Who Has The Hotter Girlfriend? Pics of Johnny Manziel’s and A.J. McCarron’s GFs

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Hotter Girlfriend? Pics of Johnny Manziel's and A.J. McCarron's Girlfriends

Lauren Hanley, Katherine Webb, Sexy Pictures
Lauren Hanley's Facebook Page/Getty Images

Johnny Manziel and A.J. McCarron had a good rivalry going for the past two college football seasons. It would be great if they end up in the same division after this May’s NFL draft to help keep it going. Unfortunately, the odds of that happening are pretty slim.

It was extremely fun to watch the SEC foes go against one another. They split the two games in which they faced off in incredibly exciting fashion, with the road team winning each time. It’s safe to say McCarron had the better college career after he led Alabama to two National Championships, but Manziel is widely considered the better quarterback.

He may not have won a National Championship, but what Johnny Football did for Texas A&M won’t soon be forgotten. With a far inferior supporting cast to McCarron’s, Manziel helped the Aggies flourish through a tough transition into the SEC. There is an argument for every side, but most fans would agree — McCarron had the better career, and Manziel is the better quarterback.

Now let’s decide what really matters. Who has the hotter girlfriend? I don’t think anyone really loses in this battle, but one person does win a little bit more. Katherine Webb (McCarron’s girlfriend) and Lauren Hanley (Manziel’s lady) are two of the hottest women on the planet. Webb is a model, a former Miss Alabama, and she makes Brent Musburger want to fist bump every man in the room.

Hanley is also a model, she’s 2014’s Miss COED of the Year, and she will probably have back problems later in her life. Here are some pictures of both knockouts to help you decide who has the hottest girlfriend, and I’ll cast my vote at the end of the slideshow. Enjoy.

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24. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Hot Pictures
Lauren Hanley's Twitter Account
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23. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Hot Pictures
Getty Images
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22. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Sexy Pics
Getty Images
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21. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Twitter Pic
Lauren Hanley's Twitter Account
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20. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Sexy Pictures
Getty Images
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19. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Facebook Pictures
Lauren Hanley's Facebook Page
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18. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Hot Photos
Getty Images
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17. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Sexy
Lauren Hanley's Facebook Page
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16. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Sexy Photos
Getty Images
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15. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Hot
Lauren Hanley's Twitter Account
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14. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Photos
Getty Images
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13. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley, Johnny Manziel
Lauren Hanley's Facebook Page
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12. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb, A.J. McCarron
Getty Images
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11. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Hot Pictures
Lauren Hanley's Facebook Page
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10. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Hot Pics
Getty Images
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9. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Beautiful
Lauren Hanley's Twitter Account
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8. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Beautiful
Getty Images
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7. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Hot Pics
Lauren Hanley's Facebook Page
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6. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb, Kate Upton
Getty Images
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5. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Duck Face
Lauren Hanley's Facebook Page
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4. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Sexy
Getty Images
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3. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Boobs
Lauren Hanley's Twitter Account
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2. Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb Blue Dress
Getty Images
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1. Lauren Hanley

Lauren Hanley Gorgeous
Lauren Hanley's Twitter Account

My vote goes to Manziel's lady. Webb is incredibly hot, but I can't think of anyone out there hotter than Hanley. I would take her over Webb and two National Championships without thinking twice.

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  • Oink Trotters

    Hands down Lauren Hanley.

    • Dougie Dexter


  • Harry Springer

    It’s really all speculative according to ones views on what is sexy.
    Really, the comparisons are not fair. Lauren Hanley is a run of the
    mill, dime a dozen amateur web model, taking selfies, with duck face,
    Compare Lauren to beautiful women such as Bianca Beauchamp, Jessica
    Burciaga, and Claudia G and she becomes not so special. Katherin Webb is
    a professional, and much more accomplished. Her resume beats Laurens
    hands down. I mean seriously, Lauren is Miss coed August 2013, and Miss
    Coed of the year 2014, how does than even compete with a top 15 in Miss
    Georgia USA 2007, winning Miss Alabama USA 2012, and finishing in the
    top 10 of Miss USA 2012? Katherine was a judge for Miss USA 2013,
    covered Superbowl 47 for Inside edition and being on television as as a
    contestant on SPLASH, as well as a prime time commercial. Katherine Webb
    has a Wikipedia and a resume a million times greater than Lauren Hanley
    (Who by the way, does NOT have a wikipedia). It all depends on what you
    like in a women as far as sex appeal. taking all these facts into
    account, as well as the physical gifts these lovely ladies have, and in
    my opinion. Lauren Hanley is amature web model slutty hot, while
    Kathrine Webb is a true beauty who expouses what real sexy is all about.

    • bamafan75


    • Lion

      Katherine is pretty slutty.

  • Cody Manning

    one looks classy one looks slutty meh…. theyre both hot