We Have Jimmy Fallon to Thank for Kate Upton's Zero Gravity Video

By RanterX

God bless Jimmy Fallon. After staring and drooling over Kate Upton’s zero gravity video from the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, we found out that it was Fallon’s idea to put Kate the Great in a tiny gold bikini and have her float around in an anti-gravity tank. While Upton was on his late night TV show, Fallon suggested that there was only one thing Upton had left to do: go to space.

Well, SI didn’t exactly make Upton an astronaut, but they did the next best thing: make her extremely popular body float, bounce and jiggle in all sorts of directions while turned sideways and upside down. The point of all of this? To give us more of Upton, which is what we want, right? Yes, that’s right!

In the Boeing 727 jet called “G-Force One,” Upton floated in zero gravity as well as the same amount of gravity she would experience eon the surface of the moon. The viewers really don’t care; we just wanted to watch her float around with little clothes on.

Thankfully, Upton was all for Fallon’s idea at the time he suggested it, so it’s safe to say she, the folks at SI and possibly Fallon put the event together. Whether or not Fallon got a cut of the proceeds for the event is unknown, but he deserves all the credit for arguably the greatest bikini video of all time. The only thing left to ask now is: What will they think of next?


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