15 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Sports Fan Sometimes

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Being a Sports Fan Isn't Always Fun

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Being a fan of anything has its ups and downs. You get mocked sometimes, but you also feel like you'e part of some special club. Sure, being a sports fan isn't some type of underground thing, but not everyone gets the hype of loving sports. Some people do not understand what its like to be so obsessed with something kids play. But if you love sports, then no one is there to change your mind about how you feel.

Sports can bring out the good and the bad in people. I like to focus on the good. It's really incredible to see how passionate people become. They show their love for their team and for their city, or even just for the sport in general. These are the moments when I feel most connected with fellow sports lovers. Some may think its juvenile or archaic, but its just obvious that they just don't have the same passion as you.

But of course, there are the others who do understand exactly where you are coming from. The ones who stand alongside you cheering for your team -- those are the people who make you think you're not so crazy after all.

Here are 15 reasons why it sucks to be a sports fan sometimes. There is definitely an infinite number of reasons, but these are the ones I thought were important to note. I hope you find some that you can relate to. In the end, it's worth remembering that even though it sucks sometimes, it's actually pretty great the rest of the time.

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15. Eating Way Too Much Because You're Nervous

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On important game days, I eat. I eat any junk food I have in my cupboards, and I eat way to much of it. I remember watching my team lose a playoff match and not realizing I finished a whole container of peanuts.

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14. Spending a Chunk of Your Paycheck On a Jersey

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When your team releases its newest jersey, you need it. You want to show others you're proud of it — win or lose. It is a sacrifice easily made, but the leagues know they are taking advantage of the passion their fans have.

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13. You Can't Get Out of Work On Game Day

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Sometimes you work on game day and it sucks. You wish that sports fandom could be registered as a religion so you can get out of work without a problem.

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12. The Delicious Yet Unhealthy Food at Sports Games

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Let's be honest. One of the best part of watching sports is eating. If you are either at the stadium or at a friend's Super Bowl party, you are going to stuff your face with greasy, cheesy foods. This is great in the moment, but you hate yourself later on — just a little.

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11. Trying to Keep Up With the Beckhams of the World

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Not only was he an amazing player, but he is also good-looking and a good person? Sometimes you wish athletes would just stay athletes. Instead, some make you question what you are doing with your life.

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10. When Your Friends Tell You to Record a Game

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No matter how many times you tell your friends that watching your favorite team play live is important, they just don't get it. I don't want to be the one missing the historic 17-0 shutout.

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9. Losing Sleep Because of a Late Game

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Sometimes you hate the fact that the game ran late and you barely slept before your alarm went off. The following day is a lot harder to get through, but its something you do as a duty to your team.

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8. Now You Have to Pay to Watch Games

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Local games used to be on local channels for you to enjoy. This is slowly becoming a thing of the past as cable is buying the rights of games and even teams. Since when do I have to pay to watch a game from the comfort of my own home? Might as well head down to the local bar and watch it while I get a bite.

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7. You Become Addicted to the Video Game

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All those sports video games are addictive. You can play as your favorite player and help lead your favorite team to victory. If your team isn't the best in real life, now you can use your game to make your sports dreams come true.

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6. Losing A Bet Because Your Team Lost

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Sometimes you make a bet to wear a rival's jersey if your team loses, and losing a bet is never fun.

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5. You Can't See Your Favorite Team Live Sometimes

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Not every city if lucky enough to have a team in every sport, and if you live out of a metropolitan area, you are out of luck. Nothing is as fun as watching a game in person, and if you ever get the opportunity, go watch a game!

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4. You Can't Play as Well as Your Sports Idols

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You watch your team play all the time, and you've become a master at the video game; then why is it that when you play a pickup game at the park, you suck? Sometimes its just not fair, but keep playing; you can't get any worse.

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3. Those Who Don't Like Sports Don't Understand You

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To those who do not like sports, you seem a little weird. They do not understand the passion you have for a group of men running around and throwing balls. Let them think you're weird, it's worth it.

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2. Being Judged Because of the Team You Support

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For whatever reason, some teams get bad reputations, and those reputations carry on to their fans. If you happen to like one of those teams, then you have to deal with the heckling; but in my experience, it usually stems from the fact that your team wins more than theirs.

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1. Your Favorite Team Will Lose

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The hardest part of being a sports fan is that your team loses. There is no team out there that wins 100 percent of the time. It sucks and its heartbreaking, but it's all part of the game. You still love the game and your team because your passion will not be crippled by one bad game.