Check Out This Squirrel Striking the Perfect Heisman Pose

By Connor Muldowney
Getty Images

It’s the year of the squirrel. Okay, maybe not, but we can act like it is in the sports world since we are always seeing squirrels run onto the field during events and eluding security and players’ efforts to scoop it up and get it off the field. Sure, squirrels can add some humor to some otherwise boring events, but how often do you see squirrels strike the most picturesque pose in the history of squirrel photos?

No, I’m not talking about the “magnum” or “blue steel” pose that Zoolander perfected, but the Heisman pose. Yes, the famous collegiate trophy pose that has been perfected by Heisman winners past and present. Well, a squirrel recently took to social media to post this selfie of itself posing as the trophy it one day hopes to win — okay, it doesn’t use social media, but a fan took this picture of the squirrel:

Have you ever seen what an athletic squirrel looks like? No? Okay, well if you’ve never seen the video of a squirrel water skiing, you may want to check out the GIF below, but this one comes pretty close.

Maybe the Heisman squirrel will take notes and head in the same type of direction as the water skiing squirrel and hit the football field with its aspirations to be a more talented Heisman winner than Tim Tebow — shouldn’t be too hard.

Okay, got my Tebow joke in for the day. Sign this squirrel up.

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