a Brazilian butt lift and probably denying it.

  • mytai01

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of her after she has popped five kids out!

  • Cool Blue Ice

    Boobless, a fat ass and a harsh looking face… There’s nothing special here.

  • Jasper Cruz

    Plenty of girls got big asses, they shouldn’t be famous for that shit. They need to just do what the rest of fine ass attention seeking women do, High end escorting lol.. or porn just saying sex sells she can get all the fame she want haha

  • David Bovard

    Thats a hell of turd cutter !

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  • lm1b2

    Shes got the typical African Butt,much to big !

  • Slim

    She looks like every other chick from Brazil.. They’re a dime a dozen there.. Me is not impressed…

  • Tom

    I could get behind this, I would help provide resistance to any downward thrust.

  • Brian Collins

    Wow! Just wow! Greatest booty ever!

  • Bob Rooney

    tap dat a… what? what?

  • Tom Tucker

    I’m not certain if she is smoking hot or not but she definitely looks delicious.

  • jackel

    Another lard ass !

  • Amanda Laurence

    Try out the new Mi40x Workout here! http://bit.ly/1msiJBB

  • Amy

    She had rhinoplasty and her nose still looks like that? I would sue the doctor. The only surgery was a nose job…….? Let’s not forget her butt implants. Her butt spells FAKE!!!

  • FAQ U

    I’d fuuuk her for hours

  • Joe

    Other than terrible posture and incorrect squat form, she has nothing

  • Darrell Goya

    I’d eat her krap

  • Aik4Blogs.com
  • Jefferson Ettienne

    If you want the best, then go to a beach in Brazil. Honestly, in all races I’ve seen some of the most beautiful AVERAGE everyday women with killer bodies. Asian, White, Black, Latin, and Indians. What bothers me is how this chick is obsessed with her butt and is calling herself a fitness model etc. It does no justice to the real women fitness models out there doing their thing day in day out. YouTube “women fitness models” and you’ll see some of the most beautiful bodies ever that put this girl to shame. Again, this is someone simply raping the industry and milking it to get money, but by no means is she a true fitness model.

  • GoonieGooGoo4

    Classic Butterface…….

  • peter gozinya

    Her ass is totally disapportioned to the rest of her body. The ass does not fit the rest of the form, it sticks out like a continental bumper on a T-bird.

  • RowdyRoddyPooper

    I’d like to bury my face into that thing!

  • Selena Buckner

    Not sure of the hype. She does look like she works out a lot, especially through squatting. Nice body.

  • El Howard

    If that’s the face she has AFTER the nose job, I shudder to imagine what she looked like before! Her body is in great shape, but her face is kinda “meh”.

  • john

    if I keep seeing this bitches nasty ass all over my computer screen im going to find her rape her and burn her alive

  • Anthony Zyskowski

    Butta Face

  • H4BAF

    Why do I all of a sudden feel like having anal sex?

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    I don’t want a melted heart, thank you.
    But I DO have a tasty hot dog for those buns…

  • potrzebie

    Her butt is TOO BIG.

  • redstone1

    not impressed no breasts

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  • yourmomsidol

    i cnt tye a cmmnt becse sme o my kys ar stuk now

  • Ari Ela

    I don’t think she is showing her workout routine. she is showing her ASS. gross.

  • beekay31

    I hate it when the tits don’t match the ass…

  • Jose

    this chick has nothing on Aline Riscado, a Brazilian ballerina, who is so fine she wil blow your mind. Oh and this chick does not have a big rump. If you want to see LIGHTNING HOT booty check out these lovely ladies; Aryane Steinkpopf, Andressa Urach, Dai Macedo. If you are an ass man you will be in Ass Nirvana!

  • Elmer

    Nice ass, yeah, for sure, but that clock-stopping face…..

  • hihosilver10mm .

    That ass is too perfect. Some of these gals are getting implants and injections. If her ass hasnt had any help ,then that is one work of art and we should all thank God for creating such a rarity.

  • Anthony Cannata

    We’re doomed as a nation when someone can become celebrated for their a@@

  • am_man

    @** attack!!!!!

  • Whodatwhoder

    Can you say “BOOTY”

  • Pete2

    Because every girl wants to look like a porn star, right…

  • JointhePredacons

    Great inspiration for young women everywhere, work yourself to death to build a great body, then display it in sexually explicit photos further emphasizing that women should always make sure theyre sexy enough for men to desire them. Good job America.

  • eyelostmyname

    All she really has is a big azz. (Hey, that rhymed.)

  • HRHmom

    I don’t know if her behind is real or not but I wouldn’t mind a bit if mine looked like that. People will eventually take her seriously if she doesn’t do anything stupid.
    Funny thing is I saw this article while looking up a rib recipe on Food.com

  • James Louis

    She has a nice shaped ass but it is not big! Considering the chick is like 90 lbs get real how much ass can she have? I am a big black guy and my 14 year old daughter and her girl friends has better shapes than this skinny bitch. The mass media machine does brainwash the public and it is not a conspiracy theory it’s a fact ! It’s called mind control. Right in your faces a little short skinny ass white chick that pokes her butt out has the best ass in the world? according to who? The AD-MEN who markets this chick and experiments on the public . You can’t fool many black men with subliminal bullshit about a woman’s ass because his dick will override that part of his brain. LMAO

    • PollyWannaCrakka

      Wow, a racist and a pedophile… congratulations.

      • Oliver Twist

        too funny

  • terry koon

    If you stick your thing in it your thing will most likely be lost do to rapid deterioration.

  • Charlena Leesah Smith

    Looks like any other AVERAGE white woman to me.

    • Cornelius

      lol – jealous?

      • Charlena Leesah Smith

        Nothing to be jealous of I love who I am. Sorry not the one.

  • charlie hustle

    gets 5 million followers by posting butt shots on the internet then doesn’t want to be just known for her butt. mkay

  • Nick Angel

    Now, you also see how creative nature is !
    Her rear is rare ! Hope it’s healthy for her.

  • BigR2

    Fine flat stomach, nice firm sweater puppies. This little lady is more than a fine rear end. She is a ten out of ten. I wish her a happy successful life.

  • SwingForTheFences

    White girls are finally getting some ass! And white boys are loving it! This is NOT your mom’s ironing board ass. Another example of white culture following in the footsteps of the culture of people with melonin. First, darkening the skin, thickening the lips and now, the booty! When you consider the sisters wearing all this fake white girl hair, pretty soon, we won’ be able to tell one from the other.

    • Seth Abrams

      Next thing you know we will be failing out of school and getting good at athletics… so much to look forward to

  • Be Walters

    I don’t get any hubbub about her read end. Looks fat, to me.

  • W. Bales

    Meh, not too attractive when you have a fat butt stuck on a skinny upper half. She will need a “wide load” sign in a few years.

  • Seth Abrams

    Forget her butt. She worked at my gym, X-Sport fitness in Roosevelt Field (underneath Bloomingdales and next to Dicks Sporting Goods… on the Old Country Road side… now only $39 a month with $100 down lol) and literally is so brutal looking that no one would touch her with a 10 foot poll. Always flirting and there was not a guy I know, FOR 18 MONTHS THAT WOULD TAKE HER NUMBER. She starts wearing the spandex and doing these ridiculous excercises for attention, but really just looked like a fool. What I heard was as busted as she is, before her nose she was a carnival freak and bullied so she needs to overcompensate now. Either way yall need to look at her face before commenting on anything, “steamy” I am Jewish and have nothing against my kind, but this woman is not even in the top 50 percent of ALL women and is as “ethnic” looking as you could be…. on Long Island, lol. I dont get where this came from

    • SwingForTheFences

      Or maybe, if you can stop killing innocent Palestinian women and children long enough, you might even run for president. No chance of winning though. Who would trust a jew around all that money, right?

      • Seth Abrams

        Jews are supermen of intellect and industry. Why we own everything. And Jen is a member of the tribe,

        • SwingForTheFences

          Jews are cool. Some of my best friends, in fact. But, just like every other group, you have your dregs. Should you be defined by them? Then why would you define my group by the dropouts and athletes? Your random racist undermines your credibility and speaks to your misplaced insecurit.

          • Seth Abrams

            The funny thing dude is my friend signed in on my computer and posted the original comment. Hes an obnoxious nuevo riche douche.. but I love him. I am as Christian as you get and left the”we own everything” comment for shits and gigs. I agree with everything you said, except for your overt political correctness lol. One thing that is a fact though is that this girl is literally putrid in person. I go to the same gym and would bang through 90 percent of the staff… except poor lonely Jen Selter. She was such an outcast and really busted looking. You see her doing these ridiculous excercises all over the gym on her days off… Part of me is happy for her because she was such a sad case, but the other part of me is shocked that all you need to do is put an ugly chick in spandex and have her stick her ass out and shes a phenom.

          • SwingForTheFences

            Agreed! Big ass and no brains pays well in this country. Case in point: the Kardashians and Sarah Palin. They’re feeding us garbage and some of us eat it trough-ful at a time. Hey dude, let’s remain above the fray….cool?

        • Zen Galacticore

          Jews are no more a race than Presbyterians are all Scottish. Modern Jews aren’t even an ethnicity. Anyone can convert to Judaism, if foolish enough to do so. :)


    I’d watch a program starring her butt. I don’t think I’d want to listen to her talk though.

  • Karl

    She’s got a great body, but there are a lof of girls with hot bodies; whats all the hype with this chick?

  • David McSparron

    Well there are people with a big everything, big noses, big ears, big feet. It was only a matter of time for someone with a big behind to turn up.

  • Guest

    Nice but.

  • jbranbdb

    Really NICE rear end!( they won’t let you say butt on yahoo!)

  • http://www.jeffgerbino.com/ Jeff Gerbino

    Roosevelt Field? Works at a plastic surgeon’s office and a gym? And studies “Cosmetology” in between all that “Hard Work”. She’s your typical Long Island gum cracking bimbo who apparently has some Sugar Daddy financing all this BS hype! Get a real job!

    • http://www.jeffgerbino.com/ Jeff Gerbino

      Oh yes and she’s only had a nose job but does Photoshop count as plastic surgery? BIMBO!

      • Seth Abrams

        You called it. Skinny chick sticking her ass out with a butter face

    • Seth Abrams

      In a gym where the girls who work the front desk are nothing special, I can honestly tell you we never looked at Jen once as she was the ugliest chick out of the average staff BY FAR. She is super skinny and sticks her ass out. We at the gym are alllll blown away that this typical Long Island yenta is even getting any attention,

  • Rock Robertson

    too Jewy…..no thanks

  • James Cranford


    Jen Selter, but barack obama will be none as the finest butt the world around by the time he finally gets out of the white house. yep. the biggest ass this side of history. history will forget the Rieds and Pelosis that helped him pass America and world damaging legislation, but his name will live on.

    • Oliver Twist

      you make no sense at all.

      • James Cranford

        oops, used some of the wrong words there. ‘known’ not ‘none’. what the hell was my fingers thinking? sure she has a cute ass, but bottom line is that Obama is the biggest ass this side of history. he will stop at nothing to help our enemies, turn on our allies, and screw over the American people. sad part is that so many ‘Americans’ support him doing just that.

  • James Cranford

    it will be easy for her to get people to follow her and listen to her nutrition and fitness stuff. hell, look what they take as gospel coming out of the ‘reality’ shows, the white house, and the newspapers

  • larrym14169

    Now that is a rear end to die for. It would be upsetting to me if she was interested in Woman. Not that I am against it but it would just not seem right

  • Jordan Meade

    she ight i rate her a 8

  • James McInnis

    Poop stain.

  • ty

    No question about it, she’s a butter face

  • jprhedd

    Huge rear ends are so unattractive. Sticking it out to accentuate it is just laughable. White women need to forget about doing that. Ridiculous looking.

  • American Disgrace

    Dat Ass

  • American Disgrace
  • American Disgrace
  • American Disgrace
  • American Disgrace
  • American Disgrace
  • American Disgrace
  • American Disgrace
  • American Disgrace
  • American Disgrace
  • http://ancientlights.org DrJack37

    With a great future behind her.

  • Robert Martyr

    David VOSE, Crazed Prophet! SO??? OK!!!! July 28, 2014. NO W.W.III &
    NO $ Collapse!!! GOD says that FALSE PROPHETS ARE to BE STONED to DEATH!!! David Vose is a False Prophet!!! GOD HATES DAVID VOSE!!!!
    GOD wants DAVID VOSE, DEAD!!! Robert Martyr, Salem, Oregon.

  • xXGrizZ

    Definitely a banging body, not sure I can believe that ass is 100% real but I wouldn’t complain. Too bad she’s a bit of a buttaface – definitely not an ugly face but no where near on the same level as the rest of her and it kinda makes it stand out more cus its such a stark contrast.

  • Nitrobucket

    She looks great but I’m not sure what she can teach people. She’s got the genes for it..not some exercise secret

  • bvgvyvyvtg

    I just found out how Beyonce stays so fit, it’s the types of food she eats.I’m trying it now..Here it is http://tinyurl.com/jwjeysp

  • Dean Schiavo

    put your big fat cheesy butt away..Thanks to all you guys who tell these skanks that their supersized cheeks look good…yuk…and Jen…do something important with your life instead of using that mamouth to support yourself….YUK

  • Shani Čačić

    http://www.rockinhotmama.com to get body wraps that slim and tone.

    That way you don’t have to pay for surgery like she did.

  • Sean Golden

    Good luck with her career this is America,so its possible.

  • rhurtz

    She is kind of a freak and has a plain jane face…she has an ass that is abnormal, what is so perfect about that? I give her a thumbs down all the way

    • Zen Galacticore

      What is a, “normal” ass?

  • TheTimeIsNow

    Nothing on me is melting looking at her. Swelling? You betcha.

  • Guest

    Shes a beautiful girl leave her alone lol

  • Seth Abrams
  • Guest

    Butter Face.

  • Zen Galacticore

    Typical internet promotional hype found often these days. I keep seeing “headlines” about this tart on the Google News Board, and it’s always the same: “This Girl Has an Incredible Ass and Works Out… Fitness Guru…. blah blah blah…” So what? There are millions of physically fit teen and twenty-something women who look great and work out.

    Let’s see now, she’s 20 years-old and really fit. Wow! Does that happen? And many posters point out that not only did she have a nose job, she also (allegedly) had butt implants. I could care a less about a nose job if it makes her feel good about herself. But rear bumper implants? No thanks.

  • ACBaughman

    She has a built in exercise ball.