Lolo Jones Shows Off Bikini With Rickie Fowler

By RantSports Staff
Lolo Jones
Getty Images

Looking back, it’s safe to say that Lolo Jones in the bobsled was a failed experiment. She performed poorly at the 2014 Sochi games and many people say she shouldn’t have even been at the games in the first place. Maybe her fame did play a role in her making the team? Maybe it didn’t? Either way, we’re talking about bobsledding — something that rarely happens in America.

But no matter how times she falls short of her Olympic dreams, there’s no doubt Lolo will always have a lot of money. She’s probably already made enough to be set for life. Part of the reason why, is because she’s really good-looking.

Here’s another viral example:


Lolo Jones and Rickie Fowler. Who would have thunk it.

There’s no word yet as to who the woman on the right is. There’s also no word as to why Jones and Fowler were hanging out. At the end of the day, no one really cares. We’re just thankful for this nice shot of Lolo…

Are Jones’ Olympic days over? It seems doubtful. She wants to win a medal in the worst way, and now the Rio games are two short years away. She’s still only 31-years of age and there’s no reason she couldn’t make the games once again. She’s come up just short the last two Summer games, and obviously, well short at the most recent Winter games.

Most of America will be rooting for her. But as we know, she has her fair share of haters too.




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