Teyana Taylor’s Hot Photo Creates Attention for Colin Kaepernick

By RanterX
teyana taylor hot instagram

Even though the San Francisco 49ers failed to reach the Super Bowl after losing in the Big Game to the Baltimore Ravens, Colin Kaepernick’s life has never been better. In two months, the 49ers’ signal-caller has been spotted with two hot models and now they appear to be fighting over him via social media. Teyana Taylor, who recently spent a romantic weekend in Miami with Kaepernick, posted the picture above on her Instagram account with the caption “My beach is better…”

Message received! Is it not obvious that Taylor is telling Kaepernick that she’s a better gal pal option than Chanel Iman, who he was spotted with less than a month ago? Dude, how much better can this guy’s life get? I mean, having two incredibly attractive ladies like these competing for your attention is a dream come true for a quarterback set to get a big payday in the next year.

Of course, that could be the reason for the attention.

Heck, many were wondering if Kaepernick was gay when he was spotted at a gay bar during Super Bowl week before he was seen hanging out with an openly-gay DJ. Blow that out of proportion if you want to, but these ladies apparently aren’t buying the rumors. But Kaepernick may be buying one of them another plane ticket very soon.

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