Olympian Kate Hansen Finding Wolf in Sochi Hotel is Absurd

By RanterX

The horror stories from the hotels in Sochi at the 2014 Winter Olympics have been crazy and had somewhat died down with all the caution that we should stop making such a big deal about them. But the photos, videos and personal testimonies from athletes and reporters made it impossible to let it go and now that American luge girl Kate Hansen has video of a wolf in her hotel, no one can tell us to calm down again.

Yes, we said wolf. As you will see in the video above, Hansen recorded a wolf walking through the halls of her hotel, which, if it’s like any of the other ones we’ve seen online, is probably a pathetic excuse for a place to temporarily live.

But how did the wolf get into the hotel? And what was Hansen doing recording it on her phone with the door cracked? She’s a lot braver than me because I would have been freaking out with the door locked and the dresser in front of it.

Oh, and she’s a good dancer. So basically, she’s the most well-rounded athlete in Sochi. Got it. There’s also video of her dancing, which is pretty awesome. Kate Hansen is our new favorite Olympian.

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