Michelle Beadle Pleases Everyone by Returning to ESPN

By RanterX
Getty Images

C’mon, you know you’re happy that Michelle Beadle is back on ESPN. She basically fell off the face of the planet when she left for NBC Sports, but now she’s back to the four-letter sports TV network on her same SportsNation show that made us all love her. Even though you get tired of watching the same segment of SportsCenter over and over, you enjoyed SportsNation because of Beadle and now you can again.

Although she hasn’t done any awesomely hot photo shoots like some of her counterparts, Beadle is still one of the hottest female TV personality in the sports world and we enjoy her sarcastic humor on the air. She has that girl-next-door thing going on and, as if that wasn’t enough to get us going, she knows sports! Is she not the perfect girl? We think so too.

Original reports said Beadle was leaving NBC Sports, but would continue to do Access Hollywood, but now we’re told she’s leaving NBC all together in a pretty ugly divorce, but she’s happy to be back on ESPN, the four-letter network is happy to have her back and we’re happy she’s there because now there’s something worth watching each afternoon. We love you, Michelle. Welcome back.

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