Bill Murray Jokingly Declines To Give Homeless UNC Fan Money

By Andrew Fisher
Bill Murray
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Bill Murray is known for being a huge Chicago sports fan. The actor/comedian was born and raised in Illinois and no matter where his career takes him, he always finds time to attend sporting events featuring his favorite teams. So recently when a homeless man, who admitted he was a North Carolina fan, asked Murray for some cash, the actor jokingly shut him down.

Check out this hilarious exchange between the UNC fan and Murray (the Illinois fan):

Bill Murray to Homeless Guy — I DON’T GIVE CASH TO UNC FANS …. (Just Kidding, Here’s $10)
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“North Carolina? Sorry, can’t help ya man.”

For anyone who’s familiar with Murray, this is just another day at the office for him. He has a reputation for talking to anyone and he’s certainly not shy about mixing it up with strangers. In this case he was clearly just joking around, as he gave the man $10 following their exchange.

Legend has it that Murray will come up to random people and mess with them. For example, you always hear stories about him stealing a fry from someone at a restaurant and then saying, “no one will ever believe you.” That’s supposedly his trademark line. But now that there’s so many of those stories on the internet, people may actually start to believe the random tales involving Murray.

The other cool thing about the long-time actor is that he’s still popular with today’s generation. This is due in large part to The Chive. The website is always paying homage to Murray with photos and their trademark ‘Bill F’n Murray’ t-shirts.


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