New Justin Bieber Billboard Even More Hilarious Than ‘Loser Keeps Bieber’

By Michael Terrill
Justin Bieber Olympic Billboard

Singer Justin Bieber apparently wasn’t too thrilled when he found out Command Transportation of Chicago put up a billboard that said ‘Loser Keeps Bieber,’ which was in reference to the Olympic hockey game between Canada and the United States. In fact, the pop star even took to Twitter to find sympathy from his beliebers.

“I guess I’m an easy target for some. I’m still human. I will continue to meet hate with love. It’s all about the music. Much love,” Bieber tweeted.

Of course, a majority of the general public has zero sympathy for the multi-millionaire. It’s tough to feel sorry for someone who continues to have no respect for other people’s safety and property. Not to mention, someone who thinks that money can buy his way out of his run-ins with the law.

It looks like the United States will have to keep Bieber after all, despite a petition by the American people to have him deported back to his home country of Canada. Since Team USA was unable to get anything going against Canada and were shutout in the semifinal match on Friday, it appears the land of the free will have to keep the 20-year-old after all.

Two losses against Canada and an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Finland in the bronze medal match is bad enough. But to have to continue absorbing Bieber’s crazy antics within our borders brings the pain to another level.

The only good part about the loss to Canada is that we got to witness another hilarious electronic billboard courtesy of Command Transportation. This time, the billboard reads ‘Worst Bet Ever.’ The statement is accompanied by an American eagle with belieber bling around its neck.

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