Austrian Hockey Team's Partying at Sochi Olympics Shouldn't be a Big Deal

By RanterX
Getty Images

It’s natural for sports teams to celebrate after victories and not many athletes get to experience the Olympics, so when Austria’s hockey team stayed out all night after beating Norway, no one was really shocked. Okay, no one should have been shocked. But alas, the team was criticized for it, especially after the next game to Slovenia, which the Austrians weren’t expected to win anyway. So lay off the boys!

Seriously, everyone knew Austria wasn’t going to contend for a medal in Sochi, yet their loss to Slovenia is being blamed on the partying, for which the NHL players on the Austrian team, including captain Thomas Vanek, Michael Raffl and Michael Grabner, have since apologized.

What’s funny is Austrian coach Manny Viveiros claimed ignorance to the whole thing, saying he thought they just went out to eat. Sure, coach; that’s believable.

Look, let the guys have fun. They’re staying in crap hotels in Sochi, they weren’t going to win anyway and the players have assured the partying had nothing to do with the loss to Slovenia. If Austria was a gold medal contender, then it would be different, but that’s not the case. Give the guys some slack already.

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