20 Hot Girls You’d Rather Kiss Than Jennette McCurdy

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20 Hot Girls You'd Rather Kiss Than Jennette McCurdy

20 Hot Girls You'd Rather Kiss Than Jennette McCurdy
Tommaso Boddi/Stringer (Getty Images)

There is a wise saying that many live by, especially if you're an adult. As a rule, you should never kiss and tell. It avoids some major headaches down the road since most intimate details should stay just between the ones involved. It's a saying that has been around for hundreds of years, but as one fast forwards to 2014, social media can turn intimate news viral in a matter of seconds. Needless to say, Jennette McCurdy could learn a thing or two about what happens in the bedroom needing stay in the bedroom, especially with her short-lived relationship with Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons.

The iCarly star has spoken out on the truth of her relationship (or lack thereof) with Drummond. It all started on social media when Drummond kept using hot pictures of McCurdy and proclaiming her his "woman crush Wednesday". Using the popular hashtag "#wcw" with McCurdys' picture, hundreds upon thousands of people liked it. It gave Drummond an opportunity to do whatever it took to try and get a date or two with her. After much persistence, McCurdy gave in went on a handful of dates with him. It didn't take long for things to get more physical, as she described their first kiss as "disastrous". Everything came to a screeching halt about a week into dating since she just couldn't take it anymore. To make matters worse, she admitted that their lips just didn't match up correctly and it was more awkward kissing than asking for a bacon cheeseburger at a fitness club.

Of course, things didn't end there. Instead of simply keeping it between themselves, McCurdy quickly went to social media after her situation with Drummond. At first, she was saying they were developing some pretty good feelings for one another. Once the lips started locking, it was only a matter of time before it was all over. By the end of the week and immediately after their breakup, she was telling the world that their first kiss made her cringe and that he definitely was not the one for her. Ouch!

Let us all take a look at 20 hot girls we would all rather kiss than McCurdy. She can't even keep her mouth shut on what happens behind closed doors, which means you can't trust a woman like that! This slideshow however, will show you women who wouldn't tell a soul about a sacred kiss between partners!

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20. Eva Mendes

Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)
Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)

Eva Mendes has done it all between movies, modeling and makeup. She also has a beautiful singing voice. Anyone would easily do a duet with her called "The Kiss"!

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19. Brooklyn Decker

Erika Goldring/Stringer (Getty Images)
Erika Goldring/Stringer (Getty Images)

The ever-popular swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker will keep all secrets safe on or off the beach!

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18. Sofia Vergara

Mike Windle/Stringer (Getty Images)
Mike Windle/Stringer (Getty Images)

Sofia Vergara could be watching "Modern Family" with you and would listen to all your secrets during commercials. She'd never tell anyone about them!

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17. Berenice Marlohe

Eamonn M. McCormack/Stringer (Getty Images)
Eamonn M. McCormack/Stringer (Getty Images)

Berenice Marlohe is a Bond girl, so you know a kiss shared is between you two and a martini!

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16. Sarah Shahi

Michael Buckner/Staff (Getty Images)
Michael Buckner/Staff (Getty Images)

Sarah Shahi use to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and one can only imagine how great of a kisser she is ...

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15. Kaley Cuoco

Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)
Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)

When it comes to Kaley Cuoco, you know the "Big Bang Theory" star loves to kiss guys who love comic books!

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14. Megan Fox

Kevin Winter/Staff (Getty Images)
Kevin Winter/Staff (Getty Images)

Megan Fox is too hot for words. We would destroy transformers to feel the weight of her lips!

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13. Arianny Celeste

Ethan Miller/Staff (Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Staff (Getty Images)

Arianny Celeste is a UFC ring girl -- talk about someone most would rather kiss than McCurdy inside the Octagon!

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12. Jessica Alba

Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)
Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)

This dark angel would always keep kisses to herself and never resort to tweets describing if you're a bad kisser. Jessica Alba has much more class than that!

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11. Olivia Wilde

Frazer Harrison/Staff (Getty Images)
Frazer Harrison/Staff (Getty Images)

Many of us would fight cowboys or aliens for a chance to kiss Olivia Wilde ...

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10. Scarlett Johansson

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Staff (Getty Images)
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Staff (Getty Images)

The lovely Scarlett Johansson -- no description needed!

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9. Kate Upton

Donald Bowers/Stringer (Getty Images)
Donald Bowers/Stringer (Getty Images)

Any of us wouldn't mind doing hair and makeup for the incredibly hot Kate Upton!

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8. Jennifer Lawrence

Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)
Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)

Any of us would gladly venture into the Hunger Games competition for a chance to kiss Jennifer Lawrence under the moonlight!

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7. Mila Kunis

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff (Getty Images)
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Staff (Getty Images)

Mila Kunis is just simply breathtaking! Any of us would punch Kelso in the face to land a kiss with her ...

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6. Candice Swanepoel

Charley Gallay/Stringer (Getty Images)
Charley Gallay/Stringer (Getty Images)

Candice Swanepoel is known world wide for being one of the most beautiful models of Victoria's Secret. Even the name of the company she works for has "secret" in it so you know she'd keep things to herself instead of hitting Twitter about bad kisses!

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5. Lolo Jones

Scott Halleran/Staff (Getty Images)
Scott Halleran/Staff (Getty Images)

Olympic gold medalist Lolo Jones knows all about winning, especially when it comes to being in relationships. You'd better believe this Olympic winner knows all about teamwork, no blabbermouth here!

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4. Margot Robbie

Frazer Harrison/Staff (Getty Images)
Frazer Harrison/Staff (Getty Images)

We'd all work in Wall Street knowing Margot Robbie was calling all the shots. They say money is everything, yet Margot would keep all your secrets between her and her briefcase!

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3. Adriana Lima

Dimitrios Kambouris/Staff (Getty Images)
Dimitrios Kambouris/Staff (Getty Images)

Adriana Lima knows the runway better than any model in the industry. One can imagine we'd all like to kiss her when she's wearing her infamous Victoria Secret wings...

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2. Kerry Washington

Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)
Jason Merritt/Staff (Getty Images)

Kerry Washington knows all about scandals but you better believe her word is sacred. She wouldn't go telling her best friends about bad kissing, she'd just let that be between the two of you.

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1. Angelina Jolie

Ethan Miller/Staff (Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Staff (Getty Images)

Did you really think any other woman would be No. 1 on this list? What other hot celebrity has a song that actually mentions her lips? Angelina Jolie continues to reign supreme as the hottest girl we'd all rather kiss than Jennette McCurdy!

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      That’s a bit harsh I wouldn’t say she’s ugly but she’s no looker either.

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    fools are still trying to kiss up on angelina jolie?

  • OrlandoRican

    No. 2? I don’t think so.

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      Indeed. My no.1

  • Czechster

    No I would rather kiss my wife. She is so much more desirable than those painted impressions of women. I thank God every day she married me.

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      Lucky you, but what a pity for her…bwahahaha! You must be one of those dickheads from czechstreets.com.

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      Being married to one of these is probably like swimming with a Nile croc. Very shortly you wind up as her dinner and then she moves on to find other morsels to chew on.

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    Token black at #2 – ugly and not because she is black!

    • HerrinSchadenfreude

      Kerry Washington is hardly ugly and she’s not the only black person on this list tool, or did you “acquit” Lolo Jones of being black because she gave you a “teensy” bit of wood? You know like all the other blacks who are declared officially “half white” because whites wanna take credit for them?

      If the chick they’re comparing against these women is the one in the masthead picture then there aren’t any losers because that chick looks like Droopy the depressed cartoon dog. But hey, fap to whatever – nobody minds much.

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    Either a gay lib or a worthless feminist made this list

  • Bluto Blutarski

    Joey Heatherton was the hottest. Remember they get old but in her prime hardly any of these could touch her

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    I counted 5 or 6 no more. Of course the list is just nasty and stupid.

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    Sorry I’ll take McCurdy over have of those whores.

  • Darth Kenyan

    So you’re taking the side of the STALKER rather than the victim. I see.

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      Shut the fuck up! He expressed an opinion and she took him on it. You are a VILE and DISGUSTING person for using the victim card. You’re DEMONIC!

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        Blow me, faggot.

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    As long as we’re aware that’s.. 21 or 22 and connects with a fanbase that is made up of people underage. This list is particularly petty on top of the fact that I’d prefer McCurdy over all but two of these anyways.

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    If Jeanette wanted to kiss me, I wouldn’t stop her. We are all human, we all make mistakes. Just because she’s in the spotlight doesn’t make her less human than any of us.

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