Sports Broadcast Personality Brittney Cason Nearly Became Victim of Trafficking at Sochi Olympics

By Connor Muldowney
Brittney Cason

We always hear about stories of drug trafficking happening overseas and, heck, Hollywood even includes it in some movies. However, that’s the closest most of us have ever been to the horrific act of sex trafficking — and the closest we would ever want to be to it. Well, radio sports personality Brittney Cason from Charlotte was nearly the next victim of an overseas exploit that could have led to her disappearance.

In a recent interview regarding the situation, the broadcaster said that she was contacted by a man regarding the coverage of the Sochi Olympics and he wanted her to be there — he claimed to be a talent agent with a Los Angeles-based company.

The former NFL cheerleader and current on-air radio personality had this to say in a recent interview:

“To keep those involved in this situation anonymous for a pending case, I will merely explain the scenario. A man claiming to be a talent acquisition agent booking correspondents to cover the Sochi Olympics approached me via my website back in September. Given my background in sports broadcasting hosting a nationally syndicated motorsports show and working on sports talk radio, it made sense he was recruiting me.”

She went on to say that the man seemed a bit fishy at first so she looked into him and his company. She found out he had a verified account on Twitter and the Los Angeles company he claimed to be with was a legitimate business.

However, once the man asked Cason if she had any other female friends in the business that would be willing to cover the Olympics, the red flags started waving in her face. The broadcaster apparently did even more in-depth research and found out that the man was a fraud and the company he claimed to work for had never even heard of him.

Cason had this to say about the situation and the close call:

“The Olympics is a huge draw for trafficking. It’s a major sporting event in a foreign country, and American women are typically sold for more in foreign countries.”

She claimed to have done the in-depth research with another woman who was “hired” by the “talent scout” to cover the Olympics.

While this isn’t the only time this has probably ever happened with the man who attempted to reel her in, she is trying to make it known that things like this can happen to anyone and that people need to be more careful.

Cason is making a great effort to get this story out there and potentially save lives.

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