15 Things You Can Do That Athletes Wish They Could

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15 Things You Can Do That Athletes Wish They Could

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Being a professional athlete has its perks. Who wouldn't want to be rich and worry-free? The everyday person fantasizes about being a pro athlete in today's world, where players are raking in millions of dollars a year, dating some of the most rich and famous people in the world, driving cool cars and living in luxurious homes.

Just as a regular person dreams of living big, there are some things even the most famous athletes would trade us normal people for. Being famous isn't easy by any means. It comes with a lot of responsibility and they're always in the spotlight. There's a lot of things that you cannot do when the whole entire world can point you out in a glance.

Athletes are some of the most busy people in the world. They are constantly signing autographs, making special appearances, training and competing in the world of professional sports. It isn't something a lot of people would want to do if it didn't come with the money and fame. Fame attracts a mob of people, attention and publicity. Although most athletes may not mind the rush, some of them come from humble beginnings and have not lost sight of themselves. It is very stressful for some of these athletes to be who they are on a daily basis.

Most of us could not imagine what it is like to live the life of a profession athlete, and most athletes never got familiar with what it meant to be just another human being. No matter who you are and what you do, there are always pros and cons in life. In this article, I will list 15 things that everyday people like you and I can do that athletes wish they could.

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15. Go To Public Movie Theater

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Going to the a public movie theater is something every person should enjoy. As our favorite movies hit the big screen, millions of people rush to the theaters to on opening weekend to take part in the fun. For athletes, most of them catch private screenings to avoid being spotted in the public, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind sitting in a dark theater, eating popcorn and enjoying a flick just like the rest of us.

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14. Bum It

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When you see a profession athlete away from their respective sport, they're always dressed to impress. Most of the time it is by choice, but sometimes they suit up just to keep their public image spot-free. Still, I know some of these pros would love to be able to throw on something comfortable and waltz around town as if they had not a care in the world, even if they look like a hot mess.

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13. Go To The Mall

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Who doesn't love going to the mall? Probably someone who expects to be mobbed by hundreds of people. That's what athletes have to endure when they go out in public, so the mall is one of the top spots that most athletes try to avoid.

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12. Play All Sports

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Professional athletes are normally under contracts that have certain restrictions. A common restriction in most of their contract prevents them from participating in any physical activity that could lead to injury. This prevents them from playing backyard ball with their friends and family in some cases. I bet that's something they wish they could trade in, because athletes usually aren't one-trick ponies; they love to play all sports.

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11. Shop In Public

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Public shopping is something every popular athlete avoids. It is hard to hide your face in public, so they usually send someone to do their shopping for them. Personally, I like to glance around the store to get a look at what's new, and trying out the product before I purchase it.

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10. Date 'Normal' People

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I wouldn't mind dating famous hot women, but I figure that it has to be a bother in some ways. As a profession athlete, people will have their eye on you for all the wrong reasons. You never know who is really in love with you or who is there just to get a piece of the fame and fortune. Athletes usually have to settle for other well-known people, because of they have to be aware of those out there with ulterior motives.

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9. Avoid People

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Lets face it -- sometimes you just want to get away from people. Humans can be very bothersome. For us, we can just turn out backs, while athletes have no choice but to face the media, teammates and strangers on a regular basis.

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8. Dine Out Peacefully

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Most of us can go out to our favorite restaurants and eat in peace. Athletes cannot do the same. Someone will always want to say hi or get an autograph. It has to be one of the most annoying things to encounter for famous people. Some athletes have their own establishments and still cannot show their faces.

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7. Watch Favorite TV Shows

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I understand that most athlete watch television, but I doubt they are able to enjoy the tube whenever they please. I love my TV, and I make sure I catch my favorite shows when they air for the first time. No one wants to fall behind a few episodes of their favorite show. DVR is an option, but it takes away from the excitement of catching the show when it airs.

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6. Take A Vacation From Work

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The average person can willingly take a vacation from work if they have the time to do it. Athletes cannot take time off under any circumstance, unless they want to be out of a job. I know some of them wish they could take a few days off because most seasons are long and painful. Athletes are some of the hardest-working people in the world, but they are contractually obligated to perform if they're healthy enough.

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5. Be Lazy/Relax

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One of the best things about being an average Joe is the fact that you can choose to take it easy whenever you want to. Whether that means sitting on the couch reading a book, or pigging out on a box of pizza, it is truly a blessing to just let go at times. Athletes have to constantly be in shape, so they're always busy even during their down time.

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4. Party Hard

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Don't get me wrong, I know that athletes party like no other, but their profession doesn't allow them to party as hard as some of us do. They have to be up early and be ready to perform at high levels. Even though most of us work, most jobs don't require a lot of physical labor, so we can afford to party a little harder than professional athletes can during the season.

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3. Sleep In

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Sleeping in is one of the most underrated things in life. Being a athlete comes with loads of responsibility, giving them little time to sleep. Practice starts early, and games end late. In addition, who can possibly get good rest when you have to be everywhere? Most athletes rarely sleep in their on their own beds.

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2. Speak Freely

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Everyone has an opinion about everything, and each of us should embrace the freedom to speak our minds. For athletes, they have an image to maintain, so they have to carefully choose their words. If they say the wrong thing, it could cost them money or even their job. Sports is a business, so I understand why athletes have to be careful, but you know they wish they could say more than they are allowed to at times.

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1. Enjoy The Small Things In Life

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As an athlete, you're time is a valuable thing. You're expected to somewhere everyday, doing something for someone. The money and the fame that comes along with it is great, but athletes tend to lose sight of the small things because they're so used to having everything. No one should ever forget what it feels like to smile at the smallest gestures, to work hard for something, or what it feels like to have peace. The spotlight can be a dangerous place for some, and that's why only certain people are fit to live the life of a professional athlete.