Top 25 Worst Flop Attempts in Sports History

By Connor Muldowney

Top 25 Worst Flops in Sports History

LeBron James
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Everyone knows that flopping is running rampant in sports today. Heck, even the biggest stars in the world are becoming know for their flopping abilities -- if that's what you can call them.

Check out this list of the 25 worst flops in sports history. Trust me, every single one will make you shake your head.

JayVaughn Pinkston Really Wants the Foul

Villanova's JayVaughn Pinkston may have committed one of the worst flops of all time with this gem.

Chain Reaction

Faking injuries is frowned upon. This, well, this is just disgusting.

Anderson Varajao Learned Well From LeBron

This is just Anderson Varajao being Anderson Varajao.

Did Tavon Austin Just Die?

Tavon Austin had everyone fooled after this unbelievable flop

Come on Baron, You're Better Than That

Baron Davis' acting skills were out in full force here.

Best of LeBron: Part 1

Derrick Rose must have punched LeBron there. Oh, no, that must have been a ghost.

Best of LeBron: Part 2

This is just awful. No words can describe this.

Jerome Simpson's Got Ups

Football flops have never looked worse.

Stop Hitting Yourself

Yes, Bryan Carrasco grabbed the opponent's hand and hit himself, leading to a major flop. Well done.

Coach Says Flop Now

Watch this Cal player look to the sideline and then walk to the line of scrimmage to fake his injury. Way to slow down Oregon.

Miami Heat to Unveil New Nickname: Miami Flopettes

Yes, the new nickname should be a real thing.

Dirk's Been Lifting

I mean, I know Dirk Nowitzki is a strong German man, but he can't be that strong.

Caught on Cam

Cam, come on, have some respect for yourself.

Blake Griffin's Meet and Greet

Blake Griffin was very close to ruining lives in the stands.

Chris Paul Has Talent

Chris Paul proves to be one of the best in the flopping game.

Lee Young-Pyo Starts a Fad

Lee Young-Pyo

If you have time, check out the GIF of Pyo taking a fall and his opponent noticing it and flopping shortly after. You will not be disappointed.

Kaka Earns a Red Card?

This one cannot be explained.

And the Oscar For Best Drama Goes to...

Tony Allen just captured our hearts with this great acting performance.

Duck and Cover

Watch out , Greg Paulus, you might somewhat be in danger of being bumped into.

Robert Horry Gets Shoved by Ghost

Was he even touched?


These two had the same idea at the same exact time.

What the Heck Just Happened?

A fútbol trainer and his own player butting heads -- or something like that.

You Mad Bro?

Jason Terry faked getting an elbow to the face and tried starting a fight over it. That's impressive.

Worst Flop Attempt Ever

Just a complete fail. If you're going to flop, make it clean.

Reaction Time is Important

It's better late than never.

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