Rays' Joe Maddon Mocks Allen Iverson In Best Video You'll See All Month

By Devin O'Barr
Joe Maddon Allen Iverson
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The Tampa Bay Rays aren’t you’re average MLB team. On top of fielding a roster full of wild personalities, the Rays also employ the craziest manager in the sport. Sure, Joe Maddon might be a tick over 60 years old, but the guy has the heart of a teenager and regularly puts it on display for the entire baseball world to see.

Well, Maddon has always tried to represent his home state of Pittsburgh in a positive manner and this latest video is all the proof you need to know that Maddon is a true-blue Pittsburgh sports fan:

Maddon’s hat is facing the wrong way and the manager has a long way to reach even a Saturday Night Live level. However, you really have to give this old man some props for even keeping up with current NBA events. Let’s be honest: if you were to ask Vin Scully who Allen Iverson was, the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ broadcaster would likely respond by breaking into a conversation about alien invasions, instead. Oh, old folks are just the best.

Kudos to the Rays for taking time out to tip their cap as an organization to the Philadelphia 76ers‘ future Hall of Famer as this video is one that managers across the baseball landscape will be attempting to top for years!

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