Top 25 Worst Athlete Music Videos That Will Make You Laugh

By Connor Muldowney

Top 25 Worst Athlete Music Videos of All Time

Shaquille O'Neal
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Athletes have been trying to make appearances in music videos for as long as I can remember and they haven't always turned out so great. There is a reason these guys are playing sports instead of conjuring up a desperate attempt at music.

Well, some athletes didn't learn and put out some pretty awful music videos. Take a look at the 25 worst athlete music videos of all time.

Honorable Mention: Golf Boys - "2.Oh"

Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan make up the Golf Boys. They are an awesomely terrible -- by choice -- rap group of golfers. This video is no exception to their awfulness.

25. The Manning Brothers' Rap

The Manning brothers did this for the love of DirecTV. Luckily this was made as a joke, but we can rest assured knowing that they will never be rapping for a living.

24. DeSean Jackson - "Diamonds on My Neck"

DeSean Jackson just has no idea what he was doing in this one. Snoop Dogg is one of the best rappers out there, but giving Jackson a few too many bars in this one was a mistake.

23. Clint Dempsey - "Don't Tread"

Clint Dempsey went from soccer star to rap flop in this one. I don't understand what the point of attempting a rap career is if you can't rap worth a lick.

22. 1990 Miami Dolphins - "Can't Touch Us"

Usually when an entire professional sports team makes a music video, it's pretty awful. Especially in this case when it's cocky. By the way, these Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs.

21. Tony Parker - "Premier Love"

Tony Parker tried to get a little too sentimental in this video. Awkwardness ensued.

20. 1985 Seattle Seahawks - "The Blue Wave is on a Roll"

Nothing like a locker room musical while guys are in their underwear.

19. Lou Williams - "Imma Boss"

Lou Williams tried to do a remake of the famous "Ima Boss" by Meek Mill, but failed miserably.

18. Golf Boys - "Oh, Oh, Oh"

The Golf Boys are at it again and Ricky Fowler is, once again, trying to show off while everyone else is goofing off.

17. Tony Parker - "Top of the Game"

Tony Parker went from sentimental tear-jerker in his previous song to being featured in a rap video. French just doesn't sound very tough when in rap form.

16. Kevin Durant - "Don't Criticize (Hyperize)"

I get that this was a commercial and wasn't meant to be serious, but I didn't even find it to be funny. Just a terrible music video attempt by Durant and Iguodala.

15. Dallas Mavericks - "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"

Ah, the annual Dallas Mavericks tone-deaf music video for fans. This one was an all-time worst nominee.

14. 1988 Florida Seminoles - "Seminole Rap"

The 1988 Florida Seminoles finished the season ranked No. 3 in the nation, but began the season ranked No. 1 in our hearts because of this gem.

13. Goran Dragic - "Dragon, Dragone"

This makes me really want to be best friends with Goran Dragic. While he didn't make the video, it's definitely worthy of this list just because of its awesomeness. The Slovenian comedian who plays Dragic in this music video did a stellar job. New favorite NBA player right here.

12. Shaquille O'Neal - "I Know I Got Skillz"

Shaquille O'Neal rarely failed on the court, but couple this rap video with his failed attempt at acting in "Kazaam" just proves he is solely a basketball mind.

11. Deion Sanders - "Must be the Money"

There's a reason Deion Sanders was a star in the NFL -- because his rap career never got off the ground, obviously.

10. 1985 Chicago Bears - "Super Bowl Shuffle"

If you don't know how bad the "Super Bowl Shuffle" really is, then you're probably a Bears fan.

9. Dallas Mavericks - "What Do the Mavs Say"

If you remember the song "What Does the Fox Say", you will probably hate this song just as much. Each and every Mavericks player in this video did nothing but embarrass himself.

8. 1987 Los Angeles Lakers - "Just Say No"

Nice, a tone-deaf group of NBA players. They did have a good message, though.

7. Manny Pacquiao - "Sometimes When We Touch"

Put this under the category of corny feel-good songs. The singing isn't terrible, but the video makes me feel a little awkward.

6. Delonte West - "Livin' Life Fast"

Who wouldn't want to watch an awkward two-minute intro with no rapping and then watch Delonte West play a racing arcade game while attempting to rap? Yeah, that's right, no one does.

5. John Cena - "Right Now"

This music video might be the national anthem for frat bros and gym bros everywhere. So heartwarming.

4. Chris Webber - "Gangsta, Gangsta"

Chris Webber is so gangsta, he attended one of the top education universities in the country. Heck, he's so gangsta that he calls timeouts when his team doesn't have any, just because he feels like it. This is, well, this is just terrible.

3. 1986 Los Angeles Rams - "Ram It"

They had to realize this just sounded X-rated from the beginning. Come on, Los Angeles, this is why we can't give you a football team; you just go out and ruin it.

2. Lamar Odom's Drug Rap

Lamar Odom's freestyle rap from home isn't exactly considered a music video, but it's so good it's hard not to share. Rapping about drugs while high on them. Nice touch.

1. Carl Lewis - "Break it Up"

Easily -- I mean without a doubt -- the worst athlete music video of all time. Cheesy, awkward and completely 80s-like.

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