Baby's 'Reaction' To SI Swimsuit Issue is Priceless

By RantSports Staff
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
Getty Images

Who doesn’t love the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? It’s one of the most sought after magazines of the year for sports fans and fans of beautiful women in swimsuits. Those two groups seem to go hand-in-hand. Perhaps SI is on to something…

Anyways, we all reacted to this year’s issue. But I’m going to doubt that this reaction will be topped:

baby SI

That baby’s eyes say it all. Wow. Just wow.

I bet most of us had the same reaction the first time we ever set eyes on the historic magazine.

For those unfamiliar with the history of the swimsuit issue, or just how much money it brings in annually, here’s some info from Wikipedia:

“All models featured on the cover of the swimsuit issue in the magazine’s history have been women. According to some, the magazine is the arbiter of supermodel succession.The swimsuit issue of the magazine carries advertising that, in 2005 amounted to US$35 million in value. New issues come out around the middle of February or later. First published in 1964, it is credited with making the bikini, invented in 1946, a legitimate piece of apparel. The issue that got the most letters was the 1978 issue. The best selling issue was the 25th Anniversary Issue with Kathy Ireland on the cover in 1989.”

The concept of the swimsuit issue was invented by Andre Laguerre, an editor at the magazine. The thought behind the concept originally, was to help fill the slow time of the sports season. I bet Laguerre had no idea just golden his idea really was at the time.


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