Tony Hawk is a Jerk for Promoting Fake HUVr Hoverboard

By RanterX

Way to go, Tony Hawk. You just went from almost irrelevant to really popular and then to total scumbag all in the same day. Why in the world would you grip a fake overboard in a viral Internet video only to provide false hope to a bunch of regular dudes like us? That’s low, bro.

Thanks to the guys who have no lives and spent a lot of time to uncover the truth (or lack thereof) behind the video, we now know it’s a complete hoax because a safety harness can be seen under Hawk’s shirt if you look closely and the shadow of a crane rig is also present, which is obviously holding Hawk in the air on the fake futuristic skateboard.

But why would he do this? Why would musician Moby and Christopher Lloyd (the guy who played Doc Brown in Back to the Future) do this? More importantly, why would whoever is behind this foot the bill to get these names in a video for a product that doesn’t exist? It just doesn’t make sense.

And shame on Hawk and these other guys for making us believe the future was already here. Some are saying Funny or Die is behind it since Spring Studio is the tech team behind the video and they also built Funny or Die’s new website. But again, why would a site like Funny or Die do something like this? That’s not really their style. Oh well, Hawk succeeded in making himself completely irrelevant now.

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