15 Best Moments Of The 2014 Winter Olympics

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15 Best Moments Of The 2014 Winter Olympics

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With the 2014 Winter Olympics over and done with, it's a great time to take a look back.

Now that we've all had a chance to catch our breath, we can see what our favorite moments of the games were. Everyone had their own favorites – both in events and away from the events. We saw stories of perseverance, captivating characters, humorous happenings, and of course – the Sochi Problems.

There were the heartbreaking moments, of course. The United States men's hockey team coming up short in the semifinals and bronze medal game, Shaun White failing to medal, an insensitive reporter pestering Bodie Miller, and many others.

But there were so many more awesome moments!

One could seriously make a case for Sochi 2014 being the most entertaining Winter Olympics ever. With the 24 hour connectivity of the information age, we got to see more of the games and for more of the day than ever before. With social media and how easily we connect in this day and age, we got more of the athletes' perspectives than ever before.

While the United States didn't come close to covering the medal count, there were still some solid and captivating performances from American athletes, as well as from many of the other nations.

While the world returns to business as usual to solve problems, deal with conflict, and make our way – we take a moment to reflect on 15 of the best moments from Sochi. We laughed, we cried, and we still didn't figure out what curling is.

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15. The Little Ring That Wouldn't

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You can't plan for everything. Especially a motorized light up Olympic ring opening in sequence.

These things happen, Russia. Good effort.

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14. Noelle Pikus-Pace Comes Out Of Retirement

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Her husband and kids asked her to come back out of retirement and compete in skeleton one more time.

So she did. And took silver.

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13. Olga Graf Nearly Bares All

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After a tough race, the Russian speed skater went to open her uniform up to cool off.

And forgot she was completely nude underneath.

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12. Anton Gafarov Learns About Sportsmanship

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After a nasty fall in the cross country skiing event, it looked like Gafarov was out of the race; until a Canadian coach ran onto the course and helped Gafarov out.

Gafarov is not Canadian. He's Russian.

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11. Jeremy Abbott Goes Richard Sherman On Us

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After a nasty fall, the American figure skater was asked if it was becoming common for him to come apart under pressure.

Abbott flipped out, saying he wanted to "give a middle finger and an F-U" to people who ask that. His profanity laced rant about figure skating continued on. Pure entertainment.

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10. The Mikaela Shiffrin Story: Chapter One

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The 18 year old from Vail took a gold medal in the women's slalom, and became the youngest to do so.

We've only seen the tip of the iceberg with Shiffrin.

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9. Americans Sweep Men's Ski Slopestyle

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The US men went gold-silver-bronze and took the first medals ever in the new event.

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8. Anything Sage Kotsenburg Did

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The top of the mountain selfies, the quips, the messing with security -- anything we heard or saw from this snowboard gold medalist was just awesome.

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7. British Curler Anna Sloan

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The Great Britain women's curling team did okay. But everyone's eyes were focused on Anna Sloan -- who besides being adorable, had some of the best yelling faces of the games.

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6. Japanese Women's Hockey Team Bowing After Games

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In what might be the ultimate class act in all of sports, the Japanese women's hockey team bowed to their opponents, fans, and officials after every game. Win or lose. Because respect.

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5. The Ballad Of Justin Reiter

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To get to Sochi, the American snowboarder quit his job and for one year trained every day -- while living in his Toyota Tacoma in the parking lot of the ski park. He barely made it to Russia, financing his travel through online donations.

While he was disqualified during the parallel slalom for tracking a gate, his story is pure American determination.

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4. Meryl Davis And Charlie White

her face
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Everyone was captivated by the American ice dancing champions who have been competing together since they were 10.

No. They are not dating.

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3. USA vs. Canada Women's Hockey Goes To OT

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Sure they lost the gold medal game to their rivals, but the game proved to be one of the most thrilling of the games.

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2. Dancin' Kate Hansen

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The talk of the women's luge, her pre-race warm up consisted of dancing. Vigorously.

Seeing her pop and lock on the luge track after her final run is what American fun is all about.

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1. USA vs. Russia

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In maybe one of the best hockey games of the last decade, who didn't hold their breath watching TJ Oshie in the shootouts?