20 Craziest Athlete Arrests Ever

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20 Craziest Athlete Arrests Ever

Mike Vrabel
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No matter what kind of celebrity status one holds, nobody can escape the law. Yeah, you might get away with certain crimes here and there, but eventually you will get caught, arrested and embarrassed. When it comes to the world of sports, even the best athletes in the world must abide to the law or face the consequences. Some learn their lesson while others seem to make more headlines for all the wrong reasons. With that being said, every now and then an athlete gets arrested for something so crazy that it makes you read the headlines twice.

Take Mike Vrabel, for example. The former NFL linebacker made some money in his football playing days. Yet, he was arrested for stealing beers from a deli. That's right, an athlete who made millions of dollars playing professional football was arrested for less than $60 worth of alcohol. He was arrested and posted bail at $600, which makes one wonder -- why not just pay for the beer in the first place?

Of course, just like most athletes who get arrested, they eventually face the public to issue some kind of apologetic press release. Vrabel labeled the entire incident a mere misunderstanding and that he learned from his mistake. Granted, he hasn't been arrested ever since following that felony he committed, so maybe he did learn his lesson. Some athletes don't learn the consequences of their actions until they've been arrested so many times that they have no other choice but to stay in jail.

Take a look at the 20 craziest athlete arrests ever and try to see if you can guess who the No. 1 offender is.

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20. Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress
Jed Jacobsohn/Stringer (Getty Images)

Plaxico Burress entered a nightclub in New York City with a gun and he had no idea that it was against the law in the Big Apple to walk around with it in your waistband. That's not the worst part -- Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg and served two years in prison for it.

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19. Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Kane learned the hard way that you can't assault a cab driver over a fare dispute. Kane punched the driver in the face over 20 cents. Yep, that's right, for less than a quarter, he was arrested for criminal mischief and for theft of services -- when he stormed out of the cab, he took back the original fare of $15.

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18. Chris Perez

Chris Perez
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Perez decided he could fool the authorities by having marijuana shipped to his home address with all packages addressed to his pet. Perez was eventually arrested for possession of illegal drugs because it turned out "Brody Baum" was the name of their family dog. Authorities confiscated numerous packages at a post office reeking of marijuana which led them to the discovery.

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17. Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Cabrera is definitely one of the most popular professional baseball players playing today, yet even his popular mug couldn't save him from being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. He resisted arrest when he was pulled over in his car and reeked of alcohol, which led to his trip to the slammer.

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16. Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Pat McAfee was arrested for public intoxication when he went to take a swim in the canals around the center of Indianapolis after having a few drinks. Maybe next time he can go home and take a cold bath?

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15. Ed Balfour

Ed Balfour
Bruce Bennett/Staff (Getty Images)

Ed Balfour is considered by many to be one of the most successful goaltenders in professional hockey history. However, when it came to outside the ice, he wasn't successful in controlling his alcoholism. Balfour was arrested when authorities were called to a hotel due to a domestic dispute. He was highly intoxicated and according to police reports, he kicked two officers in the chest before finally being subdued. The kicker? As he was being driven to the police precinct, he offered the police a $1 billion bribe to release him. He was hit with that charge, too.

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14. Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin
George Ross/Stringer (Getty Images)

Michael Irvin will always be remembered as one of the best wide receivers to ever play professional football. Too bad he couldn't maintain such success off the football field. He was arrested back in 2005 due to possession of illegal narcotics. The crazy thing was that Irvin was arrested in his own home along with a prostitute, who the police were after because she was a known drug dealer.

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13. Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding
Greg Wahl-Stephens/Stringer (Getty Images)

Tonya Harding will always be remembered for her role in the entire Nancy Kerrigan scandal in the mid-90s at the Winter Olympics. The crazy thing is that she didn't even strike the fatal blow to Kerrigan's leg in an attempt to break it so she couldn't compete. Harding hired her ex-husband to do the deed, and she was arrested immediately for being the mastermind behind the attack. Next time, maybe send an angry e-mail?

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12. Pedro Guerrero

Pedro Guerrero
MLB Photos/Stringer (Getty Images)

Pedro Guerrero was known as an incredible hitter, but even with success on the diamond, he was arrested for trying to buy drugs. The crazy thing? He wanted to buy 33 pounds of cocaine from an undercover policeman. Talk about silly!

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11. Najeh Davenport

Najeh Davenport
Getty Images/Stringer

Najeh Davenport was a solid backup running back in the pros. However, this athlete did one of the craziest things to get arrested. Back in 2002, he broke into his ex-girlfriend's dorm room and defecated into her laundry hamper. He was arrested for burglary and criminal mischief. He couldn't just relieve himself at home?

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10. Eugene Robinson

Eugene Robinson
Scott Halleran/Staff (Getty Images)

Eugene Robinson was always known for being a professional football player filled with morals and always boasting about doing the right thing off the field. Too bad the night before going into the first Super Bowl of his career back in 1998, he solicited a prostitute who actually was an undercover police officer.

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9. Michael Vick

Michael Vick
Thearon W. Henderson/Stringer (Getty Images)

Michael Vick is known for his unreal speed as a professional quarterback and was previously arrested for his role in arranged dogfighting. That's not the crazy thing though. Before his dogfighting ring incident, he was being sought after by authorities for apparently giving a few women herpes intentionally. A few females he infected gathered together and filed a lawsuit against him. When he didn't show up to court, a warrant went out for his arrest. They claim he would check into STD clinics under the name "Ron Mexico" to receive treatment and purposely had unprotected sex with women to get them infected too.

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8. Mike Leake

Mike Leake
Andy Lyons/Staff (Getty Images)

Mike Leake continues to make quite a bit of money in professional baseball. However, he was arrested for stealing six t-shirts at a Macy's department store back in 2011. Yep, that's right. He was arrested for stealing less than $60 worth of merchandise. Talk about crazy, eh?

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7. Nate Newton

Nate Newton
Brian Bahr/Staff (Getty Images)

Nate Newton was always known for being one of the best offensive lineman to ever play professional football, yet he was arrested for something crazy not once, but twice. He was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, only to have police officers discover 213 pounds of marijuana in the trunk. He was then arrested again for the same situation just three months later, except this time with 175 pounds of marijuana found in his truck.

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6. Ryan O'Byrne

Ryan O'Byrne
Graig Abel/Contributor (Getty Images)

Ryan O'Byrne was always known for being a fantastic professional hockey player, but not so much for his social skills. He was arrested for stealing at a nightclub. The crazy thing? He wanted to get the phone number from a woman he was interested in and after she declined, he ended up stealing her cell phone and purse.

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5. Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf
Stephen Dunn/Staff (Getty Images)

Ryan Leaf has always been considered one of the biggest busts in pro football history, but nothing beats why he was arrested. A few days after posting bail for being arrested due to a domestic incident, he was arrested again for trashing a house he broke into and stealing prescription drugs.

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4. Titus Young

Titus Young
Leon Haip/Stringer (Getty Images)

Titus Young was always considered an athletic professional football player, but too bad he wasn't a bright one. He was arrested for driving under the influence and less than two days after being released, he was arrested again -- this time for jumping a fence and trying to steal his car back from the impound lot. Five days after being released from jail after that incident, he was arrested a third time for breaking into a house. Talk about crazy -- he was arrested three times in one week!

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3. Joe Cullen

Joe Cullen
Handout/Handout (Getty Images)

Considered a very good offensive lineman in his professional football days, Joe Cullen decided to be a coach after his playing days were over. Crazy enough, he was arrested for entering a Wendy's fast food drive-thru completely naked and highly intoxicated. Perhaps he really wanted that Frosty?

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2. Antonio Morrison

Antonio Morrison
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Linebacker Antonio Morrison was always known for being an All-Star college football player, but how he got arrested will surely make you question his mental skills. He was arrested for approaching a patrol car and barking at a K-9 police dog uncontrollably. The police officer ordered him to stop taunting his K-9 and Morrison refused to, resisting arrest until taken into custody. He was charged with "harassing an on-duty animal." Yeah, crazy!

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1. O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson
Ethan Miller/Staff

O.J. Simpson will always go down in history with his "trial of the century" back in 1994 after he was alleged to be behind the murders of his ex-wife and her then-boyfriend. Simpson was acquitted, yet it didn't take too long for him to get arrested for something crazy. It was in 2007 that he was charged with multiple felonies including armed robbery, burglary and kidnapping. He was the mastermind behind many sports memorabilia thefts all across Las Vegas, claiming he was taking back his own stolen merchandise. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison and will always be known as a crazy criminal rather than a professional football player.