Oscar Pistorius' Trial Far From Over After Plea, Family Encounters

By RanterX
Oscar Pistorious trial
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A year later, things still aren’t looking good for Oscar Pistorius. The Paralympian and 2012 Summer Olympian is still awaiting a verdict the murder trial of his deceased girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The South African double amputee was once a hero and the ultimate feel-good story for his country, but now that legacy is in flames while his model girlfriend is no longer around to comfort him. However, the latest reports from the trial suggest that might not have been the case anyway.

Pistorius’ neighbor, who is being called a witness in the trial, claims she heard “blood-curdling” screams before shots fired at the track star’s house the night Steenkamp died. She called the screams “petrifying” and added “something terrible was happening at that house.”

Now Pistorius, who has plead not guilty, claims he woke up in the night without his prosthetic legs on (which he claims made him very uneasy) to a sound he thought was a burglar. He fired into the bathroom, killing Steenkamp.

The prosecution claims Pistorius must have had his prosthetic legs on when he shot because the bullet holes in the door of the bathroom were too high for him to have shot them without the added height of the prosthetics. However, the neighbor witness also claims she “heard a man scream for help three times.” That could be taken either way — he screamed for help when he thought there was a burglar in his house or for help to aid a wounded Steenkamp after she’d been shot. Of course, whether or not he shot he on accident or intentionally is the point of the case and has yet to be decided.

Steenkamp’s mother, June, was at the trial and came there to “really look him in the eyes” although Pistorius avoided eye contact with anyone from his girlfriend’s family when he walked past them in the courtroom. However, the woman who might have been his mother-in-law also said she’s not holding a grudge:

“Whatever the court decides at the end of his trial, I will be ready to forgive him.”

She added that she wanted him to see the pain he’s caused her, but only by looking her in the eyes after the verdict. Stay tuned because this trial is likely to take some more interesting turns before it’s all said and done.

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