Ladarius Marshall and Marvin Bagley Are in Eighth Grade and Perform 360 Dunks

By Connor Muldowney
Ladarius Marshall
Getty Images

Remember when you were in eighth grade and you could barely touch the bottom of the net on a basketball hoop? Do you remember how rewarding it was to be able to grasp the few inches of net that you could and it almost seemed impossible to reach the rim — it was almost unattainable in your mind at such a young age.

Just think, a few years after you got into high school, touching the rim was a real possibility and it was almost like you tried to do it in front of shorter friends to show off. Well, eighth graders nowadays are throwing down 360 dunks — yes, with a ball in hand and during actual games.

Ladarius Marshall and Marvin Bagley are bigger than you average eighth grader, but they are still throwing down vicious dunks that even some people in their prime couldn’t even attempt without looking silly.

Check out these monster in-game dunks from a couple kids that are barely old enough to go to a PG-13 movie without a parent or guardian:

Sure, the competition isn’t the greatest as half of the kids are under five feet tall, but the fact that these kids can soar to the rim, do a 360 turn and slam the ball in makes me think that kids are developing at a much younger age these days.

Expect both Marshall and Bagley to get some offers from major colleges soon because these kids know how to impress with dunks that even some NBA dunk contest participants couldn’t handle.

Well done, kids.

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