Johnny Manziel's Girlfriend Holding a Bazooka in Lingerie is Worth a Look

By RantSports Staff
Johnny Manziel
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking News! Johnny Manziel has a new girlfriend, and she’s hot! 

Johnny Manziel could take a whiz and make headlines. Anything the guy does or says is a story. So when he takes pictures (presumably) of his girlfriend holding a bazooka, while wearing lingerie — people pay attention.

Here’s why:

Can’t wait for the day-long SportsCenter debate on whether this will affect Manziel’s draft stock. Oh wait, he’s the No. 1 prospect. How could I forget.

The real issue is not Manziel. The issue is that people care way too much about what he does. Stars players have acted the way he does off the field for years and years. But because of today’s access to instant information and the culture of celebrity worship, we get flooded with tons of meaningless Manziel stories.

One thing is for dang sure, he’s certainly not the ‘No. 1 overall prospect’ in the draft if he doesn’t have his off-field persona. But because of that, ESPN had Mel Kiper Jr. rank him as his top guy. They did this just to create a story for themselves to debate over the next two months.

What’s that? Breaking news? Jaws disagrees with Mel Kiper on Manziel? He’s only a third round pick? Better devote another full day of SportsCenter to a debate on where Manziel should go in the draft.

I think most of us will be glad when the popular QB finally lands with an NFL team. This draft speculation is mind-numbing, to say the least.

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