25 Athletes You’d Love To Spend St. Patrick’s Day With

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25 Athletes Worth Hanging Out With on St. Patrick's Day

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The calendar has turned to March, which for most sports fans, means three things: 1. March Madness, 2. Spring Training and 3. St. Patrick's Day. While the first two are both pretty great, let's focus on the upcoming holiday that is now just a little less than two weeks away, falling on Monday, March 17. How do you plan on celebrating it?

Many folks call St. Patrick's Day "Amateur Hour," as folks who are one percent Irish (or less) go out on the town in their green hats and green sweaters and green whatever else and live it up with their friends and then try to somehow make it to work the next day. Others are at the opposite extreme as they can't put up with everyone I just described, so they stay home and it's pretty much any other night, and maybe this year they will watch Monday Night Raw or Archer or something.

But what if I told you that for this St. Patrick's Day, you could hang out with any athlete you wanted, male or female, from any sport? Who would you pick? What would you do? Would you automatically just pick a female athlete that you felt was the most beautiful, or the most thoughtful, or the most down to earth? Would you pick a guy who, due to his public persona, seems like he'd be cool to hang out with, or to the other end, might be so crazy that you'd end having a night you'd never forget (but perhaps would want to)?

Whatever your first thought was, this list of 25 athletes you'd love to hang out with on St. Patrick's Day has something for you. Many different sports and personalities are included. Just be careful with one of them if you happen to be a Manchester City supporter, or your night might end painfully.

Here are 25 athletes worth hanging out with this St. Patrick's Day.

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25. John Daly

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It would be worth it to hang out with John Daly just to see his wardrobe.

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24. Maria Kirilenko

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Maria Kirilenko has to be fun to hang out with if she got Alexander Ovechkin to give up some of his partying life.

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23. Heather Mitts

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Soccer star turned broadcaster, Heather Mitts can tell you all about the Beautiful Game.

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22. Summer Rae

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If you are looking to dance your way through St. Patrick's Day, Summer Rae might be your ideal pick (as long as she doesn't bring Fandango along).

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21. Rob Gronkowski

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Because really, who doesn't want to party with Rob Gronkowski at least once?

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20. Michelle Kwan

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You couldn't do much better than to hang out with Michelle Kwan, who would be the most graceful person in the room.

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19. Amanda Kessel

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Amanda Kessel is the perfect choice if you are very much on the USA side of the USA-Canada hockey rivalry.

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18. Ronda Rousey

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You could get a great class in self-defense from Ronda Rousey on St. Patrick's Day.

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17. Lolo Jones

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Whether you are interested in bobsledding or track, Lolo Jones has got your back.

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16. Johnny Manziel

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You could even cover the dinner tab with Johnny Manziel now that it wouldn't be an NCAA violation.

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15. Jennie Finch

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If you want to ask softball questions all night, Jennie Finch is the best to hang out with.

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14. Serena Williams

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Best to catch Serena Williams after a win, if possible.

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13. Paula Creamer

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You, like everyone else in the sports world, want to know how Paula Creamer hit that 75-foot putt over the weekend to win the HSBC Women's Championship.

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12. Roy Keane

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Roy Keane would probably be a blast to hang out with as long as you don't get him angry. Good luck with that.

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11. Dana Vollmer

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Dana Vollmer is an expert on winning gold medals and keeping your St. Patrick's Day gluten-free.

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10. Hope Solo

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Hope Solo would keep St. Patrick's Day interesting because she is liable to say anything at any time.

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9. Sydney Leroux

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Sydney Leroux is one of the top new stars on the U.S. women's soccer scene.

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8. Maria Sharapova

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If you're a tennis fan, why not spend St. Patrick's Day with Maria Sharapova, who has a career Grand Slam to her credit?

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7. Metta World Peace

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There's really no telling how a St. Patrick's Day with Metta World Peace would end up.

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6. Michelle Wie

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If Michelle Wie ever wins an LPGA major, you can say you knew her way back when.

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5. Kerri Walsh

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Find a warm beach, and you could spend St. Patrick's Day getting a volleyball lesson from Kerri Walsh.

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4. Tim Tebow

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If you hate all the St. Patrick's Day partying, perhaps Tim Tebow is your guy.

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3. Danica Patrick

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If you want your St. Patrick's Day to go by at 200 mph, Danica Patrick would definitely be the right choice.

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2. Dennis Rodman

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If on St. Patrick's Day, Dennis Rodman tells you there's going to be a little trip, run.

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1. Alex Morgan

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Rapidly becoming the face of U.S. women's soccer, Alex Morgan is well worth getting to know now, as she may well threaten the all-time record for goals scored by an international player. Just 24, she has 44 already (including 28 for the USWNT in 2012 alone).