Jameis Winston Photobombs ESPN With Robot Dance

By Andrew Fisher
Jameis Winston
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston seems like a guy who loves to laugh and have a good time. He’s always smiling, except when he’s trying to lead Florida State to national championships. As for what he’s doing with his time currently, the speedy QB is doubling as a pitcher at FSU. The Seminoles were of course in the headlines this past week, due to their exhibition matchup with the the New York Yankees.

Winston went hitless in the contest, but that didn’t stop every media outlet in the country from putting him in the headlines. When stars collide, people simply pay attention.

Now, Winston is in the headlines for something he did prior to the start of a college baseball game. Check out this viral video, featuring Winston and some dance moves from way back:

I always thought the robot dance was invented in the 1980s, but according to Wikipedia, it was started way back in 1967.

Some viewers of the Winston robot video have pointed out that he was probably emulating robot guy from Chappelle’s Show:

Who doesn’t miss that show?

Winston figures to continue being the topic of conversation in college athletics for a long time to come. Some think he actually has a chance to be a professional two-sport star, but that’s hard to envision. It’s not that he lacks the talent to pull it off, it’s that he plays QB. Maybe if he played a less-important position in football, then he’d have a shot. But with all the time QBs have to put in away from the field, I just don’t think  it’s feasible.


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