2014 Winter Olympics Results: February 20

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2014 Winter Olympics Results: February 20

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Thursday was a tense day of heartbreak and triumph in the 2014 Winter Olympics, and all the bounces seemingly went Canada's way.

Earlier in the day, Canada's women's curling team crushed Sweden's hopes for their third consecutive gold medal, defeating them 6-3 to take the tournament and the medal. Both skips threw massive matches for their teams, with Canadian skip Jennifer Jones going 86 percent overall. A 92 percent match from Dawn McEwen out of first position was enough to send Sweden home with a silver.

Though it didn't involve Canada, the ladies' figure skating medals were handed out amid shocked faces, as Russia's Adelina Sotnikova took the gold despite a fall in the previous day's short program. Yuna Kim of South Korea was the overall favorite, and even turned in higher component marks than Stonikova. Yet, the home skater took the gold -- and ignited a firestorm of protest from Korean fans.

Of course, there was the other Canadian shocker that everyone is talking about. In a complete reversal of fortune, Canada rallied from a 2-0 deficit to beat the United States in overtime for the women's hockey gold medal. This is the second overtime gold medal in a row in the USA-Canada series. While American goalie Jessie Vetter spent most of the game being rock solid, a series of flukey events gave Canada the open door. The disappointment on the faces of the U.S. women's team was testament to the intensity of not only that game, but the tournament overall.

Canada and the U.S. will get a rematch of sorts tomorrow afternoon as the men face off in the semifinals of their tournament. The winner faces either Finland or Sweden for the gold on Sunday.

All results are final unless otherwise noted.

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Women's Bronze Medal Game

GBR def SUI 6-5

Women's Gold Medal Game

CAN def SWE 6-3

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Figure Skating

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Ladies Free Skating

Gold - (RUS) Adelina SOTNIKOVA Points: 224.59

Silver - (KOR) Yuna KIM Points: 219.11

Bronze - (ITA) Carolina KOSTNER Points: 216.73

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Freestyle Skiing

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Men's Ski Cross

Gold - (FRA) Jean Frederic CHAPUIS

Silver - (FRA) Arnaud BOVOLENTA

Bronze - (FRA) Jonathan MIDOL

Ladies Ski Halfpipe

Gold - (USA) Maddie BOWMAN 89.00

Silver - (FRA) Marie MARTINOD 85.40

Bronze - (JPN) Ayana ONOZUKA 83.20

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Women's Bronze Medal Game

SUI def SWE 4-3

Women's Gold Medal Game

CAN def USA 3-2

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Nordic Combined

what is this
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Team Gundersen LH / 4x5 km, Cross-Country

Gold - Norway

Silver - Germany

Bronze - Austria