Command Sign at it Again With Hilarious 'Worst Bet Ever' Justin Bieber Image

By Andrew Fisher
Justin Beiber
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The folks at Command Sign have been hitting some home runs lately with their electronic billboard postings. The electronic sign in Illinois made waves on Thursday, when it proposed that the loser of the USA versus Canada hockey game should get Justin Bieber. The sign quickly went viral and then we all waited for Friday’s semi-final game between the two North American hockey powers.

Well, now that the game is in the books and the Canadians have won, it’s time for the US to collect its ‘reward’.

Here’s Command Sign’s stance on the whole thing:

The description here is accurate — worst bet ever. That’s certainly one way to look at it. But at the same time, it could have been the best bet ever, if it were real. If only we could really put the Biebs on the line.

As for the actual hockey game, it was a pretty entertaining contest. Casual fans were probably hoping for more scoring, but there was still a fair amount of action and drama in the 1-0 contest won by Canada.

The US will now move on to play for the bronze, while Canada will get another shot at gold. So after all these years, it appears Canada still owns the US at hockey. We’ll just have to stick to football and our favorite pop singer, Justin Bieber. I guess it could be worse.


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