Kate Upton’s Zero Gravity SI Swimsuit Photo Shoot Video is Jaw-Dropping

By RanterX

This is absolutely the hottest video we’ve ever seen. As if Kate Upton hasn’t already done enough incredibly hot stuff with all her photo shoots and sexy videos, this Zero Gravity photo shoot for the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is her best work yet. No, seriously — this zero gravity video featuring Kate the Great is the greatest idea anyone has ever had.

“Oh, I know: Let’s put Kate Upton in a bikini and have her float around in a gravity-less space.” Brilliant! Hats off to whoever thought of this.

What will they think of next? What should they do next with Kate? Well, if she’s dressed like this, it really doesn’t matter. She’s been on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition three years in a row now, so SI has it figured out, just like we do: Kate Upton is arguably the hottest girl in the world…and she’s only 21! Seriously, we did a celebration of her 21st birthday with a gallery of her 21 hottest pictures, which you can check out by clicking HERE!

Yes, we know we should do that every year, and we’re already planning on it, especially if she keeps up at the pace she is. However, we’re seriously digging this video, so here’s to hoping Kate makes some more hot videos like this one soon!

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