Andre Drummond Got Dumped by Jennette McCurdy Because He's a Bad Kisser

By RanterX
Jennette McCurdy Andre Drummond bad kisser
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Things are weird lately for Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond. The second-year pro is averaging 13.2 points as a starting sophomore, which is almost double what he averaged as a rookie, but his off-the-court skills could use some work. He was reportedly dumped by actress girlfriend Jennette McCurdy for being a bad kisser. No, we’re not making that up; she actually said that.

Drummond almost two whole feet taller than McCurdy, but that’s apparently not the only thing that wasn’t working for the former iCarly star. She basically said the Pistons’ 20-year-old center semi-stalked her and was “so persistent” that she dated him. However, their first kiss was “nothing short of terrible,” and that caused her to pull the plug on their awkward relationship.

It all began in September of 2013 when he tagged her along with the hashtag #WCW for “woman crush Wednesday.” But after they got together, McCurdy gave him the boot after a week!

C’mon, man! You finally landed a smokin’ hot actress girlfriend and you blow it with bad lips?! This is clearly amateur hour and Drummond better work on his skills off the hardwood before entering the dating world again.

What’s worse is she went on Twitter too soon with the news she wasn’t into him, but then said she would “just ride it out for a little bit.” She totally gossip-girled him on Twitter! Man, life must suck right now for Drummond, and not just because the Pistons aren’t even in the Eastern Conference playoff race right now. That’s bad.

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