Brett Favre and 10 Athletes Who Haven’t Aged Well



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10 Athletes Who Aged Poorly


You have to give Brett Favre credit. He doesn't seem to give a rip what people think anymore. That's been made pretty clear by a recent photo of the former QB that surfaced on Reddit. As you can see above, Favre looks like he's ready for a starring role in Santa Claus 4.

At the same time, even though his hair and beard have gone gray/white, he does look pretty jacked. His hair color certainly has nothing to do with how good of shape he's in. If you'll remember, there were photos awhile back where Favre was looking a little chubby. Obviously, he's fixed that.

But even though Favre looks like he's in great shape, we all know his body can't be feeling good on most mornings. No. 4 used to take a beating every single Sunday. You can hate on him for being diva-like towards the end of his career, but you can't say that he wasn't a gamer. If he could walk and breathe, he was going to play. That's just how he rolled.

You also have to wonder about the former QB's mental health. He's already talked about the effects on his brain from repeated blows to the head over his career. Most of us assumed, but in a recent interview he made it clear -- his consecutive games streak wouldn't have happened with today's concussion protocol. Favre was able to play in games that he had no business playing in, but that's just the way things used to be.

So with Favre's old man look in mind, let's take a look at 10 more athletes who haven't exactly aged well:

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Dennis Rodman

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You have to think that years of hard living have greatly contributed to Rodman's rough look these days. As for the picture above, that's just Rodman being Rodman -- aka being a weirdo.

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James Toney

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The former boxing champ has clearly let himself go as of late. His failed stint in UFC was almost as embarrassing as this photo.

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Sammy Sosa

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No one is really sure if Sosa is still a human. He's more of a vampire these days. Whatever facial treatments you're getting Sammy, it's probably time to stop. Just sayin'.

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Bruce Jenner

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I think if Jenner had just let himself age naturally, he'd probably look fine. But since he's decided to go the plastic surgery route, he's quickly becoming a walking-talking freakshow.

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John Kruk

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Oh, Kruky. We all knew you wouldn't age well. That'll happen when your diet consists of beer and hot dogs. Nowadays, he's just the grumpy old man on Baseball Tonight.

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O.J. Simpson

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O.J. was rumored to be into a certain white powder back in they day. On top of that, he clearly let himself go after being acquitted of double murder.

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Pete Rose

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Rose and his large stomach are cruising for a bruising. But I'm guessing that he could care less. Rose likely stopped giving a crap about many things after he was banished from the game he loved.

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Tonya Harding

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Many of us have seen this trainwreck of a woman in recently. Harding was back in the headlines because it was the 20th anniversary of the infamous clubbing of Nancy Kerrigan. Harding didn't exactly appear to be in good shape. Anyone surprised? Didn't think so.

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Ryan Leaf

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Being one of the biggest NFL draft busts of all time really has to mess with one's mind. Leaf appears to have some serious demons these days and he looks pretty rough. Hopefully he gets it together soon.

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Lance Berkman

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Berkman was never a world-class athlete. But as of late, he's looking especially out of shape. It's probably a good thing if his playing days are indeed over.

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Bonus Slide - The Transformation of Bartolo Colon

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Colon has been linked to PEDs over the years. Apparently, he's been linked to a bunch of cheeseburgers as well.

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Bonus Slide - Old Jason Giambi

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Bonus Slide - John Daly

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Bonus Slide - Dwyane Wade's Knees

getty images
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Bonus Slide - Mike Tyson's Face (Tattoo)

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  • Adam Evenson

    So where’s the link?

  • Andrew Fisher is a moron

    Brett Favre aged poorly? His body lasted 20 years of professional Quarterbacking and to this day is in far superior physical shape than me at TWENTY FIVE… Apparently gray hair and a gray beard in your forties is now known as aging badly? Andrew Fisher, you would not only get whooped on by this badly aged man but he would pick up far more woman (or men whichever way you swing) in the process of walking to his MANSION. Enjoy being a douchebag for the rest of your life writing an article about men’s looks anyways. Lol clown.

  • crismahn

    Favre looks great. He has aged very well and looks fine. What a snob the author of this piece is.

    • 21st_century

      Farve looks like a ripped Kris Kringle. All that gray is not a good look for him, he needs some Touch of Gray from just for men or something

  • Quentin Raffensberg

    Favre looks fine, sheesh the guy grows a beard and all of a sudden he looks 60? Give me a break.

  • pragomatic

    Pretty sure Brett could beat Andrew’s ass and steal his woman.

  • JA

    Regarding Favre,I started getting gray hair in college, and I looked like a 12-year-old. I also spent a lot of time working out in my 20′s and 30′s and never came close to having the body of Favre. If he shaved his beard, he’d look better in face (and especially in body) than 98% of 45-year-old men. Gray is in, “just for men” hair products are poser-ish.

  • kginsbo

    Kruk looks was better now than he did when he played

  • SunnyJS

    WTF are you talking about? The guy is a rock. He likes the southern country boy rough look and his grey hair is just fine. You want him to look like those Hollywood idiots with their faces pulled up to their ears, Cheshire cat smirks and all? Ridiculous. The fact this guy is up walking, working out at all and coaching his local high school football team is amazing.

  • Dave

    Morons! Farve is a frickin’ Lumberjack! The old F(u(c(k could kick some as on the 20 somethings!

  • JPVan

    Tonya Harding and Ryan Leaf deserve a trailer together while Bruce Jenner can do commercials for Jack in the Box.

    • Sheppard1

      You work at Jack in the Box, right?

  • tevra

    Brett grew a beard, some guys his age get fat.

    others can’t write about sports without embarrassing themselves by showing how dumb they are

    • Candid One


  • BOC

    Whatwhatwhat?!?!?!? The guy still looks like he could still play in the NFL, but because of gray hair and a beard he has aged poorly?!?!? He hunts, fishes and votes Republican, what else can you ask from a good ol’ country boy who played 20 years in the NFL and always left it on the field. This useless POS article written by some J-school jerk-off that would probably be a better fit with the rest of the losers at MSNBC or as another hipster doofus at ESPN.

  • LlarryLLama

    Rodman actually looks better as a woman than he does as a man..which is , at best, damning with faint praise..and how do they lift Kruk into the TV studio, with a crane?

  • Teddy

    Brett Farve looks a little like Kenny Rogers.

  • Sheppard1

    Wow – I would live to see a full length photo of Andrew Fisher. This ‘article’ appears to have been compiled by a whiny lil nobody…

  • Mitzy1991

    Shallow crap like this makes me wonder where the heck this country is heading.

    • Candid One

      This is the catty side of Hollywood. Or is that a redundancy?

  • Robert

    Shave the damn beard and give the hair some color. At least he doesn’t shave his head like so many do !!

  • barry1817

    Farve seemed to age very well, shave and he would be fine.
    Color the white and he would be fine.

    His body seems to be still in shape.

  • omegaman

    The expression is “couldn’t” care less, you moron.

  • VenetianPanorama

    He seems in very “good of shape.”

  • William hollister

    That pic of Bruce Jenner is downright frightening

    • Candid One

      He got his face job long, long ago. He’s been “frightening” for many years.

  • Chim Chim

    Bruce-Tina is concerning…. he looks like he is trying to achieve that older golf woman look….can’t he just be put to sleep…

  • nonyabizzz

    Not seeing the problem with Farve.

    • Candid One

      Amen, this author is in denial about aging. He could’ve had an ultra-short article about those high-level athletes who have aged well. Life happens…and it shows!

  • Nan Seidl

    I am tired of people ripping on Brett. He looks great! I’ve been a dedicated fan and totally amazed by the guy from day 1. I am a Green Bay , WI resident , seen and heard a lot over the years. I stand by Mr. Favre.

  • The Angry Cowboy

    Brett looks pretty good to me. Not bad for a man who spent 78 years retiring in the NFL.

  • Candid One

    Andrew Fisher, get a real life! Anyone…any…one…who compares Dennis Rodman to anything…is an asylum escapee. Dude, hope you didn’t get paid for this Freudian self-exposé,

  • citizenUSA

    Dennis Rodman didn’t “age well” even at 30. And how can you tell anything about his age behind all the makeup?

  • Timmo

    Really? You expect people not to look older as they get….OLDER? Dumb ass.

  • sir mitch

    ah yes. butt farve.

  • 21st_century

    This list is legit!