15 Athletes Who Would Make Ideal Boyfriends For Jennette McCurdy

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Ideal Boyfriends For Jennette McCurdy

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Even in the sports world, there are celebrities other than athletes who make a splash.

Teen star Jennette McCurdy has made news due in part to her ex-boyfriend Andre Drummond, who happens to be the Detroit Pistons' center. For those who do not know who she is, she is well known for acting in the Nickelodeon television shows iCarly and Sam and Cat. She made her acting debut in Zoey 101. She often displays different personalities. While acting, she acts as the tough tomboy, but is in fact a nice person outside of acting.

McCurdy revealed that the breakup happened in part due to Drummond being a bad kisser. I have never heard of a breakup happening due to someone not being able to kiss their significant other. I have now seen it all. McCurdy later admitted that she was never really into Drummond and that she only agreed to date him because he was persistent.

It all started with Drummond posting a photo of McCurdy with the hashtag #wcw, which is an internet term that means “Woman Crush Wednesday.” She finally gave in and decided to give it a chance, but only after one week, she showed him right out the door. Let us cue up the jokes of things that lasted longer than the relationship.

Since McCurdy has now made herself a presence in the sports world unintentionally, we wonder if she will take her chances on another athlete after that week-long romance. If she does, the world will be on watch. Here are 15 athletes who could potentially fill the role as Jennette McCurdy's boyfriend.

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15. Nate Wolters

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A rookie for the Milwaukee Bucks, Nate Wolters could be the ideal boyfriend for McCurdy since she has dated a basketball player. Let's hope Wolters can be a better kisser.

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14. Nate Schmidt

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Schmidt is a hockey player who plays for the Washington Capitals. Perhaps dating a athlete who plays hockey could make a difference. He would spend time in the penalty box if he missed out on an opportunity to date McCurdy.

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13. Colin Kaepernick

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The starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and a player who has Super Bowl experience could sway McCurdy towards dating a football player.

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12. Ryan Tannehill

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While we are on the subject of quarterbacks, why not date an up-and-coming star in Ryan Tannehill? He shows a lot of promise for the Miami Dolphins and he looks to be a keeper.

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11. Nolan Arenado

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When you are the first rookie since 1957 to win the Gold Glove Award, there are going to be a lot of ladies who are going to be interested in you. McCurdy should take her chances on the Colorado Rockies third baseman.

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10. Trey Burke

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An up-and-coming NBA star who led the Michigan Wolverines basketball team to the NCAA national championship game in 2013, he hopes to shoot and score with an actress as beautiful as McCurdy.

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9. Bobby Ryan

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A hockey star playing for the Ottawa Senators, he was a silver medalist in the Vancouver Winter Games. He would be scoring a game-winner if he ever dated McCurdy.

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8. Cody Asche

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An emerging third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies, Cody Asche wouldn't strike out if he managed to date McCurdy.

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7. Brock Osweiler

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Backing up Peyton Manning can have its perks. However, Brock Osweiler might have the same challenges that Drummond had since Osweiler is over 6 feet tall. McCurdy would have to carry a stepladder with her if she ever dated him.

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6. Frederik Andersen

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A goaltender for the Anaheim Ducks, Frederik Andersen making save after save could help in the dating game.

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5. Kenny Stills

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A rookie wideout for the New Orleans Saints, Kenny Stills would be making quite the catch with McCurdy.

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4. Michael Carter-Williams

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Another rookie in the NBA, he better hope that his dating game is a lot better than Drummond's was -- especially when it comes to the PDA aspect of it.

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3. Tim Tebow

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The QB that the media and fans love to criticize. Dating McCurdy could be the first step towards a huge comeback, something he has been accustomed to in his currently halted football life.

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2. Dennis Pitta

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Here is one TE that could be a catch for any lady. Let's just hope that if given the chance, he doesn't fumble it away.

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1. Nick Foles

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An emerging star in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles, Foles' recent success could help him win off the field as well as on the field. Plus, what lady wouldn't like to date a quarterback?