10 Biggest First World Problems for Sports Fans

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Top 10 First World Problems for Sports Fans

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First world problems. If you live in America, there's a good chance you've had them at some point. For the most part, FWP occur in daily life. But in this slideshow, we'll take a look at some FWP that sports fans can relate to.

The history of the term FWP was unknown to me until I did some research on Wikipedia. Here's a little insight as to where the term came from and what people consider to be the biggest FWP:

"First World problem is a slang term used to refer to issues in First World nations that are complained about only because of the absence of more pressing concerns. The term was added to the Oxford Dictionary Online in November 2012. The term "First World problem" arose in 1995 first used by Alt-Rock singer Matthew Good from the Matthew Good Band, but gained recognition as an internet meme beginning in 2005, particularly on social networking sites like Twitter (where it became a popular hashtag). Also, many of these problems have been formulated into captioned pictures in which either a woman or a man are crying and many of these first world problems are then put into place. The term is used to minimize complaints about trivial issues by shaming the complainer. UNICEF NZ conducted a survey of First World problems in New Zealand, finding slow web access to be the most common. Also, another survey conducted by an independent institute showed that the most common first world problem is when workers get your fast-food orders wrong."

I would have never guessed that the phrase was coined way back nearly 20 years ago. The part about it being in the dictionary isn't all that surprising, because we add words like 'selfie' these days.


So with the concept of FWP in mind, let's take a look at the top 10 FWP for sports fans:

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The Game Got Cancelled Due to Weather

Games Cancelled Due to Bad Weather
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You've got an entire night planned out at the ballpark, and then wouldn't you know it, mother nature intervenes. Next thing you know, you're headed back home in the rain with nothing to do.

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Games Start So Early on the West Coast

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Any sports fan who's ever moved into the Pacific time zone can related to this one. College football starts at 9 AM on the West Coast. 9 AM!

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It Takes So Long to Get Food and Beverage Brought To You

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Either you have to wait forever to get food and beverage brought to your seat, or you have to waste time waiting in line at the concessions. Can it get any worse?

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Your Team Won, But Didn't Cover the Spread

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Your team just won a huge game and is headed to the championship round. But you're bummed. Why? Because they only won by six points.

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You Can't Get Service On Your Phone at the Game

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This might be the biggest FWP for sports fans. Want to check your score app? Want to check on your fantasy team? Want to take a phone call? It's just not going to happen at the big game.

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You Consumed Too Much While Tailgating

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Tailgating is fun, but be careful. There's a chance you could eat or drink too much, while taking in too many sun rays.

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You Don't Get the Channel the Game Is On

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We've all been here, right? You go to turn on your favorite team, only to find that ESPN is airing your game on ESPNU. Oh, the pain of it all!

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You Had to Sit in the Upper Deck

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Last minute plans to attend Saturday night's game? Sound like fun. That is, until you look closer at your tickets and realize they're in the upper decker. Noooooooo!!!!

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Your Team is Lousy

They Stop Serving Beer Way Too Early at Live Events
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Sure, you get to enjoy the ins-and-outs of your team's season. But when it's all said and done, your team is lousy. There's no FWP like rooting for a bad team.

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They Stop Serving Beer Way Too Early at Games

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Last call? It's only the seventh inning! Many fans have been here. That wait until after the game is just brutal.