Loser of USA vs. Canada Men's Hockey Game 'Gets' Justin Bieber

By Andrew Fisher
Justin Bieber
Getty Images

If you’re following along with the 2014 Winter Olympics, then you know the USA men’s hockey team is probably the best thing going for our country. Once again, the men’s hockey team is poised to get to the gold medal game, but there’s a familiar foe in their way. That would be Canada.

The two North American hockey powers are set to thrown down on Friday from Sochi, and most are expecting another classic contest. The winner will earn a trip to the gold medal game, but one popular billboard has suggested a ‘prize’ for the loser.

Check out this electronic billboard image from Command Sign:

“Nothing is higher than the stakes of tomorrow’s game.”

The loser keeps Justin Bieber. What a concept.

While some people just assume Bieber is an American (based on the way he acts), he’s actually a native of Ontario, Canada. He now resides in the US, but many have jokingly called for him to be deported over the years. It used to be because of his music. If you’re not a 13-year old girl, it’s pretty hard to get into his tunes. But nowadays, people say they want Bieber deported because of his actions.

Bieber has been in the news for his DUI arrest and his speeding habits lately, which is drawing lots of criticism. It’s probably time for those young kids who look up to him, to find a new role model.

As for the proposed Bieber wager in the USA vs. Canada hockey game, I’m all for it. USA! USA!


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